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A scenery of Mt.Fuji from Mt.Jimba

I walked on Mt. Jimba again, but used the reverse mountain path. I used a bus from Takao Station of JR Chuo line to Jimba Kogenshita. At the Takao Station, a bus stop was too crowded by many mountain walkers, so the extra bus was added at 8:30am. A walk to the summit of Mt. Jimba was easy from bus stop. It took about 70minutes with 4.9km. At Mt. Jimba, I saw many mountain walkers.

Dscf3662s Dscf3654s


A sightseeing from Mt. Jimba was most beautiful than my last visit because today was a fine weather. I coul

(Left) The bus was crowded with the climbers. After getting down from the bus, climbers were preparing for walk up. d see Mt. Fuji from Mt. Jimba clearly. A scenery of Mt. Fuji from Mt. Jimba was beautiful.
But a view of Mt.Fuji from Kobotoke Pass was excellent. I could see Sagamiko Lake with Mt.Fuji together.

Jimbatakao A blue line shows my walking route, a yellow one is a bus and train route.
I walked 21.5km (Jimba Kogenshita -> Takao Station), it needed 5hr30min that included a little intermission.
When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.

JR Takao Station(高尾駅) -> Bus terminal of Jimba-Kogenshita(陣馬高原下)
Dscf3592s Dscf3595s
It was crowded with the climbers at JR Takao Station.

Dscf3593s Dscf3596s (Left)
It was very crowded with bus and taxi. The bus station to Jimba Kogensita is located about the center of the picture.
(Right) A destination board was hanging from a roof of the station. You will find a destination name to Jimba Kogenshita(陣馬高原下) on the bottom of the hanging board. I guess that many climber would be surging to the bus terminal in a holiday because the bus access is once a hour. If you want to seating on the bus, you should be arrived at the bus terminal at least before 20minutes. The bus time table to Jimba Kogenshita on a holiday is 8:50, 9:50, 10:50, 11:50.
The URL of the bus time table is the next.

Bus terminal of Jimba-Kogenshita -> Jimba Mountain(陣馬山)
Dscf3599s Dscf3600s Dscf3601s

(Center) This is the first branch point from the bus terminal. You should select the path to the right and cross a bridge.

Dscf3604s Dscf3609s
(Left) It is about 1.4km away from bus terminal of Jimba Kogensita. It took about 25minutes from the bus terminal.

Dscf3611s Dscf3614s Dscf3619s

Dscf3630s Dscf3636s Dscf3644s
(UP/Right) It comes out a little more, and is the summit of Jimba mountain.

At the summit of Jimba Mountain

Dscf3641s Dscf3662s It was a clear weather, I was very lucky seeing Mt. Fuji from the summit of Jimba Mountain. At the previous time, I couldn't see it because of a cloud weather.

Dscf3646s Dscf3648s (Left) A statue with a similar shape of white colored horse is located at the summit. Jimba(陣馬/陣場) in Japanese has two meanings, one is to take up a position for cavalry, the other is a organized position.

Dscf3649s Dscf3651s Dscf3652sDscf3655s Dscf3657s Dscf3656s

At the teahouse, you can buy and eat something light meals or drinks.

Dscf3678s The next destination sign is "明王峠(Myoo Pass)" or "景信山 (Mt. Kagenobu)" in Japanese.

Jimba Mountain ->
Myoo Pass(明王峠)
Dscf3663s Dscf3665s Dscf3667sDscf3670s Dscf3673sDscf3674s

Myoo Path -> Kagenobu Mountain(景信山)
Dscf3678s The next destination sign is "景信山 (Mt. Kagenobu)" or "小仏峠 (Kobotoke Pass)" in Japanese.

