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Trek : Kori St. -> Mt.Akakuna > Mt.Sobatsubu ->Sengen Pass -> Urayamaguchi St.

I walked up Mt Sobatsubu (h=1473m) at 1st June. The distance from Kori Station of JR Ome line to Urayamaguchi Station of Chichibu railway was 31.4km. It took me over 10 hours walk. Today, I have a little knee pain from this afternoon, not this morning. It was a fine weather and I had nice meets in this trekking.
My trekking path and mountain profile of yesterday's is shown at the next From_kori_to_urayamaguchi picture. 


I rode on the train from Kawagoe Station that arrived at 7:40am Haijima Station, the transfer time at Hijima was little, but a platform was very crowded with people to transfer because of weekday. The train for Okutama was 7:42am at the next platform.
I got on the intended train. But, I thought that I should have been checked a relation between train door and platform stairs. Or I should have boarded on the 2nd train at Kawagoe Station.
Next dash of transfer was at the Ome Station. The time was only 1 minutes but on the same platform. Please memorize, the train to Okutama from Ome is shorter about two vehicles. I arrived at Kori Station 8:28am.

Trek Route
JR Kori Station; h=300m -> (Mt.Zumado; h=721m; 9:25) -> (Mt.Akakuna; h=950m; 10:10) -> Akakuna Ridge -> (Mt.Kawanori; h=1363m; 11:33) -> Odoridaira; 12:02 -> Hinasasawanoura Peak; h=1340m; 12:39 -> Katsuradani Peak -> Mt.Sobatsubu; h=1473m; 14:10 -> Sengen Pass; h=1390m; 14:26 -> Sengen Ridge -> Ohnara -> Dainichido; h=460m; 16:15 ->  Kawamata Bridge -> Urayama Ohasi Brige -> Urayama Dam bus Station -> Urayamaguchi natural water place; 18:12 -> Urayamaguchi Station of Chichibu railways; h=240m; 18:27
# notes: () means the summit/peak of the mountain that I took a detour.

JR Kori Station  --> starts 8:30am
There is a crossover that connect to the North Exit, is placed ahead on a platform. It's a good short cut to the North Exit. When you need a lavatory, that is on the South Exit of the platform.

This is the South Exit of Kori Station. The lavatory is on the left of this

Dsc_3814s Dsc_3820s Dsc_3831s
This is the entrance of the mountain path to Mt.Akakuna and Mt.Kawanori. So the guide post is written in Japanese language "赤久奈山を経て川乗山へ登山口". It means that "This is a start of a trail up to Mt.Kawanori, via Mt.Akakuna."

Dsc_3832s Dsc_3835s Dsc_3836s

notes: Mt.Akakuna = 赤久奈山 = 赤杭山,
         Mt.Kawanori = 川乗山 = 川苔山

Mt.Akakuna -> Akakuna Ridge -> Mt.Kawanori
Dsc_3841s Dsc_3849s Dsc_3860s

Dsc_3864s Dsc_3866s
After Mt.Akakuna, a new detour route has been set on the mountain path. Last time when I walked was building. New guide post was set on the breakaway point.

Dsc_3867s Dsc_3869s Dsc_3872s

Dsc_3873s Dsc_3879s Dsc_3881s

Dsc_3883s Dsc_3884s Dsc_3885s

Dsc_3886s Dsc_3887s
<- Over there, that is Mt.Kawanori (川苔山).

Mt.Kawanori -> Odoridaira
At this point, I walked to Mt.Sobatsubu (蕎麦粒山) , not to Mt.Kawanori.

Dsc_3891s Dsc_3893s Dsc_3895s

Dsc_3896s Dsc_3897s Dsc_3900s

Dsc_3902s Dsc_3903s Dsc_3906s

Dsc_3910s Dsc_3911s Dsc_3914s

I arrived at Odoridaira (踊平) at 12:02pm.
I walked to Mt.Sobatsubu (蕎麦粒山).

Odoridaira -> Mt.Sobatsubu
Dsc_3919s 11:33)  At this point, I selected a detour route of Mt.Sobatsubu so as to walk to Urayamaguchi Station and keep away my physical energy consumption as much as possible.

Dsc_3920s I was misunderstanding that Ippaimizu(一杯水) is placed on the North of my destination. So I was almost lost a right route because of the sign indication "一杯水" Ippaimizu.

