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Three waterfalls on Moroyama hiking course

I walked to see three waterfalls on Moroyama hiking course. First, I visited to Shukuy- Falls, then to Gojyo-Falls and finally to Shishigataki-Falls.
All three falls were easy to see it at close range. It was a good flow shape each.

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Shukuya-Falls, and Small-Falls next to Shukuya-Falls
Dscf3857s Dscf3876s

I guess that the name of waterfalls would be from toponym. Waterfalls are about 12m high.



Gojyo (5 usual states) expresses five morality, "Philanthropism (仁)", "Justice (義)", "Polite and Respectful (greeting)", "Wisdom (智)", and "Belief (信)." Waterfalls are about 12m high.


Dscf3941s Waterfalls are about 3m high.

My trekking
20090927_moroyama route
A blue line sho
ws my walking route. I guess that it was a easy walking course, excepting the walking distance and walking hours.

I walked 22.9km (Bushunagase Station -> Shukuya Falls -> Gojyo Falls -> Shishigataki Falls -> Higashi Moro Station), it needed about 6hours that included a little intermission for lunch.

Dscf3843s I was very surprized I found a cherry tree that is in blossom on this season. (N35.91406, E139.30325)

Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

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