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Ogose Station -> Katsuragi Shrine -> Kouburi Pass(H=530m) -> Agano Station

I walked to see the Chichibu mountains from Kouburi-Pass at the end of 2009. I walked 29th of December. It was a fine weather, so I could see a wonderful panoramic view from Kouburi Pass. Although I wanted to see a wonderful scene, eating delicious buckwheat noodles, unfortunately the buckwheat-noodles restaurant was closed. As for the buckwheat noodles of the restaurant which I ate this time, unfortunately I thought it was the same looked meal of buckwheat noodles, but the taste and texture were completely different.
I started from Ogose Station of Tobu Ogose line and arrived at Agano Station of Seibu Chichibu line. I walked about 16km. It needed about 5hours that included a little intermission for lunch at Kouburi Pass.

My trekking route
Ogoseagano_trekking_map A blue line sho
ws my walking route. I guess that it was a enjoyable walking course.

Ogose Station -> Kokuzou Shrine
Dsc_0001s Dsc_0002s Dsc_0005s

Dsc_0006s Dsc_0008s Dsc_0011s

Kokuzou Shrine ->
Katsuragi Shrine
Dsc_0014s Dsc_0015s Dsc_0021s

Dsc_0022s Dsc_0026s Dsc_0027s

Dsc_0028s Dsc_0031s Dsc_0032s

Dsc_0033s Dsc_0034s Dsc_0036s

Katsuragi Shrine -> Kouburi Pass
Dsc_0040s You have to select the left path to Ipponsugi Pass (一本杉峠).

Dsc_0041s Dsc_0046s Dsc_0047s

Dsc_0050s <- This is the summit of Hanamagari Mountain. The surrounding view was a bad condition because of trees.

Dsc_0053s Dsc_0054s Dsc_0057s

Dsc_0058s Dsc_0072s Dsc_0075s

Dsc_0085s <- Suwa Shrine (諏訪神社)

Dsc_0089s Dsc_0090s Dsc_0097s

Dsc_0099s <- A restaurant of Koubri Pass
that I took a lunch.

A shot from Kouburi Pass

I could see the downtown buildings of Tokyo.
Dsc_0103s Dsc_0104s Dsc_0106s

Kouburi Pass -> Agano Station
Dsc_0113s Dsc_0115s Dsc_0122s

Dsc_0128s Dsc_0123s Dsc_0126s

<- I found the small fairy at the root of the big tree on the way of mountain path to Agano Station.

(start) Ogose Station (越生駅)
of Tobu Railways at 8:13am
-> Kokuzou Shrine (虚空蔵尊) 8:45am
-> Katsuragi Shrine (桂木観音) 9:17am

-> Hanamagari Mountain (鼻曲山, H=447m) 10:35am

-> Suwa Shrine (諏訪神社) 11:40am

-> Kouburi Pass (顔振峠, H=530m)  11:55am

    I took a short break for lunch. (about 17minutes)
-> Agano Station (吾野駅) of Seibu Railways


Key Notes    
Location             Musashi Ogose Area,
                         Western part of Saitama Prefecture
Kouburi Path (顔振峠: H=530m)
Date walked         December 29(Tues.), 2009 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type            Field Walk

Difficulty             enjoy walk 
Distance             about 16km

Time taken          5hr 09min
with an intermission for lunch
Railway stations   Ogose(越生) Station of Tobu Railways
                         and Agano(吾野) Station of Seibu Railways

Key Word :   Musashi Ogose, Kouburi Pass, Agano Station, Ogose Station, 武蔵越生, 顔振峠, 越生駅, 吾野駅

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