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Stroll on Ozegahara

Dsc_8748I went to Ozegahara yesterday(7/16). I wake up a little early in the morning, and went there by my car. I arrived on a parking lot of Tokura about 7:35am.
I have to use by community bus or a shared ride taxi from there to Hatomachi Pass.
The one-way ticket of bus or a taxi is the same ticket and same price, its 900yen per person. The distance from Tokura Parking lot to Hatomachi Pass is about 12km. I rode on community bus, and arrived at Hatomachi Pass about 8:00.

 The height of Ozegahara is about 1400m. I felt the cooled atmosphere at the morning. But after that, I felt the strong sunshine because of few shadow on Ozegahara. I guess the temperature was very high. Sometimes a wind blows, I felt a cooled feeling on highland at that time.


 The path on the Ozegahara was very easy to walk.
The best way is that you should be written the destination name list to a paper as a note.
You will be found the many signs on the walking path.

Photo_2<- This is the route that I walked on Ozegahara. It was about 20km.


We fixed up our gears, then we were going toward Yamanohana first destination point.
It's about 4km distance and takes about 1hour. The trek route was a little downhill slope from Hatomachi Pass to Yamanohana, so it was an easy trek. I took a short rest and had a wash on the Visitor Center. Then I trekked to Gyukubi branching point on the next destination point. The route was flat and easy to walk. It was about 40 minutes walk.
From the branching point, I went for Toden lodge and there is a cable-suspended bridge "Yoppi Bridge" on the way.

 I took a short rest at Toden lodge. It was too hot then I ate a soft ice-cream at the lodge. It was an ordinary ice cream but too expensive.
After 20minutes walk, I got the next destination point Akatashiro branching. I took a route to Yashirou lodge. The distance from Hatomachi Pass to Yashirou lodge is about 10.5km.
It takes about 3.5hours without a rest.
I came back to the destination point Gyukubi branching. About the middle point on the way to Gyukubi branching locates Ryugu crossing. I think the path from Ryugu crossing and Yoppi bridge are the popular route on Ozegahara.

Key Notes    
Location           Oze, Northern part of Tokyo
Destination       Ozegahara (尾瀬ヶ原)
Date  walked      July 16 (Sat.), 2011 (Fine weather)
Map                 Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 
produced by UUD Co.,Ltd. Walk type         Field walk
Difficulty          Tough because of long distance walk
Distance          about 20km

Time taken       about 6.5hours ( includes breaks )

Key Word
: Oze, hiking, walking,  day  walks, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り

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