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October 2009


Autumn color of Nikko

Today(October 20, 2009), I went to inside Nikko to enjoy the autumn colors. I thought today will be uncrowded because of weekday, but Nikko was very crowded with people who enjoy the autumn color.
When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.
My trekkingPhoto route
A blue line shows my walking route. I walked 24.5km. It took about 5hrs20min includes a short break.

(start) Tobu Nikko Station (東武日光駅) 9:22am
Dscf4436s Dscf4437s

-> JR Nikko Station Bus Terminal  9:35am
Dscf4438s Dscf4439s Dscf4440s

I rode on a bus to Yumoto Onsen from JR Nikko Station Bus Terminal. Many person were waiting for the bus to Chuzenji Onsen and Yumoto Onsen. This is the starting station of the bus to Yumoto Onsen or Chuzenji Onsen. I recommend you should ride on the bus from this station. It's about 5minutes walk from Tobu Bus Station, and you will keep your seat at the bus.

-> Tobu Nikko Bus Terminal   9:36am
Dscf4443s Near the Akechidaira, the traffic jam happened.

Chuzenji Onsen Bus Terminal  10:37am
Dscf4450s Dscf4451s Dscf4453s

-> Kotoku Onsen Bus Stop  11:11am

     I had a lunch on the bus.
-> Yudaki bus station   11:18am
Dscf4454s Dscf4455s Dscf4456s

-> Yudaki water falls (湯滝)  11:28am
Dscf4458s Dscf4460s Dscf4464s

Dscf4463s Dscf4465s Dscf4471s

I walked a path along the Yukawa river.
Dscf4477s Dscf4480s Dscf4483s

Dscf4484s Dscf4495s Dscf4497s

-> Izumiyadoike (泉門池)   11:52am
Dscf4504s Dscf4506s Dscf4507s

-> Odashirohara (小田代ヶ原)
Dscf4511s Dscf4517s Dscf4519s

Dscf4522s Dscf4530s Dscf4531s

Dscf4540s Dscf4546s Dscf4557s

Dscf4559s Dscf4562s Dscf4564s

-> Yumihari Pass (弓張峠)  12:37pm
Dscf4567s Dscf4569s Dscf4568s

I walked along the Yanagisawa path and went to Sainoko Lake.
Dscf4574s Dscf4575s Dscf4577s

Dscf4578s Dscf4582s Dscf4586s

Dscf4590s Dscf4591s Dscf4596s

I ignored passage prohibition, and walked along the mountain path. However, the mountain path became indefinite gradually. The mountain path has disappeared, after crossing a river without a bridge. I ended up walking in search of a road, looking at GPS.
But I was able to see two deer.
Dscf4608s Dscf4611s Dscf4614s

After I found the route to Sainoko Lake.
Dscf4615s Dscf4616s Dscf4620s

Dscf4622s Dscf4623s Dscf4627s

-> Sainoko Lake (西ノ湖)  13:42pm
Dscf4628s Dscf4629s Dscf4633s

Dscf4630s Dscf4631s Dscf4636s

Next, I walked along the path to Senjyugahama.
Dscf4639s Dscf4643s Dscf4644s

Dscf4646s Dscf4647s Dscf4648s

-> Senjyugahama (千手ヶ浜)  14:12pm
Dscf4649s Dscf4656s Dscf4657s

I walked along the lake side path of the northern side in Lake Chuzenji to the Shoubugahama. Autumnal leaves were wonderful on the way.

Dscf4662s Dscf4664s Dscf4666s

Dscf4670s Dscf4677s Dscf4686s

Dscf4695sDscf4697s Dscf4703s

-> Akaiwa (赤岩)  14:49pm
Dscf4705s Dscf4709s Dscf4711s

-> Ryuzu water falls (龍頭ノ滝)  15:14pm

Dscf4714s Dscf4719s Dscf4721s

I walked along the lake side road to the destination Chuzenji-Onsen. From the Ryuzu-waterfalls-road-crossing to the goal Chuzenji-Onsen, I made competition of dead heat the car which is running slowly because of traffic congestion again and again. Finally, I won at the goal.
Dscf4724s Dscf4727s Dscf4728s

Dscf4729s Dscf4732s Dscf4733s

-> Chuzenji Onsen Bus Terminal
    A bus to Nikko Station starting at 16:15pm was full, so I could not ride on the bus. I had to ride on the next bus starting at 16:42pm. Traffic congestion continued from Chuzenji Onsen bus terminal to Nikko city.
-> Tobu Nikko Station (東武日光駅)   17:40pm

Key Notes    
Location             Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture
Destination          Oku-Nikko
                         Lake Chuzenji (中禅寺湖)
                         Senjyogahara (戦場ヶ原)
            Yudaki water falls (湯滝)
           Senjyugahama (千手ヶ浜)
Date walked         October 20(Thu.), 2009 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type            Field walk
Difficulty             a little tough because of a long distance walk 
Distance             about 24.5km

Time taken          about 5hr20min
includes a short break
Railway stations   Tobu Nikko Station (Tobu Nikko Line)

Key Word
: Oku-Nikko, Lake Chuzenji, Senjyogahara, Yudaki water falls,  day walks, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 奥日光,

If you have a interest to my walk plan. Please look at the next URL. It will show you the route. I uploaded the route plan to ALPSLAB route.  

