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Kawai Station -> Mt.Otuka -> Mitakesan -> Okunoin -> Mt.Hinode -> Hinatawada Station

I walked up Okunoin in Mitake Shrine at January 10th. It was a fine weather, but it was chilly at the mountain path. Near the Okunoin had a remaining snow slightly a few days before.
I could see a wonderful view from the summit of Okunoin, and a wonderful panoramic view from the summit of Hinode Mountain. Especially, I thought a view of the east direction from Hinode Mountain was a splendid spectacle. I could see far Tokyo and Yokohama buildings from Hinode Mountain. I went down to Hinatawada Station.
I walked about 21.7km ( about 6hr40min (included a little intermission for lunch near the Mitake Shrine).

My trekking route

A blue line sho
ws my walking route. 

-> to Okunoin (奥ノ院)
Dsc_0149s Dsc_0156s Dsc_0162s Dsc_0166s Dsc_0168s

Dsc_0173s_2 <-The summit of Okunoin.

-> Mitake Shrine 13:12pm

-> at Hinode Mountain (日の出山)  13:46pm
Dsc_0213s Dsc_0221s

Dsc_0211s Dsc_0222s Dsc_0225s

Dsc_0218s Dsc_0220s

Dsc_0215s Dsc_0212s


-> to Mimuro Mountain (三室山)

Dsc_0233s Dsc_0239s Dsc_0241s Dsc_0257s Dsc_0259s


<-The summit of Mimuro Mountain.

-> Kotohira Shrine 15:05pm

Dsc_0266s Dsc_0267s Dsc_0271s

->JR Hinatawada Station (日向和田駅) 15:56pm (end)

Key Notes    
Location             Okutama Area, western part of Tokyo
Destination          Mitake Mountain(御岳山)
                         Hinode Mountain(日の出山)
                         Otuka Mountain (大塚山)
Date walked         January 10(Sun.), 2010 (Fine weather, Chilly)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type            Mountain walk
Difficulty             a little tough because of a long distance walk 
Distance             about 21.7km

Time taken          about 6hr40min ( includes a short break for lunch )
Railway stations   Kawai and Hinatawada (JR Ome Line)

Key Word
: western part of Tokyo, Okutama, Hinatawada, Mitake, Kawai, hiking, walking, day walks, Mt. Hinode, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 青梅線, 川井駅, 日向和田駅, 御岳山, 日の出山, 大塚山

Link to Live-camera
The camera is located on the Visitor's Center.

Okutama-machi official information in English
You can get a brief area map from the next URL.

Okutama Visitor Center (N35.808420, E139.097616)
Dsc_4114s You can get a Okutama Nature Information Map in English when you pay more than \300 funds at this Center.

Dsc_4258s Dsc_4257s
<- The available map
(in- and out-side print of the map)
Map size is about 720mmx515mm.



(start)  JR Kawai Station (川井駅) 09:22am
Dsc_0005s Dsc_0007s Dsc_0008s Dsc_0009s Dsc_0010s Dsc_0012s

A starting point for climb 9:59am
Dsc_0026s Dsc_0027s Dsc_0028s Dsc_0030s Dsc_0035s Dsc_0037s

-> to Otuka Mountain (大塚山)

Dsc_0041s Dsc_0044s Dsc_0046s Dsc_0050s Dsc_0051s_2 Dsc_0054s

Dsc_0055s Dsc_0058s Dsc_0059s

Dsc_0064s Dsc_0077s Dsc_0079s

Dsc_0080s <- The summit of Otsuka Mountain.

-> Visitor Center
-> Mitake Mountain & Mitake Shrine (御嶽神社:御岳山)  11:43am
Dsc_0118s Dsc_0119s Dsc_0122s Dsc_0134s Dsc_0135s Dsc_0143s

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