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Trek: Naguri Lake -> Shirayasawa -> Mt.Bonoore -> Mt.Iwatakeishi -> JR Sawai Station

PhotoI walked from Naguri Lake -> Shirayasawa mountain stream -> Mt.Bonoore -> Mt.Iwatakeishi -> JR Sawai Station.
It was about 15km and took about 5hours.
A panoramic view from Mt.Bonoore.

Pictures that I took on the day!












A panoramic view from Mt.Iwatakeishi.

My Impression

I felt a beautiful impression on the top of each mountains and Shirayasawa mountain streams. On the top of Mt.Bonoore, there were about 100 hikers!
There are many access route to Mt.Bonoore. I walked along the Shirayasawa mountain stream from the West end of Naguri Lake that is the start of the trail up to Mt.Bonoore.
I saw many hikers walking along the same path(Lake->Mt.Bonoore->Mt.Iwatakeishi) with me. I saw the many hikers walked along the Shirayasawa mountain stream, I guess they came by car and parked it on the lake road side. But, I saw so many hikers on the top of Mt.Bonoore, so I guess many hikers were climb up from a station of JR Okutama Line.

The access way to the Sawarabino-yu
You can make use of a bus access to the Sawarabino-yu from Higashi Hanno Station.
The Bus stop at the station is beside the west side exit and facing to a convenience store on the road. I took a bus that starts at 9:20am. The time table of the bus is different on weekdays or holidays.
The day I walked was holiday. You should confirm the bus time table, because it's different to weekdays and holidays. Please look at the next URL of Kokusaikogyo Bus.
The distance from Higashi Hanno to Sawarabinoyu is about 17.8km. It takes about 45 minutes to Sawarabi-no-yu from the station.
I took access to Higasi Hanno by JR Hachiko Line. Bus starts from Hanno Station of Seibu Ikebukuro Line, so if you access from Ikebukuro side, it's convenient for you to ride on the bus at Hanno Station.

My recommendation access to Mt.Bonoore
When you are planning to walk along the Bonoore mountain from North to the South, so my recommendation is ...
At first, walk up from Shirayasawa mountain stream to Mt.Bonoore.
Then, you walk down to Mt.Iwatakeishi and go to the Mitake Station.
I think this is the popular access route to MtBonoore, so I guess it's few chance losing your mountain path. From Mt.Iwatakeishi to the JR station, the recommended route is to go to the Mitake Station. Many hikers are walking on this route on holidays or weekends.
So, I think this is the best way!
The mountain path that I walked from Mt.Iwatakeishi to Sawai station was a rough mountain road and I met few hikers. The other mountain path and the direction board was good for the hikers.

Time Schedule
9:20  The bus departed from Higashi Hanno Station.
10:09 Bus Stop of "Kawamata Naguriko Iriguchi" 
         I walked to the next bus stop.
10:11  "Sawarabino-yu" bus stop
         It has a lavatory near the bus stop.
10:43 Start of a trail up Mt.Bonoore (West side of the Lake)
11:36 I arrived a rest station
         I searched the other mountain path to Mt.Bonoore, but could not found it.
11:17 Start to walk up to Mt.Bonoore.

12:02 A top of Mt.Bonoore
         I took a short time rest(lunch time).
12:07 Start to walk to the next destinations.
12:28 Mt.Kuroyama
13:29 Mt.Iwatakeishi
(14:00) I walked path along Mt.Sogakuzan
14:44 Arrived at JR Sawai Station

Key Notes    
20130503_route_of_the_trek20130503_trekLocation: Okutama Area, western part of Tokyo
Destination: Bonoore Mountain(棒の折山), Iwatakeishi  Mountain(岩茸石山)
Date  walked: May 3rd(Fri), 2013 (Fine weather)
Map:                    Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
The ".gpx" track of my hiking:                           「trek_from_naguri_lake_to_sawai_station.gdb」をダウンロード
Walk type:            Mountain walk
Difficulty:             a little tough because of a  long distance walk 
Distance:             about 14.8km

Time taken:          about 4hr53min ( includes a very short break for lunch )
Railway stations:   Higashi Hanno(JR Hachiko Line/ Seibu Ikebukuro Line), Sawai(JR  Ome Line)
Bus access:          Higashi Hanno Station/ Hanno Station

Key Word
: western part of Tokyo, Hanno, Okutama, Sawai, Mitake, hiking, walking, day  walks, Mt. Bonoore, Mt.Iwatakeishi

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