Dsc_3921s Dsc_3922s Dsc_3923s

Dsc_3924s Dsc_3928s Dsc_3929s

~13:00)  I kept walking from Kori Station without break about five hours, so I got a cramp in the calf. I had to make a break, I drank a water a lot and took a lunch. About 10 minutes later, my physical condition was getting better. I felt the importance of water ingestion and adequate rests.
Dsc_3930s Dsc_3932s

13:49)  After I wDsc_3933salked up from the guidepost, I met a person who was walking up on the ridgeway of Toriyato-one(鳥屋戸尾根) from Mt.Shonoiwa. We talked about the locational situation and the destination each other for a while. She was walking to Mt.Sobatsubu. The ridgeway of Toriyato was not found on my GPS map, and I misused the compass. So I had started a wrong route walking. We checked the map and our location about ten minutes. It made us a good communication each other. If I haDsc_3935sd not met her at that place, I was walking a wrong route for a while. I walked up to Mt.Sobatsubu and Sengen Pass (about h=800m) with her. She was about 10 years elder, but tough and looked young. I thought she is very cool woman. When I walked up to Mt.Sobatsubu with her, she climbed up by faster speed for me, so I came near to feel a cramp in the calf again. I heard from her regarding the quick treatment for a cramp in the calf by Chinese herbal medicine. She said she always carries the medicine Shakuyakukanzoto (芍薬甘草湯) in the envisioned emergencies of cramp in the calf on the mountain trail.
Dsc_3936s Dsc_3938s 14:10)  I arrived at the summit of Mt.Sobatsubu.

Mt.Sobatsubu -> Sengen Pass
Dsc_3939s Dsc_3940s Dsc_3941s

14:26)  I arrived at the breakaway signpost to Sengen Pass (仙元峠). We walked apart each from this point.
Dsc_3944s Dsc_3945s 14:34) I arrived at Sengen Pass

Sengen Pass (仙元峠) ->
Dainichido (
This route was very complicated and tricky. The directing post was few. It was a miracle thing that I could come to Dainichido. I arrived at Dainichido 16:17.
Dsc_3949s Dsc_3950s Dsc_3951s

Dsc_3952s Dsc_3955s Dsc_3956s

Dsc_3957s Dsc_3958s Dsc_3959s

Dsc_3963s Dsc_3964s Dsc_3967s

Dsc_3968s Dsc_3969s Dsc_3971s

Dainichido -> Urayamaguchi Station (浦山口駅)
Dsc_3973s Dsc_3974s Dsc_3976s

Dsc_3981s Dsc_3982s Dsc_3983s

The bus to Chichibu Station was already finished. I had to walk to Urayamaguchi Station about 10km distance.

Dsc_3987s Dsc_3991s Dsc_3995s

Dsc_3997s Dsc_3999s Dsc_4001s

Dsc_4002s Dsc_4006s Dsc_4007s

Dsc_4010s Dsc_4012s Dsc_4018s

Dsc_4019s Dsc_4021s Dsc_4024s

This is the water place near Urayamaguchi Station. GPS: N35.964046, E139.059070.

Dsc_4029s I arrived the Station at 18:16.

Key Notes
Location             Okutama-Chichibu Area, western part of Tokyo
Destination         Akakuna Mountain (h=950m)
                        Sobatsubu Mountain(蕎麦粒山 h=1473m)
           Hinatanosawamine Mountain (h=1340m)
                        Sengen Pass(h=1380m)
Date walked        June 1(Tue.), 2010 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type            Mountain walk
Difficulty             Tough
Distance             about 31.4km

Time taken          about 10hours ( includes a short break )
              # Start = 8:30am at Kori Station,
                           # at 14:10pm = Sobatsubu Mountain,
                           # Finish = 18:16pm at Urayamaguchi Station.
Railway stations   Kori Station of JR Ome Line,
                         Urayamaguchi Station of Chichibu Railways.

Key Word
: western part of Tokyo, Okutama, Chichibu, Kori, Mt.Akakuna, Mt.Kawanori, Mt.Sobatsubu, hiking, walking, day walks, Urayamaguchi, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 青梅線, 古里駅, 浦山口駅, 蕎麦粒山, 川苔山

Okutama Visitor Center (N35.808420, E139.097616)
Dsc_4114s You can get a Okutama Nature Information Map in English when you pay more than \300 funds at this Center.

Dsc_4258s Dsc_4257s
<- The available map
(in- and out-side print of the map)
Map size is about 720mmx515mm.

Link to Live-camera

The camera is located on the Visitor's Center.

Okutama-machi official information in English
You can get a brief area map from the next URL.


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