Dscf3681s Dscf3682s Dscf3687sDscf3689s Dscf3691s Dscf3695s

Dscf3696s Dscf3699s Dscf3700s Dscf3708s

Dscf3711s Dscf3714s

Kagenobu Mountain(景信山)
I could see the buildings of Shinjuku City and other many buildings on the Kanto Plain. At the teahouse, you can buy and eat something light meals or drinks.
Dscf3720s Dscf3723s Dscf3724sDscf3725s Dscf3726s Dscf3727s

Dscf3734s Dscf3735s Dscf3738s

Kagenobu Mountain
-> Kobotoke Shiroyama(小仏城山)
The next destination sign is "小仏城山 (Kobotoke Shiroyama)" in Japanese.
Dscf3749s Dscf3752s <- At Kobotoke Pass
I could see a wonderful view of Mt.Fuji and Sagami Lake. There was a mountain path to Sagami Lake from Kobotoke Pass, and the path will be connected to the Sagami Station of JR Chuo Line. It was a very interesting route, so I was puzzled by a prepared route.

Dscf3754s Dscf3756s Dscf3760s

Kobotoke Shiroyama
<- At Kobotoke Shiroyama
Two small children were inspired from the beautifulness of landscape and rushed to the top of hills. Indeed, it was a beautiful landscape too.

Dscf3763s Dscf3764sDscf3770s

<- This is one of the shot from Shiroyama teahouse.
At the teahouse, you can buy and eat something light meals or drinks.

Dscf3772s Dscf3773s
<- At the East side, many buildings at the Tokyo metropolitan area were seen from the place too.

Kobotoke Shiroyama ->
Dscf3775s Dscf3776s The next destination sign is "高尾山口 (Takao Mountain Entrance)" in Japanese.

Dscf3777s Dscf3779s Dscf3781s

Dscf3784s Dscf3786s <- The view from the viewing deck of Ichodaira

This place is located on about 1.7km west from the summit of Takao Mountain.

Ichodaira -> Kiyotaki Station
Dscf3789s Dscf3790s Dscf3793sDscf3795s Dscf3796s Dscf3798s

Dscf3801s Dscf3802s Dscf3803s

 Momiji-Dai (Maple Hill) is located on about 5minutes walk to the direction to Sagamiko Lake from the summit of Takao Mountain. The place is noted for autumn leaves. At the teahouse, you can buy and eat something light meals or drinks.

Nature Research Trail (5th Trail) and Inariyama Trail to
Kiyotaki Station
Dscf3805s Dscf3806s
<- I walked along the 5th trail and Inariyama trail.

Dscf3807s Dscf3808s Dscf3809s

Inariyama Trail to Kiyotaki Station
Dscf3811s Dscf3815s Dscf3819sDscf3821s Dscf3822s Dscf3824s

Dscf3826s Dscf3827s
A open space of the station was very crowded with persons who are going to ride a cablecar, and climbers who came back from the mountain.

(start) JR Takao Station (高尾駅) 8:16am
-> travelled in the bus

-> Bus Terminal of
Jimba Kogenshita (陣馬高原下) 9:11am
-> The entrance of the mountain path of Mt.Jimba 9:31pm
-> The summit of Jimba Mountain H=855m (陣馬山) 10:17am
-> Kagenobu Mountain H=727m (景信山) 11:44am
-> Kobotoke Pass H=670m (小仏峠)  12:16pm
-> Kobotoke Shiroyama (小仏城山) 12:37pm
-> Icchodaira
Observation deck(一丁平) 12:48pm
-> Momijidai(もみじ台)
-> Inariyama (稲荷山展望台) 13:41pm
-> Kiyotaki Station (清滝駅) 14:07pm

-> JR Takao Station 14:34pm

Access to Jinba-kogenshita(陣馬高原下)
from North exit of JR Takao Station
Bus Station at JR Takao Station
A bus will start from number 1 bus stop.
Bus Time-table
On Saturday and Sunday, a bus starts at a 50 from am7 to pm20.
On weekday, it's a 34.

Key Notes    
Location             Takao Area
Takao Mountan and Jimba Mountain (高尾山、陣馬山)
Date walked        September 20(San.), 2009 (Fine weather)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type            Mountain Walk

Difficulty             a tough walk 
Distance             about 21.5km

Time taken          about 5hr30min
with an little intermission
Railway stations   JR Takao Station (JR Chuo Line)

Key Word
:   Jimba Mountain, Takao, day walks, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 高尾山, 陣馬山

If you have a interest to my walk plan. Please look at the next URL. It will show you the route. I uploaded the route plan to ALPSLAB route.

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