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Trek : Ubukawa -> Mt.Bukou -> Mt.Komochi -> Mt.Omochi -> Ubukawa Car Parking

I walked up Mt.Bukou (武甲山 h=1295m), Mt.Komochi (小持山 h=1273), Mt.Omochi (大持山 h=1294) at 10th June. The distance of this trek was 11.3km. It took me 4hours 20minutes walk. It was a fine weather and very warm.
This route was recommended by a friend of mine. I guess that the route is suitable for mountain walking training.
1) The circulated route distance is about 11km. It takes about 5hours.
2) The up/down hills are very tough walking because it has three mountains.
3) It has good scenery points.
A view from Mt.Bukou was only for North side, but I could see nice panoramic scenery of Chichibu City. At Bukou Mountain, it has two observation decks. One is located on the left behind of the shrine (1st sightseeing place), the other is located on apart right side behind of the shrine
(2nd sightseeing place).
Regarding the scenery, I thought the former location
(1st sightseeing place) was the best.

Ubukawa Car Parking (生川駐車場) -> Mt.Bukou (武甲山)
I started to walk about 9:15.
Dsc_4283s Dsc_4284s Dsc_4289s Dsc_4290s Dsc_4291s Dsc_4292s

Dsc_4294s Dsc_4297s Dsc_4303s
Dsc_4304s Dsc_4307s Dsc_4308s

9:43) Fudou Falls (不動滝 N35.94434, E139.10377)
It's about 30minutes walk from Ubukawa Car Parking.
It takes
about 1 hour from here to the summit of the mountain.

When you Dsc_4312sneed to supply water, it's drink-able, so it's a convenient point.
This is a shot of Fudou Shrine near the Fudou waterfalls.

Dsc_4314s Dsc_4315s Dsc_4317s Dsc_4321s Dsc_4326s <- 10:09) An open space with a big Japan cedar named "Osugi Hiroba(大杉広場)".

Dsc_4328s Dsc_4329s
<- This is the breakaway signpost Stepped-path(left) / Ordinary-path(right).
I selected right-path.

I met a snake after a few minutes walk from the breakaway post. It leaped agilely on to the slash and vanished from my sight.

Dsc_4337s Dsc_4340s Dsc_4342s Dsc_4343s Dsc_4344s Dsc_4345s

Dsc_4346s Dsc_4346s_2 Dsc_4348s

I arrived at the summit of the Bukou Mountain
(第一展望所 1st sightseeing place) about 10:45.

A shot from the summit of Bukou Mountain.
Dsc_4353s_2 Dsc_4359s_2

Mt.Bukou ->
breakaway signpost of Hashidate -> Mt.Komochi (小持山)
A downhill from Mt.Bukou to Mt.Komochi has a scenic path. A lot of plants along mountain path are not so high, so I could see the shape of Mt.Komochi till the end of downhill near the breakaway signpost.
Dsc_4372s Dsc_4374s Dsc_4375s Dsc_4379s Dsc_4384s Dsc_4386s


Dsc_4411s Dsc_4412s

11:12) I met a senior group at the breakaway signpost of Hashidate. They were enjoying a mountain walking.

breakaway signpost of Hashidate -> Mt.Komochi (小持山)
Dsc_4414s Dsc_4415s Dsc_4417s Dsc_4420s Dsc_4424s <- A shot that looked over my shoulder to Mt.Bukou from opened grove gap.

Dsc_4429s <- The path had some rocks of this kind.
I had to climb over it.

Dsc_4436s <- This is the summit of Komochi Mountain.Dsc_4438s

Mt.Komochi -> Mt.Omochi
A ridgeway from Komochi to Omochi has a lot of rocky hill and also narrow.

Dsc_4444s Dsc_4445s Dsc_4447s Dsc_4449s Dsc_4452s Dsc_4453s

About the middle point between Mt.Komochi and Mt.Omochi
It was a very good sightseeing point to take a rest. ( at 12:02; h=1240m; N35.93300, E139.09839)

Middle_point_of_komochi_and_omochi Dsc_4458s Dsc_4460s Dsc_4466s Dsc_4467s Dsc_4468s Dsc_4470s Dsc_4471s <- 12:22) I took a short rest and a lunch at this place (The summit of Mt.Omochi.).

Mt.Omochi -> Tsumasaka Pass (妻坂峠) -> Ubukawa Car Parking

From Omochi Mountain to Tsumasaka Pass, it has steep downhill slope.

Dsc_4473s_2 Dsc_4476s_2

12:32) I arrived to the breakaway to Tsumasaka Pass on Omochi Mountain.

Brakeaway_to_tsumasaka_pass_4 Dsc_4478sDsc_4480s_2Dsc_4481s_2

Dsc_4483s Dsc_4484s Dsc_4486s

Dsc_4488s Dsc_4489s
<- 13:02) Tsumasaka Pass (妻坂峠)

Dsc_4490s Dsc_4492s Dsc_4495s Dsc_4496s Dsc_4497s Dsc_4501s

Dsc_4505s Dsc_4509s Dsc_4512s

I went to the direction to Yokoze Station(横瀬駅).
Ubukawa Car Parking is the same direction to Yokoze Station.

Dsc_4516s Dsc_4517s
<- The way to the right side is to Yokoze Station.

Dsc_4518s Dsc_4519s
13:30) I arrived at the Car Parking at Ubukawa.

Trek Route

Ubukawa Car Parking; 9:15  -> Fudou Falls; 9:43 -> Mt.Bukou; h=1295m; 10:45 -> Breakaway signpost of Hashidate; h=1060m; 11:12 -> Mt.Komochi; h=1273m; 11:47 -> Mt.Omochi; h=1294m; 12:26 -> Tsumasaka Pass; h=847m; 13:02 -> Ubukawa Car Parking; h=525m; 13:36
Bukoukomochiomochi Profile_of_bukoukomochiomochi_3

Key Notes
Location             Okutama-Chichibu Area, western part of Tokyo
Destination         Bukou Mountain (武甲山 h=1295m)
                        Komochi Mountain(小持山 h=1273m)
           Omochi Mountain (大持山 h=1273m)
Date walked        June 10(Thu.), 2010 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type            Mountain walk
Difficulty             Tough
Distance             about 11.3km

Time taken          about 4.5hours ( includes a short break )

Railway stations   Yokoze Station of Seibu Chichibu Railways

Key Word
: western part of Tokyo, Okutama, Chichibu, Kori, Mt.Bukou, Mt.Komochi, Mt.Omochi, hiking, walking, day walks, Ubukawa, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 西武秩父線, 横瀬駅, 武甲山, 小持山, 大持山

I added the GPS trek route by using LatLongLab

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