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Trek (Oze National Park) : Oshimizu -> Mt.Hiuchigatake -> Miike

20140920_09391120140920_103405_h20140920_102527_hdrI trekked to Mt.Hiuchigatake (燧ヶ岳) last Saturday with friends of mine. Mt.Hiuchigatake has five peaks near a crater. It's Mt.Shibayasugura (柴安嵓) (h=2,356m), Mt.Manaitagura (俎嵓) (h=2,346.0m), Mt.Minobuchidake (ミノブチ岳) (h=2,201m) and other two mountains. (These three pictures are the shot by Caroline-san)

Photo20140920_124205_hThe trek route plan was that we enter from Oshimizu bus terminal and pass out to Miike through to Mt.Hiuchigatake. We climbed to Mt.Shibayasugura, Mt.Manaitagura and Mt.Minobuchidake in Mt.Hiuchigatake. After that, we visited to the two beautiful Tashiro, Kumazawa-Tashiro and Hirosawa-Tashiro moors. (UP/right : shot by Caroline-san)
The word "Tashiro" is signifying the gaping hole with shallow pond in the moor of grassy plain.
Dsc_2787Dsc_2796I thought that the autumn color of grass plain in Oze was the best season. I took many pictures. But at the summit of Mt.Manaitagura, I made something wrong exposure value, so the shots of my pictures after Mt.Manaitagura were all overexposure and it can not be corrected. These beautiful landscape and autumn color are now in my brain.  I'm shocking very much now.

Regarding the purchase of a over-night bus ticket, we have to buy it on the day before yesterday. At that time, the weather of Sunday was clear while in the morning.
So, I decided to buy an over-night bus ticket to Oshimizu (大清水) of Oze. It's a overnight bus by Kanetsu Kotsu (関越交通) to Oze National Park. The one-way ticket from Kawagoe to Oshimizu was 3600yen.

The URL of the Kanetsu Kotsu is the next.

《 In detail 》
I rode on the over-night bus at 23:30pm from West Exit Bus Station of JR Kawagoe station (川越駅西口バス停). The bus operates from Shinjyuku to Oshimizu Oze every day on all on-season.
There were many hikers on the bus at that night. My height is 174cm tall. An anteroposterior width of the seat was not sufficient for me because the seat was filled by hikers on the bus. All the member of this hike was short of sleep, but we could not sleep well on the bus.

Dsc_2702Dsc_2705Dsc_2706The bus arrived at Oshimizu bus terminal at about 3:40am. I rode off the bus in the dark night. I ate two rice-balls as a breakfast in the dark before the bus arrived at Oshimizu bus terminal (h=1180m). After that, we started to walk to Ozenuma at about 4:08am after a break time, but the environment was still dark and cold. I had to need a light to walk.

Dsc_2707Dsc_2716The sun dawn gradually began about 4:30am, the surrounding sound was only the small waterfall's of a stream. We arrived at the Ichinose rest house about 5:05am, we took a short rest. It took about 1 hour from Oshimizu to Ichinose. A mountain road from Oshimizu to Sanpei Pass is uphill for a while. We could not see a sunrise because we were walking in the grove of trees.

Dsc_2724Dsc_2726Dsc_2738We passed Sanpei Pass at 6:13am. A road to Sanpei-shita is downhill. We arrived at the Ozenuma-sanso lodge that is located near the waypoint of "Sanpei-shita" and close to the pond.

The place called "Sanpei-shita", we arrived at the point at 6:26am, and the place is the final place that has a toilet.
Dsc_2739Dsc_2757Dsc_2785When you walked a little along the pond, you can see the Ozenuma and far away from the pond you can see Mt.Hiuchigatake. And, I could see some pretty autumn flowers around the boardwalk.
The grass field was the state of beautiful autumn color. The base color of the field was beautiful yellow.
I walked on the boardwalk along the edge of the pond till the branch connection of Hiuchi-shindou.
I went through a branch connection to Mt.Hiuchigatake at 7:12am.

Dsc_2803Dsc_2815After the branch point, the boardwalk pass vanished, and the path was gradually steepy and difficult to get a foothold. I have to walk on a squashy road before I visited. But, the mountain path had made it good maintenance than before I trekked, so it reduced the bad squashy road that I have to walk.
Other members were more than about 20 years younger than me, so it was a little difficult for me to walk with their young walk pace. We took a break after every 20~30 minutes walk.
The higher pace walk reduces the body energy easily, so the time schedule was getting late than I walked before. A few hikers and trail runners went through us. There were a few trek-runner.
Dsc_2851Dsc_2852We arrived at the Mt.Minobuchidake at 9:14am. The altitude of Mt.Minobuchidake is 2,201m above sea level. It has a wide and smooth area and you can see Ozenuma (尾瀬沼) and see Mt.Manaitagura behind. We could see the peak of Mt.Manaitagura from this point, so it elicited the will power to climb the mountain. We took a short rest, and took a few pictures, and we walked towards Mt.Manaitagura.


It had many big rocks around the top of the mountain, so I felt difficult to get a foothold while climbing up. I got the top of Mt.Manaitagura at 9:39am. The altitude of the point is 2,330m above sea level. It took about 4.5hours from Oshimizu.
We took a short rest again and took some pictures.

