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DVD-RW unit of MacBook Pro

I received a sincere attitude e-mail from eeshop. The e-mail is the next. 

"I am sorry to hear that.  But we have tested it before shipping!!
I suggest you reinstall it or try it on other Console. I hope it can work well.
all, returning and exchange may waste lots time or money. If it 's sure faulty.  Please send it back as soon as possible,  I need it to return to my supplier. I will arrange the exchange or refund after getting the returned. Please understand, it is the regular program Complying with ebay policy as well as our store policy.
If you need it urgently, you'd better buy another one from our store, I will send it out soon. I will refund the first money once I get the returned. Please understand, it is the reasonable procedure. I am a sincere seller, please do not worry your money.
Please pack it carefully in
bubble protecting. Please send it by Air Mail no need the Registered( the cheapest shipping way),Please do not use Expedited Shipping Service like USP, DHL,EMS, FedEx, Which increase costs greatly."

I opened a PC case and checked two DVD drive the original and dispatched equipment from "eeshop" again. I found that the both drives showed the same trouble that cannot find the drive from PC side. It was not happened before the time that I changed the device. So I researched the new trouble reason from that fact.
Then, Connector_partI found the extended IDE cable connector of PC side was almost loose off. For that reason, the drive showed the same behavior.
I fixed(pressed) the cable connector and checked the both DVD drive again. The DVD drive dispatched from eeshop
had no trouble. It works rightly. 
I'm very sorry to treat "eeshop" with a skepticism.
I thought eeshop is a good and reasonable shop. I might have a opportunity to buy something again.

Regarding the installation documents to replace the DVD drive that I referred was the next URL.  This wrote in Japanese but has many pictures. I guess that it helps you to repair your PC.


I'd like to repair a DVD-RW unit of MacBook Pro but ...

My apple MacBook Pro was got a trouble at DVD-RW drive. The DVD-RW unit could not recognize a DVD media. In addition, the unit bring it up after spinning a few times.

I searched a new changeable drive unit from internet shop to change it. I found a shop "eeshop" that sells my searching unit in Hongkong. I ordered the same DDsc_3310sVD-RW drive unit GSA-S10N to the shop. It cost $43.99 per unit without shipping cost.

I got it a few days after. I checked the package and article right away.
Dsc_3342s <-- Left (bought one), Right(original one)
The DVD-RW unit had some scratched marks in bottom face. In addition, it had a label that checked to repair. It was a junk unit not new. But they don't show that fact. That DVD was made at 2007.

Then, I changed it to my MacBook Pro's equipment at a perfect job and powered it on after. But it does not work correctly. A DVD disk was got swallowed in it, but there was no DVD icon on the display.
I tried many times on/off or take any other commands, but there's no instructions on the PC display. The DVD media is in it and I could not reject it from the unit.
Oh my God!

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