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Trek from Nishi-Agano Station to Hatoyama City Center

I walked from Nishi-Agano(西吾野) Station to the Hatoyama City Center. It was the beginning of new year trekking for me. The walking distance is about 25km, I needed some exercise to reduce 1kg or more from the result of Oshogatsu life. I saw many person at the Nishi-Agano Station who are going to Takayama Shrine(高山不動尊). About the walking on the mountain path, I selected a different path to see a waterfall. So, I walked alone to the summit of Takyama Inner Shrine(高山不動尊奥院). It is the same place as Kanhassu Miharashidai(関八州見晴台). But, at the summit of the mountain, I saw many person who is taking a rest. Some of them were the same person that I looked at the Nishi-Agano Station.
A view from Takayama Inner Shrine (the summit of the mountain) was 360deg panoramic view because it has few surrounding trees and could see long distance. I could see the downtown buildings of Tokyo.
When I planned the trekking route, I guess it was too long. But, trek from Mitsumineguchi Station to Chichibu Station that I walked Dec.20th was a good experience to think about the difficulties. The mountain that I have to pass over was only one. That was about the same condition as Dec.20th. This time, the mountain was 771m high. So, I thought the plan was easy for me. After I pass over the Kanhassu Miharashidai (it was the summit of the mountain but named as viewing tower Kanhassu), I walked down to Kuroyama 3 falls. After that I walked to Hatoyama City Center.
I walked about 6 hours. I felt a little tiredness and satisfaction of achievement after trekking.
Dsc_0100s Dsc_0101s_2 <-
Kanhassu Miharashidai

My trekking route
Nishiagano_to_hatoyama_city A blue line shows my walking route. My GPS sometimes shows incorrect path in a valley. It must be difficult to pick up the suitable GPS satellite at the valley.

Key Notes    
Location            Outer-Chichibu Area, western part of Saitama
Destination         Walk from Nishi-Agano(西吾野) Station
                         to Hatoyama City

Date walked        Jan 4(Mon.), 2010 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type           Just about field walking
Difficulty             I recommend for good walkers
                         because of long trekking
Distance             about 25km
Time taken          about 6hrs ( includes a short break for lunch)
Railway stations   Nishi-Agano(西吾野) Station (Chichibu Railways)

Key Word : Western part of Saitama, Chichibu Area, hiking, walking, day walks, Kanhasshu Miharashidai, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 秩父鉄道, 高山不動尊奥院, 関八州見晴台

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