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Trek : North Hikawa Bridge -> Shiromaru Dam -> Hatonosu Canyon -> Kori Sta.

When I gave up the plan, my mind to walk up the mountain was falling-off. The time was not so much to climb up to the other mountain. Then, I thought the plan to go walking along the Tama River.
At first, I walked along the West-side of Nippara River to Oku-Hikawa Shrine from the North Hikawa Bridge.
Then, I visited to Okutama Visitor Center, and got the useful maps and information about trek of Okutama area. A staff of an office gave me an correct route to Mt.Takanosu, and Okutama Nature Information Map at 300yen. And I got free trek maps along the Tama River. The map has two kinds (yellow and blue), yellow one is "Visitor Center -> Shiromaru -> Hatonosu -> Kori ", trek 8.5km downstream along the river, the other blue map is "South Hikawa -> Mizune" that was called old trek road of Okutama, trek about 9km upstream along Tamagawa.
I selected an yellow map.

Yellow Map
Dsc_4260s Dsc_4261s

Blue Map

Dsc_4262s Dsc_4263s

My trek route


North Hikawa Bridge ->
Okutama Visitor Center
Dsc_4078s Dsc_4079s Dsc_4080s

Dsc_4082s Dsc_4086s Dsc_4088s

Dsc_4095s Dsc_4099s Dsc_4101s

Dsc_4104s There was a water place, but the notice post says "It's not suitable for drink."

Dsc_4105s Dsc_4106s Dsc_4107s

Dsc_4108s Dsc_4111s Dsc_4114s

Okutama Visitor Center ->  Shiromaru Dam
Dsc_4116sDsc_4119s Dsc_4127s

Dsc_4141s Dsc_4142s Dsc_4145s

Dsc_4146s Dsc_4147s Dsc_4150s

Shiromaru Dam ->
Dsc_4153s Dsc_4158s Dsc_4160s

Dsc_4161s Dsc_4163s Dsc_4165s

Dsc_4167s Dsc_4170s Dsc_4174s

Dsc_4175s Dsc_4177s Dsc_4181s

Dsc_4182s Dsc_4184s Dsc_4186s

Dsc_4188s Dsc_4189s Dsc_4192s

Dsc_4199s Dsc_4200s
<- Souryu Falls(双竜の滝)
  N35.814314, E139.128002

Key Notes    
Location             Okutama Area, western part of Tokyo
Destination         Tama Canyon
Date walked        June 6(Sun.), 2010 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type            Field walk
Difficulty             Easy

Railway stations   Okutama, Kori, Kawai Station of JR Ome Line

Key Word : western part of Tokyo, Okutama, Tama River, hiking, walking, day walks, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 青梅線, 古里駅, 奥多摩駅

Okutama Visitor Center (N35.808420, E139.097616)
Dsc_4114s You can get a Okutama Nature Information Map in English when you pay more than \300 funds at this Center.

Dsc_4258s Dsc_4257s
<- The available map
(in- and out-side print of the map)
Map size is about 720mmx515mm.

Link to Live-camera

The camera is located on the Visitor's Center.

Okutama-machi official information in English
You can get a brief area map from the next URL.

I made a route map by using LatLongLab.

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