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A ridge walk to Mt.Izugatake -> Mt.Takekawadake -> Mt.Omochi -> Mt.Komochi

I took a ridge walk to Izugatake Mountain (伊豆ヶ岳), Yamabushi Pass (山伏峠), Takekawadake Mountain (武川岳), Omochi Mountain (大持山), Komochi Mountain(小持山).
The main target of this trek was a long-range-walk for my physical training and to see an autumn color. (It was difficult to see a beautiful mountain color and neighboring mountain view in a cloud weather.)
The autumn color was beautiful at back in the mountains. The mountain color was different between the west and the east side. The western side had a lot of beautiful autumn color. The eastern side was green yet.
I started to walk about 10:40am from Shoumaru Station to Mt. Izugatake, and to other mountains. There were many hikers and children at Izugatake Mountain. But in other mountain, there are few hikers, it might be time was too late.
Dscf4879s <- A shot of Mt. Bukou from Mt. Omochi

At my first planning, I thought I'd like to walk up Mt. Bukou. It was too late for walking such a long way. So, it was too dangerous plan at that day because of late start. The walking plan was very tight and had many difficulties. The trail had a lot of steep up and down. From Yamabushi pass to Komochi mountain had a steep path, I had sometimes to climb/descend a steep rock. At the walking entrance junction of Mt. Bukou, I reached the junction about 3:50pm. There had no time to climb Mt. Bukou. And my physics was in a weak physical condition. I have to search a nearest point to return home. The mountain path from the junction to Hashiba, it had a lot of beautiful waterfalls, but I had few time to watch and enjoy. The path was too narrow and approaching the dusk. If I were looking off from the narrow path and walking, I would be falling down to the ravine. When I arrived at the mountain entrance of Hashiba Parking, it was 4:42pm, it was near the sunset time 4:50pm. I was very lucky. Then, I walked a road to Urayamaguchi Station as fast as possible. I arrived at the Station at 5:18pm.
I used garmin eTrex Vista HCx.
I thought that was a tough and difficult route for the beginner.

Seibu-Chichibu Line Shoumaru Station (正丸駅) (start)
-> Mt.Izugatake
(伊豆ヶ岳) (N35.926818, E139.160663)
-> Mt. Omochi -> Mt. Komochi
-> Chichibu Railway Urayamaguchi Station(浦山口駅)

Key Notes    
Location             Okumusashi, Saitama
Mt. Izugatake (H=820) (N35.926818, E139.160663)
            Mt. Takekawadake (H=1052m)
                         Mt. Omochi (H=1294m)
                         Mt. Komochi (H=1240m)

Date walked         October 31 (Sat.), 2009 (Cloudy)
Map                   Garmin GPS eTrex Vista HCx + Japan RoadNavi 25000 and Topo v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type            Mountain Walk
Difficulty             Very tough

Distance             about 21km
Time taken          about 7hrs (includes a short break for lunch)
Railway stations   Seibu-Chichibu Line Shoumaru Station(正丸駅) and Chichibu Railways Urayamaguchi Station(浦山口駅)

Key Word
: Soto-Chichibu, Saitama, day walks, mountain walk, Mt. Izugatake, Mt. Omochi, Mt. Komochi, Seibu-Chichibu Line, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 西武秩父線, 正丸駅, 浦山口駅, 伊豆ヶ岳

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