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A plan to walk up Mt.Tonodake

I made a plan to walk up Mt.Tonodake in Tanzawa of Kanagawa prefecture.
The plan was made by my walk logged data at December 2010. I guess that the walking time plan might be quicker than other walker.
The date of the movement is 11th November.
The access and trek route is the next lines. We ride on Odakyu electric railway from Shinjuku to Hadano.

6:18 departure from Shinjuku Station
7:27 arrival at Hadano Station (The railway ticket is 650yen.)
At the Hadano Station, we transfer to a bus. The access to Yabits pass is very bad. So, we must not miss it. We ride on the bus of Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu. We'll ride on the bus to Yabitsu Pass of "秦21"-line from number 4 bus stop at the North exit of the railway station. We can use SUICA card to pay the bus ticket.

Dsc01963sDsc01967s7:35 departure from Hadano Station (The bus ticket is 460yen.)
We'll arrive at Yabitsu Pass terminal after 40minutes ride. We walk to a starting point for a climb after we had done a restroom break at Yabitsu Pass.

Rough time table from the starting point of the mountain
It's about 14.7km.
It takes 6hours include break time.

8:40 start (h= about 800m)
9:30 Mt.Ni-no-tou (h=1144m)
9:50 Mt.San-no-tou (h=1205m)
10:20 Mt.Karasuo (h=1136m)
10:55 Mt.Gyojadake (h=1209m)
11:15 Mt.Shindainichi (h=1340m)
11:25 Kinomata-koya (h=1396m)
11:50 The summit of Mt.Tonodake(h=1490m)
         (A lunch break about 20 minutes. )
        When you use the lavatory in the mountain lodge, you need to pay 50yen.
        Let's prepare coins for it.

12:10 start from the summit
12:25 branching point to Mt.Nabewariyama
12:40 Hanadate-sanso lodge
13:10 Horiyama-no-ie lodge
13:30 Komadome-chaya lodge
14:30 Okura bus terminal (The bus ticket is 200yen.)
14:38 We ride on a bus of Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu to Shibusawa Station of Odakyu electric railway

The next bus will be starts at 15:10. So, I'd like to ride on the bus.

15:11 Shibusawa Station of Odakyu electric railway
15:21 Tsurumaki-onsen
We go to a public bathhouse "Kobo-no-Satoyu", it's near by the station. It costs 1000yen per person. We'll break free from our fatigue by Onsen. We take a break about 1hour.

16:32 start from Tsurumaki-onsen
16:55 we have to change the train at Sagami-ono.
17:30 arrive at Shinjuku Station

>>>> I walked up Mt.Tonodake with Johan. The blog is in Japanese.

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