Link to Live-camera to Senjogahara in Nikko
You can confirm the weather condition of Senjogahara directly from the next URL.
The camera is located on the next place.

Camera in front of Tobu Nikko Station

Camera in front of Shinkyo Bridge

Camera in front of Yudaki

Camera in front of Chuzenji Lake


Trek from Okutama Station to Mt.Gozen, Mt. Shoguchi, Mt.Nokogiri

Yesterday(October 18th), I walked from Sakai Bridge to Gozen Mountain, and to Nokogiri Mountain, and went down to Okutama Station. I thought that I'd like to see Tochiyori Waterfalls, but the path to the waterfall had been prohibited, so I could see only from the road. The distance to the waterfalls was about 30~50m, the shape of it had been covered by so many trees, so I saw a part of it. The mountain path to Gozen mountain from forest of Okutama was not so wide and it continues uphill. Dscf4392s The mountain path near the Nokogiri Mountain, you have to walk side of the big rock and walk up the steel ladder.

About the mountain path from Nokogiri Mountain to Okutama Station, it has a lot of stones, and a steep up/down-hill.
Dscf4401s You have to scramble down the steel ladder.
And you have to walk down on the rocks that sometimes has no chains. If you are not a good walker, you might be troubled lightly on your knee.

Dscf4402s Dscf4403s Dscf4404s

I made a light trouble on my right knee ligament because of many downhill shocks. Now, I'm getting well.

I walked 16km. It took about 6hours includes a short break for lunch at Mt.Gozen.
When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.
My trekking route
20091018_gozenyamanokogiriyama A blue line shows my walking route. 
Dscf4355s Dscf4361s

Dscf4322s Dscf4364s Dscf4369s Dscf4370s

(start) (9:30am)
Okutama Station (奥多摩駅) (N35.809228, E139.09672)
Dscf4290s Dscf4291s

-> Sakaibashi Station (bus station) 9:37am

Dscf4292s Dscf4294s <- I went there(Sakaibashi Bus Stop) by bus.

-> Tochiyori Waterfalls 10:37am

-> Gozen Mountain (御前山 H=1405m) 11:50am
Dscf4355s_2 Dscf4358s Dscf4361s_2

-> Shouguchi Mountain (鞘口山 H=1142m) 13:05pm

-> Nokogiri Mountain(鋸山 H=1109m)(N35.77946, E139.105885)

-> Tensho Shrine(天聖神社)(N35.79567, E139.09896) 14:34pm

-> Okutama Station (奥多摩駅)
      (N35.809228, E139.09672) 15:33pm

Key Notes    
Location            Okutama Area, western part of Tokyo
Destination         Nokogiri Mountain(鋸山)

                         (N35.77946, E139.105885)

           Gozen Mountain(御前山) 
Date walked        Oct 18(Sun.), 2009 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd., and
         Okutama hiking map ( free map from Seibu Group )
         "Mt.Mitake, Takamizu three mountains, Mt.Odake"

    You can get it on a station of Seibu Railways.
Walk type           Mountain climbing
Difficulty             I recommend for good walkers 
Distance             about 16km
Time taken          about 6hrs ( includes a short break for lunch)
Railway stations   Okutama(奥多摩) Station (JR Ome Line)

Key Word
: western part of Tokyo, Okutama, hiking, walking, day walks, Mt.Gozen, Mt.Nokogiri, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 青梅線, 奥多摩駅, 御前山, 鋸山

Okutama Visitor Center (N35.808420, E139.097616)
Dsc_4114s You can get a Okutama Nature Information Map in English when you pay more than \300 funds at this Center.

Dsc_4258s Dsc_4257s
<- The available map
(in- and out-side print of the map)
Map size is about 720mmx515mm.

If you have a interest to my walk plan. Please look at the next URL. It will show you the route. I uploaded the route plan to ALPSLAB route.


