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Trek: Oze National Park trek to see waterfalls

Dsc_0561I went to Oze National Park by overnight bus. The purpose of this trek was to see waterfalls of Oze area.

My walking plan is the next.
Oshimizu bus stop -> Ichinose rest house -> Sanpei pass -> Sampei-Shita -> (walk to the West and walk along the pond edge of Oze-numa) -> Numajiri -> (walk to the West) -> Shimo-tashiro cross -> (walk to the North) -> Hiraname-no-taki (waterfall)-> Sanjo-no-taki (waterfall) -> (walk to the East, walk on Hiuchi-ura shindou) -> Miike lodge

The bus stop of "Oshimizu" is located on 2.5hours walk South of "Oze-numa".

Dscn0907The overnight bus arrived at 3:35am at the bus stop. Four person stepped down from the bus at the bus stop. I confirmed my equipments and had a wash before walk.

Dsc_0188Dsc_0190I started before dawn at 4:08am.
It was yet-dark, I had been walking hearing a sound of insects of autumn.

Dscn0912Dsc_0195Dsc_0208The dawn was about 5:25am from my garmin GPS. I took a rest at "Ichinose rest house", and took a breakfast.

Dsc_0218Dsc_0225The mountain trail begins near the rest house. I could not sleep in the bus at all, so my body was so heavy to walk on the mountain uphill. The mountain range after sunrise was beautiful that the clouds over the mountain were gradually unveiled and its aspects were also beautiful.

Dsc_0233Dsc_0246I arrived at the edge of Ozenuma "Sampei-shita" about 6:38am. My body was gradually cheered up by effect of morning meals. I walked against a backdrop of the rising sun.

Dsc_0306Dsc_0320I saw the Mt.Hiuchigatake under the clear blue sky on the right. The mountain shape looked big and beautiful. Sometimes, I had to walk on a bad conditioned pathway without board walk while walking along the pond edge path.

Dsc_0405Dsc_0434Dsc_0438I arrived at "Numajiri rest" house about 7:40am. I took some pictures and confirmed the direction to "Shimotashiro-jyujiro (crossing)".

The name of this path is "Ozenuma-rindou". The path is nearly flat to "Akatashiro-bunki (branch)" but I felt too long walk.



Dsc_0488"Yashirou-koya" near by "Akatashiro-bunki (branch)" was a good place to take a rest.
It had drinkable chilly springwater, and a lot of chairs and tables. I had a wash near by, and had a short break.


Dsc_0531I walked toward "Akatashiro". A board walk at "Akatashiro" beside "Onsen-koya" and "Motoyu-sanso (lodge)" was swapping with new board. At the front of the lodge, a route map to the waterfalls.
The distance was short but I took a lot of time because of rocky downhill mountain path.
A surprising matter happened on the downhill path to "Sanjo-no-taki". I was spoken from a trekker, he said "Oh, hell the path!" So, when I look back and saw the man, I remembered the same face who retired the company at the age 60 before 10 years. I called his name, and after that he had recognized me. We all had a great surprise, I thought its probability will be smaller than I meet a bear in the mountain.

Dsc_0566Dsc_0561Dsc_0574I went to "Sanjo-no-taki" with him and took a commemorative picture with the waterfall.
After that, I walked to "Miike lodge" by way of "Hiuchi-ura-shindou", and he went back to "Oshimizu parking".

Dsc_0599Dsc_0624Dsc_0632I was tired so I guess the route to "Usagi-tashiro" continued the steepy uphill.

Dsc_0641Dsc_0645It was 13:25pm when I arrived at "Miike lodge". The next express bus to "Aizukogen Ozeguchi" was 14:30pm, I took a bath at "Miike lodge". The big bath is the 2nd floor of the lodge. I paid 500yen, and freshened up!

Dscn0917The express bus was driven smoothly without traffic jam. It took about 70minutes by bus.
I had a little time until the departure times of the train at the station.

Dscn0923Dscn0924The train was rapid-transit train to "Kinugawa-Onsen", and I switched to the limited express train of Tobu-railways to "Asakusa" very smoothly. To head toward "Omiya", I transferred the train at "Kasukabe" to Tobu-Noda line.

My trek route and time-table
(start) Oshimizu bus stop 4:08am -> Ichinose rest house (breakfast) 5:20am -> Sanpei pass 6:23am -> Sampei-Shita 6:38am -> (walk to the West and walk along the pond edge of Oze-numa) -> Numajiri 7:40am -> (walk to the West) -> Shimo-tashiro cross 9:07am -> Motoyu-sanso (lodge) 9:47am -> (walk to the North) -> Hiraname-no-taki (waterfall) 10:02am -> Sanjo-no-taki (waterfall) 10:40am -> (walk to the East, walk on Hiuchi-ura shindou) -> Urahiuchi-hashi (bridge) 12:08pm -> Nomeri-tashiro 12:54pm -> Hime-tashiro 13:12pm -> Miike lodge 13:25pm (end)

Key Notes
Location;      It's about 140km North of Tokyo
Destination;  Sanjo-no-taki (waterfalls) of Oze National Park

Date walked; September 15 (Sat.), 2012 (Fine weather)
Map;            Garmin eTrex30 + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd
Walk type;    Mountain walk (I walked about 8hours. The distance was 25.6km.)

Difficulty;     Tough because of long distance
Access;        Oshimizu bus stop is one of the South side gateway of Oze National Park. I arrived there at 3:35am by a overnight bus. The origination of the overnight bus is Shinjyuku, and it stops at Kawagoe-Matoba Stop on Kanetus Express way. I rode on the bus at Kawagoe-Matoba. Miike is one of the North side gateway of Oze National Park. I got out from there after the Oze trek and went to Aizukogen-ozeguchi station of Noiwa railways by bus at 14:30pm.
Bus tickets;   Matoba -(overnight bus)-> Oshimizu : 3400yen, Miike -(express bus)-> Aizukogen-ozeguchi station : 2080yen
Train tickets;  Aizukogen-ozeguchi (Noiwa railways) -> Omiya (Tobu railways): a railway ticket was 2360yen, and a limited express ticket was 1200yen.

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