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The plan(walk from Hatonosu to Urayamaguchi) was failed

I had a new mountain walk plan that is from Hatonosu Station of Ome line to Urayamaguchi Station of Chichibu Line.
Dscf5154s Dscf5155s_2 Today, I got up early in the morning. I arrived at Hatonosu Station about 20 minutes earlier than the plan. The weather was fine and my condition was very nice.
I walked a mountain path at a good time pace. I thought that the first target Kawanori Mountain will be reached about 11:00am.
But I missed a route twice today.
The first miss was cause by my overconfidence. I did not trust my GPS route guidance that I had set the last night. I obeyed a sign board to Kawanori Mountain and I followed a group walking ahead.

Dscf5181s_2 Trouble_at_kawanori_mountain The second miss was also caused from my overconfidence. I saw a route sign to Kawanori mountain. But I could not find a route path because of fallen leaves. (The left picture is that point. The GPS point was "N35.83702, E139.11223".)  I stepped into a steep valley and I climbed it. The blue line shows my failed trek route at the left map.

Dscf5182s When I found it was a wrong judgment, my location was a very bad location point in the valley. My surrounding was rocks and the rock was very friable. In addition, a covered soil was slippy. I checked a mountain path with my GPS. My GPS displayed a mountain path close to my location, but I could not see from a lower position of the valley.
But, it was very lucky that I could be heard a women's conversation sound. At that situation, I could check my location distance from the mountain path clearly. So, I climbed a steep slope using trees that are grown on the mountain side.
I found another mountain path finally. It took about 1 hours in this recovering. The difference of the elevation was about 300m.

Dscf5184s I was very lucky to recover my big mistake. It was a problem of "a matter of life and serious injuries". I spent a much energy about that, and I spent a lot of mind stress. It was 11:00 o'clock. I was very tired, but I decided to climb to Kawanori Mountain.
I passed a person who went down from Kawanori Mountain. That person was the person I passed before I lost the way. I recognized the lost time.
I felt a big shock.

Dscf5189s Dscf5195s I arrived at the summit of Kawanori Mountain at 11:56am. The pace was not bad.
But I don't have a confidence to continue my first walking plan. I took a lunch at the summit, restored a mental balance, and after that I went down to Hatonosu Station.
This is a hard plan to do in short sunshine hours. I'll try it in next spring.

One of the shot of autumn color of Kawanori Mountain.
Dscf5215s Dscf5227s

Course :
(start) Hatonosu Station (鳩ノ巣駅)
-> Kawanori Mountain 1364m(川苔山)
-> Hatonosu Station (鳩ノ巣駅) 

Key Notes    
Location             Okutama (奥多摩)
Kawanori Mountain (川苔山) H=1364m
Date walked         November 21(San.), 2009 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type            Mountain Walk

Difficulty             a tough walk 
Distance             about 17.9km

Time taken          about 5hr30min
with an intermission
Railway stations   Hatonosu Station (JR Ome Line)

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