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Trek: Oze walking, and night train bus from Tokyo area

Dsc_5904s I went to Oze using a night train bus from Matoba bus stop of the Kanetsu Express Way in Kawagoe area. The starting station of the bus is Shinjuku station. The one way bus ticket for an adult was 3700yen from Shinjyuku. At Matoba bus stop of Kawagoe area in Saitama prefecture, the departure time was 23:10pm. I stayed the night on the bus, and walked around Oze from next morning. I began to walk at 5:22am from Hatomachi Pass, and arrived at the final destination Ohshimizu bus stop at 15:17pm. The route which I walked was logged by GPS.Oze_walking
This Oze walk took about 10 hours including the time of breaks, such as a meal and photography. Moreover, according to GPS (etrex Vista HCx) that I carried, the walking distance was 29.7km long.
Route was,
Hatomachi Pass (5:22am) -> Yokotashiro -> Summit of the Nakahara Mountain (6: 49am) -> Ayamedaira (7: 00am) -> Fujimi Tashiro (7: 16am) -> Fujimi Mountain Pass (7: 23am) -> Fujimi Tashiro -> (Nagasawa Shindo ; Nagasawa's Head) 8:24am -> Ryugu crossroads (9: 24am) -> Yoppi Bridge (9: 47am) -> Todengoya Lodge (10: 02am) -> Akatashiro Branch (10: 24am) -> Shimotashiro Crossroads (10:37am) -> MiharashiShindo Branch -> Shirasuna Mountain Pass -> Shirasuna Tashiro -> Numajiri (12:21pm) -> Ohsimizudaira Branch (12:56pm) -> Sanpei-shita (13:18pm) -> Sanpei Mountain Pass -> Sanpei Miharashi -> Ichinose Rest Station (14:33pm) -> (Numata Road) -> Ohshimizu Bus Terminal (15:17pm)   => Bus for Shinjuku starts 16:10pm

I think that I took a very long walk a day.
Dscf6839s The night train bus was the usual seat type. I guess that I could use more than two seats, because Oze sightseeing tour is getting the end of its season by the middle of this month. Since I'm 174cm tall, when the person in front of me toppled the sheet, it became a very stiff situation. In addition, I could not sleep because of the seat vibration from terrible driving, and light that is thrown from oncoming vehicle. I only could take a rest.
I and two person rode on the bus from Matoba bus stop. To the final destination from Matoba bus stop, it takes over about 4 hours. On the way, a bathroom break was made two times. The bus passed over Oze Tokura and went to Ohshimizu directly. Three passengers got off the bus at Ohshimizu on time. Then, the bus returned to Oze Tokura, and we stayed on the bus until it became around 4:00 a.m.. In Oze Tokura, we had to change the bus to Hatomachi Pass. We waited about 30 minutes for a small bus. The bus ticket office was opened around 4:15. The bus ticket was 900 yen. The seat could be freely made a choice by turns from the person who got on. The people who came by a car to the surrounding parking lot also put on this bus. The fixed seat was filled by passenger, so two auxiliary seats had been used.
Dsc_5661s At Hatomachi Pass, it was cloudy just before sunrise, and I thought it was going to rain.
Moreover, temperature was also low and chilly. I went to the toilet on the back side of lodge, then I ate one "rice ball" as breakfast. The mountain trail to Ayamedaira starts from the back of the left side of the lodge of Hatomachi Pass. There were very few people who starts to walk from this mountain path compared to a marshland. This mountain path has a steep ascent slope that has many rocks on the way. But, many boardwalks were located on gradual slopes. It rained occasionally on the way to Fujimi Pass, the weather was humid and the boardwalk was moist by rain. The boardwalk was very much easy to slide. The field view near Hatomachi Pass next to Ayamedaira was surrounded by the grove, so it was less enjoyable. When I approached to Ayamedaira, a field of view was spread gradually. I expected the view of Hiuchigadake, Mt. Shibutsu, and Ozenuma, but because of fog, my field of view was about 100m. From Ayamedaira to Fujimi Mountain Pass, it was a loose downward slope. Since the view was bad, I took a quick footwork automatically. On this loose downhill boardwalk, I slid very easy, and my right hand automatically supported my body against a boardwalk. With the shock of falling down, my wrist bone got a crack. My wrist was painful and has swollen up.
Dsc_5806s At the Fujimi Mountain Pass, I went to the lavatory and rested for a while. It had a observation deck. The view of a village was very nice, so I took a picture of the village of Oze Tokura. I walked along a Nagasawa-Shindo path from the Fujimi Mountain Pass, and got down to the Ryugu crossroads. A boardwalk at downhill path is easy to slide, I walked carefully not to fall over again.
A mountain path of Nagasawa Shindo was a remarkable steep slope, and has many big rocks and stones, and its stairs-like level difference was also high. When I walked down to the Ryugu crossroad and arrived at the damp area, sky was fine and Hiuchigadake and Mt. Shibutsu looked beautifully. The wind which flows into a marshland was dry and the squamiform clouds of autumn symbol were floating in the sky. I walked slowly toward the Yoppi bridge, enjoying autumn of the marshland.
The young man lying down on the bench, and going to feel the flowing wind of autumn on Oze. I walked onto the boardwalk and I also felt autumn wind. I guessed that an antiinflammatory analgesic plaster might be prepared for a lodge. I popped into the Todengoya lodge east of Yoppi bridge. I got the antiinflammatory analgesic plaster and wrapped it around my swollen wrist, I felt a pain was softened for a while. I walked aiming at the Shimotashiro crossroads.

Map: Garmin GPS(eTrex 30) + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.

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