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June 2013


RockGarden in Mt.Mitake and Mt.Hinode walk with kids

20130525_hinode_hiking20130525_hinode_hiking2I've walked with small kids on the last Saturday. The hiking place is around the place of Mt.Mitake that is the entrance place of Okutama.
That is located about 60km West from Shinjiku station of Tokyo. The access to the entrance place to the mountain is very convenient by use of JR repid train on weekends and holidays from Shinjiku station. Many hikers dropped off at Mitake Station.
Many of them went to the bus stop. The day was so crowded by many hikers, the number that made line beside the bus stop was over 150persons. So we could not ride on the 1st bus to the cablecar terminal. But extra bus came soon sequentially.

The green line shows the route of my plan of the hiking on the map. And gray line shows the route of our real walk treks.
I forgot to power on my GPS at the start point of this hiking. I noticed it at the Rockgarden. So, please arrange the perfect trek line in combination with the hiking plan and the real tracks in your heads.

We walked on the Rock Garden and see the Ayahironotaki waterfalls, and then went to Mt.Hinode. We took a lunch on the rest place of Rock Garden. The place was swarm with mosquitoes, you should bring something mosquito control measure for example mosquito repellent aromatic oil.
The mountain path to Mt.Hinode from Mt.Mitake is monotonic for kids, Johan made a game of hide-and-seek with kids by lee of a rock. So, the kids enjoyed walking on the mountain path.




Time Tables
We arrived at Mitake Station by Rapid Train from Shinjiku Station at 9:00am.
The bus to the Cablecar station came at 9:05am.
It takes about 10minutes by bus to the terminal station of the cablecar.
The timetable of the cablecar is 9:15,9:30,9:45,10:00, ....
The departure time is every 15minutes on this timezone.
And after few minutes later, we arrived at the observation station near the top of Mt.Mitake. So, we arrived about 10:15 at the starting point of the trek.

At first, we walked down to the tail place of Rockgarden.
And climbed up along the stream on the Rockgarden.
We took a lunch about 11:30am on the rest place of Rock Garden.
Then, we saw the Ayahironotaki waterfalls (12:10pm).

After we back to the base place of Mitake shrine (13:24pm), we went to Mt.Hinode.
We arrived at the top of Mt.Hinode(14:18pm).
We took some breaks at the mountain.
We started from the mountain at 14:36pm.
We arrived at the base place of Mitake shrine at 15:30pm.
We took some shopping at that place.
We arrived to the cablecar station at 16:10pm.

Key Notes
Location; It's about 60km West of Shinjiku Station of Tokyo
Date walked; May 25 (Sat.), 2013 (good weather before rainy season)
Map; GPS and Map;
Garmin GPS(eTrex 30) + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type; Field walk with Kids

Distance; about 10 km
Time required;  about 5 hours [with lunch break]

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