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Trek : Hadano Station -> Yabitsu Pass -> Destination (Mt.Tonodake), but...

My calf of a leg is slightly painful even today.
I have walked in the mountain after a long time yesterday(4th September). The place which I aimed at is Mt.Tonodake in Kanagawa Prefecture. I went to Hadano Station using Odakyu Lines, and took a bus from there to Yabitsu Pass near the starting point for a climb.
Dscf6479s The bus station at Hadano Station is No.4. You should not miss the bus at 8:55 because it is the only bus available in a morning. The bus was very crowded by hikers. Although the inside of the bus had been carrying out air conditioning, I was sweating still gradually. The outer weather was very good, but temperature was very high under direct Dscf6485s sun rays. I felt few wind. I could be seated on the bus, and it arrived in Yabitsu Pass in about about 40 minutes. An SUICA card can be used for a payment of the bus charge. When I arrived at Yabitsu Pass, I couldn't find a guidance to Mt.Tonodake. I have walked for a while in a direction to Oyama Mountain by mistake, after getting off the bus. As GPS showed, I changed the direction and began to walk along it. I walked along a paved road about 20 minutes, comparing GPS and a map repeatedly.
Photo Since Fujimi Mountain Villa was found, I was able to do the route check at last.
However, since the people who must have been on the same bus did not see on the mountain path, I became somewhat uneasy. The starting point for a climb to Mt.Tonodake seemed slightly lonely to me then. When I walked up for a while, I felt unusual high beating of my heart. In addition, I got a feeling of a nausea. A lot of sweat had been coming out. I drank a lot of water, and walked slowly. But, I needed more rests at that situation. In the ascent to Ninoto, in the direction of Oyama Mountain or Tsurumaki-onsen, I could get fine scenery.
Although I reached to Sannoto at last, since my fatigue was severe, I thought that I would interrupt mountain climbing here. However, when I have rested for a while, I found a person gets tired like me and were falling and resting on a lawn. I looked at the map very often, so as to clarify a next action schedule. Dscf6531s At my present physical strength level, I can be reached to a Karasuo Mountain, I guessed. Karasuo Mountain has a route down to Okura Bus Station, too. When you walk toward Karasuo Mountain from Sannoto, although it is short, there is a good ridgeway of a scene. But, after the ridgeway, you have to pass down steep rocks about 150m using a chain and a rope, and next you have to climb 100m up to Karasuo Mountain. The scene from Karasuo Mountain was very good, and since I felt a wind at the summit, my feeling somewhat became good.
I took lunch and enjoyed the wonderful scene from the summit of Karasuo Mountain for a while. Although my condition became good, if I will go to Mt.Tonodake, I still have to walk up two hours. Moreover, from Mt.Tonodake to Okura Bus Stop, I need about 2.5 hours walk.
It had passed over much time from my schedule at the beginning. Since I thought I would like to arrive at Okura Bus Stop by 4:00 p.m., I decided to consult with my present physical strength and to carry out walk down from Karasuo Mountain.
Dscf6545s Although the way from Karasuo Mountain was good at first, it was a long distance down walk. The down slope was getting steep and slippy, and had many small rocks on the path.
It was a very serious path for me. After I finished the mountain path, there was a parking lot. It took one hour from the summit of Karasuo Mountain to here. About over ten cars had been parking on the parking lot. I walked across the parking lot and I walked along a road leading to Okura Bus Stop. It was written as about one hour walk to Okura Bus Stop.
Photo_2 Dscf6564s When I walked about 30 minutes, I found a spring water "Spring of Ryujin". Water was flowing over the rocks of the mountain surface. I found two water tubes. I took a shower to my head by cooled water. Moreover, I wiped and refreshed my head and an arm with the towel soaked in cold water.
When I walked about 25 minutes, a big suspension bridge over a river was seen.Dscf6572s
When I confirmed the bus stop by a map, Okura Bus Stop was located on the other side of the river. The cheer of the children who play in a river has reached even the surrounding mountain. When I had gone across the suspension bridge, I could see the bus stop. The bus to Shibusawa Station arrived at a good timing. Since I took the bus immediately, I took up position in the back seat, and I exchanged to a dry T-shirt, it made me a refresh feeling. The bus access from Okura Bus Stop to Shibusawa Station was operating by about 10 minutes intervals. After few minutes later, the bus began to run toward Shibusawa Station of Odakyu Line.

Profile_of_4th_sept_trek Left picture is the profile of my mountain path trek of 4th September.

Key Notes    
Location             Tanzawa Area, South western part of Tokyo
Destination         Karasuo Mountain (烏尾山 h=1136m)
           Sannoto (三ノ塔 h=1204.8m)
Date walked        September 4 (Sat.), 2010 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
                         Higaeri Hike Kanto (日帰りハイク 関東)
Walk type            Mountain walk
                         Up: 454m (4.9km) 2hours 43min.
                         Down: 840m (6.9km) 2hours 6min.
Difficulty             Tough
Distance             about 11.8km

Time taken          about 5.5hours ( includes a break )

Railway stations   Hadano Station of Odakyu Line

Key Word
: South western part of Tokyo, Tanzawa, Mt.Karasuo, hiking, walking, day walks, Yabitsu Pass, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 小田急線, 秦野駅, 烏尾山, ヤビツ峠

PS. I walked up Mt.Tonodake at December 18th, 2010. Please look at the Blog.

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