Dsc_2899After that, we went to the next highest summit Mt.Shibayasugura (h=2,356m) that is the highest mountain in Tohoku area in Japan.
The height of the mountain is only about 10~20m higher than Mt.Manaitagura. We have to walk steep downhill 50m and climb up 60m to climb Mt.Shibayasugura. Some hikers leave their luggage on the Mt.Manaitagura, and climb to Mt.Shibayasugura, so we did the same way. I thought that it's a good way available in Japan reason why we believe there are no robberies at that place, because the mountain path is narrow and steep.

While we were climbing Mt.Shibayasugura, I saw a Yorkshire
terrier dog is coming down with an elder person. The dog was walking down easily, despite a small body.
I guess that it was not so young but it was a tough hiker.

Dsc_2904Dsc_2924I got the top of Mt.Shibayasugura at 10:16am.
At view from top of the Mt.Shibayasugura, I got a wonderful Ozenuma and Ozegahara view. I could command a panoramic view of Ozegahara and Ozenuma.
I felt cool wind that flows at the top of the mountain.
I returned to Mt.Manaitagura at 10:55am.
I took a short break and started to Miike at 11:48am.

20140920_124205_h_220140920_124605_h20140920_125005_hAfter a steep downhill, I could see the beautiful view of Kumazawa-tashiro from the trek path. But, I had to watch my step because the boardwalk was the state of obliquity to the right for over 100m. I arrived at Kumazawa-tashiro at 12:48am. We took a break at this place and looked back Mt.Hiuchigatake. (These three pictures are the shot by Harada-san)
A long narrow walking board that leads from the mountain on the grass field gave me a dynamic landscape.
I passed Hirosawa-tashiro at 13:27am. After passed Hirosawa-tashiro, the path was steep and tough downhill again. The mountain path was wet, easy to slide, coated with moss and clay, so difficult to find a safety foothold without slip. At the downhill, I had to get down on the treacherous narrow space or on the rock many times. Especially the end part of this trekking, I thought that the route was very tough and steep path.

We arrived at Miike at 14:17pm without injury and in safety.
I asked a staff about the time table of bus departure time. He told me "Ordinarily the next bus is 16:40pm but today has an extra bus at 15:30", so I had had 50minutes leeway.
It was very lucky space of time to get refresh. I bathed to Onsen, washed out sweat and dust and changed to a new T-shirt.

I bought two ice-creams and drank a canned beer that set up from a friend of mine. The many hikers were going to go to Aizu-Kogen-Ozeguchi (会津高原尾瀬口) station.
The bus drove with great speed without a stop, but it took about 85minutes to Ozekogen.

Dscn7539Dscn7543Dscn7545So the bus arrived at Ozekogen at about 16:55, and it was 30 minutes before the train coming.

The ticket gate service by station stuff was blackout, so I have to buy a ticket on the train but it brought a time-saving that enables us to eat something at a station restaurant in the station. I ate a "Tempra Soba(Left picture/RH)" in the station restaurant. So, I took a train, and bought a ticket in the train. The train could be transfered easily from Tobu Railway to JR "Shonan-Shinjyuku line to Oiso" at Tochigi staion.

《 Trek Route 》
Oshimizu(大清水) -> Sanpei Pass(三平峠) -> Mt.Minobuchidake(ミノブチ岳) -> Mt.Manaitagura(俎嵓) -> Mt.Shibayasugura(柴安嵓) -> Mt.Manaitagura -> Kumasawa-Tashiro(熊沢田代) ->Miike(御池)
 : about 19km walk

* The blue line of above map is the route result of my trek.

My logged data of Garmin GPS on this Oze trek
If you download the logged data, you can check the route by Google Earth.

Time result and Comments

  4:08am Start of the trek : Oshimizu (大清水 h=1180m)
  5:00am Ichinose Kyukeiyo (一ノ瀬休憩所 h=1423m)
  6:13am Sanpei Pass (三平峠 h=1757m)
  6:26am Sanpei-sita (三平下 h=1666m)
  7:00am Oze Shitsugen branch (尾瀬湿原分岐 h=1665m)
  7:12am Hiuchi Shindou branch (燧新道分岐 h=1668m)
  9:14am Mt.Minobuchi (ミノブチ岳 h=2201m)
  9:39am Mt.Manaitagura (俎嵓 h=2332m)
10:16am Mt.Shibayasugura (柴安嵓 h=2356m)
10:55am Mt.Manaitagura (h=2332m)
12:48pm Kumasawa-Tashiro (熊沢田代 h=1954m) 
13:27pm Hirosawa-Tashiro (広沢田代 h=1756m)
14:17pm Arrived at Miike (御池 h=1513m)
            We took a Onsen bath at Oze Miike Lodge. It's fee 500yen per person.
15:30pm Departure time of Extra Shuttle bus to Aizu-Kogen-Ozeguchi (会津高原尾瀬口) station

《 Key Notes 》
Location : Southern part of Fukushima Prefecture
       Oze National Park
Destination : Mt.Hiuchigatake (燧ヶ岳)
                  One of the 100 famous mountain group in Japan.
                  Highest mountain in Tohoku area in Japan.
Date walked : Sept 19-20,(Friday & Saturday), 2014
Trekked person : 5 (1-Swede, 1-Americans, 3-Japanese )
Map : Japan RoadNavi 25000 v5 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.
        TKA 高精細地図
GPS : Garmin eTrex30, Oregon 650
Book : 「尾瀬をあるく」(大人の遠足BOOK 東日本#10) JTB Publishing Inc.
Walk type : Mountain walk
Difficulty : Tough (uphill 1450m, downhill 1128m)
Distance : about 19.1km
Time taken : about 10:13:13 ( includes breaks 3:29:59 )

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