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Musashi and Ogose hiking

The Musashi and Ogose locates the southern area of Chichibu area and the western area of Tobu Ogose station. I walked this area at October 4. A hiking course is a course of the "Musashi Ogose hike rally" scheduled for October 25. It's a free event sponsored by Tobu Railways. There are three courses (Family course 7km, Enjoy course 17km, Challenge course 27km). I walked mainly a challenge course. It's about 27km length. You can get the course map at a station of Tobe railways.
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My trekking route
20091004_ogose_hiking A blue line sho
ws my walking route. I guess that it was a enjoyable walking course for me.
I walked 29.5km (Ogose Station -> Ohtakatori Mountain -> Kuroyama Three Water Falls -> Kasasugi Pass -> Koburi Pass -> Ipponsugi Pass -> Kuroyama -> Katsuragi Shrine -> Ogose Station), it needed about 8hrs15min that included a little intermission for lunch at Kouburi Pass.

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Dscf4070s Dscf4072s A shot from a
small restaurant at Koburi Pass. And a lunch.
It was a delicious soba noodle.

Course :
(start) Tobu Ogose Station (越生駅) 7:00am
-> Town Office of Ogose (越生町役場) 7:25am
-> The tomb of an unknown soldier 7:40am
-> Ohtakatori Mountain H=376.4m (大高取山) 8:25am
-> The vacation facility center of Ogose
   (越生自然休養村センター) 8:54am
-> Ryugaya Bridge (龍ヶ谷大橋) 9:38am
-> Kuroyama Bus Terminal (黒山バス停) 10:12am
-> Tengu Waterfalls
(天狗滝) 10:26am
-> Odaki/Medaki Waterfalls (男滝/女滝) 10:32am
-> Kasasugi Pass(傘杉峠) 11:20am

-> Kouburi Pass (顔振峠) 11:51am
       I took a lunch at a small restaurant of Kouburi Pass.
       I took a rest about 30min.
-> Ipponsugi Pass (一本杉峠)
-> Kuroyama Bus Terminal  13:34pm
-> Katsuragi Shrine (桂木観音) 14:22pm
-> Kokuzoson Shrine (虚空蔵尊)
-> Tobu Ogose Station  15:12pm

Key Notes    
Location            Musashi Ogose Area
            (Western area of Saitama Pref.)
Destination         Kuroyama Water Falls, Kouburi Pass

Date walked        October 4, 2009 (Sun.) (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
      Tobu Tojyo Line "Soto Chichibu Hiking (外秩父ハイキング)" Map No.4
Walk type            Mountain Walk

Difficulty             Need physical strength
Distance             about
Time taken          about 8hrs15min (include an intermission of lunch)

Railway stations   Ogose Station
            (JR Hachiko Line or Tobu-Ogose Line)

Key Word
:   Musashi Ogose, Kuroyama Water Falls, Kouburi Pass, Ogose Station, 武蔵越生, 黒山三滝, 顔振峠, 越生駅

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