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Old Nakasendou route sharing map using Googlemaps for my trek

Googlemapsmymap This marker map using Googlemaps is for my trek to old Nakasendou from Nihonbashi to Sanjyo-Ohashi so as not to make mistakes while walking. I checked latitude and longitude coordinates about many junctions and noted the direction on the point.Moreover, the convenience store along Nakasendo was put in it. This map can be opened from a smart phone, and if GPS is turned ON, the map will show you the trek marker and your location in a map at a time
I made the landmarks of this map that might conform to the old Nakasendo route as much as possible, but it cannot be declared that there is no mistake. I guess the unpublic landmark will be changed as time passes.
About landmark notes, I'm trying to translate in English, but it takes many hours, so the landmark notes between "Nihonbashi" and "Kisofukushima" are still in Japanese.
I shall not be responsible for any loss, damages and troubles when you use it. Moreover, this map may be interrupted or make specification changes without notice to users to improve it. When the route situation will be complexed, I guess this note will be helpful.

This sharing GoogleMaps can be opened from the next URL without login.


{{ for Garmin User }}
When you wanna use this map on your Garmin GPS, save the map as kml file, then read it from BaseCamp of Garmin. The route map can easily make it by Route Tool (and use Insert Tool, Move Point Tool, etc.) from tracing the marker flag. After you finished the route map, I recommend the marker flag should be erased to save memories.

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