Sasara Lion Dance

The festival (Sasara Lion Dance : ささら獅子舞) of autumn of Izui district in the west of Hatoyama City has been seen yesterday (October 11). The tone of flutes or drums echoed with the Izui shrine.
When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.
Dscf4127s Dscf4132s Dscf4135s

Dancing consists of three lions (a Judge, a Male lion, and a Female lion), paper hat with artificial flowers, Sarutahiko (guide), Events, Mandou (many lights), Flutes, and Songs.
Since four persons' paper hat with artificial flowers which wore a thing like a square box sounds the musical instrument which is made of a bamboo, it is called "Sasara Lion Dance" and it was specified also as the intangible ethnic cultural treasure of the city.
Dscf4240s Dscf4237s Dscf4244s

Dscf4168s Dscf4225sDscf4215s

The sound effects against which the ear of rice of autumn rubs are called "Sasara".
"Sasara" is one of the tools which produced with bundle of bamboo or thin tree. And meaning of Sasara is a sound expressing instrument. Dancing using a Sasara is called Sasara dancing and a dance is called Sasara dance. These all have a meaning of bumper crops, and may have a meaning of a good-luck charm, but it depends on a district.

Key Notes
Location             Izui, Hatoyama, Hiki, Saitama Pref. (埼玉県)
Izui Shrine (泉井神社)
                         (N35.99577, E139.31625)

Date walked         October 11(San.), 2009 (Fine weather)
Distance             about 19km from Sakado Station 
Railway stations   Sakado Station (Tobu-Tojo Line)

Key Word
:   Izui Shrine, Hatoyama, Sasara Lion Dance, 泉井神社, ささら獅子舞

A Map of Izui Shrine
Izuiji_shrine The red line shows the road to Izui Shrine from Sakado Station.

Map : Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.


Musashi and Ogose hiking

The Musashi and Ogose locates the southern area of Chichibu area and the western area of Tobu Ogose station. I walked this area at October 4. A hiking course is a course of the "Musashi Ogose hike rally" scheduled for October 25. It's a free event sponsored by Tobu Railways. There are three courses (Family course 7km, Enjoy course 17km, Challenge course 27km). I walked mainly a challenge course. It's about 27km length. You can get the course map at a station of Tobe railways.
When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.
My trekking route
20091004_ogose_hiking A blue line sho
ws my walking route. I guess that it was a enjoyable walking course for me.
I walked 29.5km (Ogose Station -> Ohtakatori Mountain -> Kuroyama Three Water Falls -> Kasasugi Pass -> Koburi Pass -> Ipponsugi Pass -> Kuroyama -> Katsuragi Shrine -> Ogose Station), it needed about 8hrs15min that included a little intermission for lunch at Kouburi Pass.

Dscf3968s Dscf4053s Dscf4063s

Dscf4070s Dscf4072s A shot from a
small restaurant at Koburi Pass. And a lunch.
It was a delicious soba noodle.

Course :
(start) Tobu Ogose Station (越生駅) 7:00am
-> Town Office of Ogose (越生町役場) 7:25am
-> The tomb of an unknown soldier 7:40am
-> Ohtakatori Mountain H=376.4m (大高取山) 8:25am
-> The vacation facility center of Ogose
   (越生自然休養村センター) 8:54am
-> Ryugaya Bridge (龍ヶ谷大橋) 9:38am
-> Kuroyama Bus Terminal (黒山バス停) 10:12am
-> Tengu Waterfalls
(天狗滝) 10:26am
-> Odaki/Medaki Waterfalls (男滝/女滝) 10:32am
-> Kasasugi Pass(傘杉峠) 11:20am

-> Kouburi Pass (顔振峠) 11:51am
       I took a lunch at a small restaurant of Kouburi Pass.
       I took a rest about 30min.
-> Ipponsugi Pass (一本杉峠)
-> Kuroyama Bus Terminal  13:34pm
-> Katsuragi Shrine (桂木観音) 14:22pm
-> Kokuzoson Shrine (虚空蔵尊)
-> Tobu Ogose Station  15:12pm

Key Notes    
Location            Musashi Ogose Area
            (Western area of Saitama Pref.)
Destination         Kuroyama Water Falls, Kouburi Pass

Date walked        October 4, 2009 (Sun.) (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
      Tobu Tojyo Line "Soto Chichibu Hiking (外秩父ハイキング)" Map No.4
Walk type            Mountain Walk

Difficulty             Need physical strength
Distance             about
Time taken          about 8hrs15min (include an intermission of lunch)

Railway stations   Ogose Station
            (JR Hachiko Line or Tobu-Ogose Line)

Key Word
:   Musashi Ogose, Kuroyama Water Falls, Kouburi Pass, Ogose Station, 武蔵越生, 黒山三滝, 顔振峠, 越生駅

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