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August 2010


Trek : Shirayazawa River and Mt.Bonore

I walked up Shirayazawa River and Bonore Mountain. Today(29 August) was fine weather and high temperature, and many trekker had been walking up Shirayazawa River and Mt.Bounore.
I found it is very popular place on Okumusashi area.
Dscf6404s_2 Dscf6405s_2 I went there not using public transportation service but my car. I parked on free parking space near Sawarabinoyu spa and health resort.
The mountain path was in good condition for walking but path in the river was not for ordinary trekkers. But Shirayazawa River has many small waterfalls, I guess the popularity must be the good aspects of many waterfalls. More than ten trekkers were wading up in the river.
The total trek distance of today was about 13km, and took about 4hours.
From Arima-dam to the summit of Mt.Bonore, it was 5.3km and took 1hours 56minutes.

My backpack had broken

That is my favorite backpack Deuter FUTURA26 that bought last June. FUTURA26 has Dsc_5648s Dsc_5646s aircomfort system. That system is constructed by arched steel leaf springs to keep a space not to contact the backpack to a back. In addition, the basal portion of steel leaf is fixing by knitted belt onto the backpack. My backpack problem was that the fixed belt had cut by steel belt. The fixing belt had many abrasion marks in it. In Dsc_5651s Dsc_5652s addition, a terminal rivet that clamped between steel leaf spring and upper base steel of left side was sheared by rust. I had used this backpack about 70 times (days) trekking with caution. I don't carry too heavy goods. I am wondering is it a standard life span length of backpack in a normal usage?




OS:Windows7 Professional 64bit
CPU:Phenom II X6 1055T (2.8GHz,L2 512KB×6,L3 6MB,TDP 95W) 
マザーボード:Asus製 M4A89GTD PRO/USB3
メモリー:PQI製 PC3-12800 2GB×2枚組みセット
グラフィックボード:MSI製 R5770 HAWK
HDD:WD製 WD1002FAEX(1T, 64MB, 7200rpm, 6Gb/s ) 他WD製4台(計5台)
PCIボード:Serial ATA増設用×1
旧電源ユニット:Enermax infinity EIN650AWT
                      (+5V-30A, +3.3V-25A = 160W), +12V -624W(52A)
Dsc_4805s Dsc_5002s Dsc_4810s

新電源ユニット:Owltech M12D 750W  SS-750EM
                      (ATX12V v2.3 - EPS12V v2.92)
                      (+5V-30A, +3.3V-24A = 150W),
          (+5V & +12V =  825W Max peak time 1sec )
多分、電源投入直後のPeak Time電源容量が前ユニットでは不足していた可能性が高いように思う。

《PCのパフォーマンス》 HDDのパフォーマンスは従前と同じレベル、でも電源投入後のスムーズさと使用のフィーリングは、ずいぶん改善した。
プロセッサ         : 7.4
メモリ(RAM)        :  7.4
グラフィックス       :   7.4
ゲーム用グラフィックス    :   7.4
プライマリHDD        : 5.9

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