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Sasara Lion Dance

The festival (Sasara Lion Dance : ささら獅子舞) of autumn of Izui district in the west of Hatoyama City has been seen yesterday (October 11). The tone of flutes or drums echoed with the Izui shrine.
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Dancing consists of three lions (a Judge, a Male lion, and a Female lion), paper hat with artificial flowers, Sarutahiko (guide), Events, Mandou (many lights), Flutes, and Songs.
Since four persons' paper hat with artificial flowers which wore a thing like a square box sounds the musical instrument which is made of a bamboo, it is called "Sasara Lion Dance" and it was specified also as the intangible ethnic cultural treasure of the city.
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The sound effects against which the ear of rice of autumn rubs are called "Sasara".
"Sasara" is one of the tools which produced with bundle of bamboo or thin tree. And meaning of Sasara is a sound expressing instrument. Dancing using a Sasara is called Sasara dancing and a dance is called Sasara dance. These all have a meaning of bumper crops, and may have a meaning of a good-luck charm, but it depends on a district.

Key Notes
Location             Izui, Hatoyama, Hiki, Saitama Pref. (埼玉県)
Izui Shrine (泉井神社)
                         (N35.99577, E139.31625)

Date walked         October 11(San.), 2009 (Fine weather)
Distance             about 19km from Sakado Station 
Railway stations   Sakado Station (Tobu-Tojo Line)

Key Word
:   Izui Shrine, Hatoyama, Sasara Lion Dance, 泉井神社, ささら獅子舞

A Map of Izui Shrine
Izuiji_shrine The red line shows the road to Izui Shrine from Sakado Station.

Map : Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.

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