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Trek: Seven flowering grasses of autumn

I went to Nagatoro in Chichibu district to search the flowering grasses of autumn. I participated in an walking event "Let's see the seven flowering grasses of autumn" that was held by Chichibu railways and Tobu railways.
I thought it's very difficult to visit on set of flowering time. The dianthus and Kudzu were very few, so I thought these are already past its prime. I could not take a picture of flower of kudzu. But, I'll show you some pictures that I took yesterday.


The other seasonal traditions that I encountered

Dsc_0676Dsc_0690Dsc_0712Dsc_0715I rode a train of Chichibu railways from Yorii station. The train was an occasional one for the event. It was 3-connected train with 3-doors. I worried "Can I get on the train?", because the platform of Yorii was full of people for the event. The train that arrived at Yorii station was almost empty, so all the people could get on a train. I powered on my eTrex so as to record the trek. And I had pocketed it at first sight. It was in my home when I checked the GPS after it powered.
Unfortunately, it had not recorded the trak.
So, I attached some URLs that introduce the trek to visit seven flowers of autumn in Nagatoro. It's in Japanese but I guess you can get the general geographical information from them.
--> Today, I made the trek data recovered.

Tourist association

Section distance & standard walk time
Nagatoro Station [9:52] -> Fudouji (temple) about 1.2km / about 20 minutes
Fudouji [10:12] -> Shinshoji (temple) about 2.8km / about 50 minutes
Shinshoji [10:48] -> Hozenji (temple) about 1.1km / about 20 minutes
Hozenji [11:04] -> Tahoji (temple) about 1.0km / about 20 minutes
Tahoji [11:15] -> Toushouin(temple) about 1.8km / about 35 minutes
Toushouin [11:45] -> Henshoji (temple) about 1.0km / about 20 minutes
Henshoji [12:02] -> Dokoji (temple) about 3.2km / about 55 minutes
Dokoji [12:49] -> Higuchi Station about 0.9km / about 20 minutes
I took a lunch break at Dokoji.
Attention) [] above, it shows my course time of yesterday.

NagatoroNagatoro Station -> Fudouji (dianthus) -> Shinshoji (Patrinia scabiosaefolia)-> Hozenji (thoroughwort)-> Tahoji (Chinese bellflower)-> Toushouin (bushclover) -> Henshoji (kudzu) -> Dokoji (Japanese pampas grass) -> Higuchi Station

Key Notes
Location;      It's about 75km North-West of Tokyo
Date walked; September 22 (Sat.), 2012 (overcast weather)
Map;            It was offered from the organizer.
Garmin GPS(eTrex 30) + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Walk type;    Field walk
Distance;     about 13 km
Time required;  about 4 hours [my trek was 3:23 with lunch break]

Well, yesterday, I felt a big pain in calf of left side leg while walking. It was difficult to walk smoothly because of pain. It happened about three weeks ago in the same part, while I'm jogging in the night. I continued running about 1km while I felt its leg pains. From that accident, I feel a small pain in left legs. Last week on Oze, I felt some pains in the same part of the leg. I thought I should need some care without strain for the next trek.

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