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Musashi-Itsukaichi Station -> Mt.Jimba ->Sagamiko Station

I walked from JR Musashi-Itsukaichi Station to JR Sagamiko Station pass through Gimba Mountain.
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My trekking route
Trekking_route_from_itsukaicho_to_s A blue line shows my walking route. I walked 24.5km and it took 7hours 32minutes with a short break for lunch.

Please refer to the next URL. This is the route that I planned before walking by using ALPSLAB route.

Today(November 23) was a good weather. The today's trail was very tough but I had such a productive day.
Dscf5230s Dscf5231s Dscf5232s

-> This is the starting point for climb.  9:40am
Dscf5241s Dscf5243s This point is 4.8km far from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station.

-> Sometimes I got a nice scenery from the mountain path.
Dscf5251s Dscf5252s 9:59am

Dscf5269s Dscf5278s Dscf5282s

-> At the summit of Usuki Mountain.  11:08am
Dscf5283s Dscf5287s A mountain path from Utsuki Mountain to Ichimichi Mountain is a ridgeway.
This point is 8.2km far from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station.

-> At the summit of Ichimichi Mountain.  12:12pm
This point is 10.7km far from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station.
It's a good scenic location to take a rest and lunch like that of a picture.
Dscf5299s Dscf5301s Dscf5302s

I met a comfortable elder couple at the lunch, we talked about a mountain trekking each other. She was very active lady and he was a nice gentleman. I thought they are a good couple. I took a picture for them as a memory of the meeting on a mountain path.

After a short break for lunch, I walked to Myoou Pass and Jimba Mountain. I took a wrong mountain path because of incorrect understanding of map , so I walked double route before Wada pass about 1.6km 30minute that was a big loss. I arrived at Wada Pass 14:08pm.

Dscf5356s Dscf5357s I arrived at the summit of Jimba Mountain at 14:26pm. Unfortunately, I could not see Mt. Fuji because of clouds. But, by a happy chance, my walking schedule was as same as my initial plan at the summit of Jimba Mountain.

I increased my walking pace, and walked to the Myoo Pass.
I arrived at Myoo Pass 14:55pm.
Dscf5353s Dscf5354s Dscf5355s

Dscf5359s Dscf5364s Dscf5365s

Dscf5369s Dscf5371s Dscf5372s

Dscf5373s Dscf5376s My first plan was to Sagamiko Station from Myoo Pass. I expected to seeing the lake and walked down hill. But the fact was completely different to my imagination. From the mountain path to Sagamiko lake was covered by a lot of Japanese cedar trees, so I could not see the shape of the lake with the exception of the sun light reflection from the lake.

Dscf5380s Dscf5381s Dscf5384s

Dscf5386s Dscf5387s Dscf5388s

Dscf5390s Dscf5391s Dscf5402s

Dscf5410s Dscf5417s Dscf5419s

Dscf5422s Dscf5428s Dscf5429s

Dscf5451s I arrived at Sagamiko Station 16:17pm. After I arrived at Sagamiko Station, I had a productive feeling. At the mountain entrance of Jimba Mountain, if the weather were not good, I should have quit the plan.

(start) JR Musashi-Itsukaichi Station (武蔵五日市駅)  8:48am

-> Usuki Mountain (H=842m) 11:08am
-> Ichimichi Mountain (H=795m) 12:12pm
    I took a short break for lunch. (about 10minutes)
-> Wada Pass (H=680m) 14:08pm

-> Jimba Mountain (H=855m) 14:26pm
-> Myoo Pass 14:55pm

-> Yose Shrine 16:03pm
-> JR Sagamiko Station (相模湖駅) 16:17pm

Key Notes    
Jimba Mountain, Sagamiko Station
Date walked         November 23(Mon.), 2009 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
                         And to display my track data, I used the software of Alpslab.
Walk type            Mountain Walk

Difficulty             a tough walk 
Distance             about 24.5km

Time taken          about 7hr33min
with an intermission for lunch
Railway stations   Musashi-Itsukaichi, and Sagamiko Station

If you have a interest to my walk plan. Please look at the next URL. It will show you the route. I uploaded the route plan to ALPSLAB route before walking.

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