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Mt. Iwatakeishi and Mt.Takamizu

I walked up Mt. Iwatakeishi (岩茸石山) and Mt.Takamizu (高水山), the start point was JR Mitake Station.
Takamizuyama Mt. Takamizu (H=759m) is one of the famous mountain in Takamizu three mountain with Mt. Iwatakeishi (H=793m) and Mt. Soudake (H=756m). And it is one of a popular hiking course of Tokyo suburbs. Takamizu Mountain has two route to go up from Ikusabata station or Mitake Station (御嶽駅). I decided to climb up from the Mitake Station (御嶽駅) side. The map of the area that I referred is a map which Seibu Railway has been distributing at the station. But it may be difficult to get at the station, because I guess that this map must be a short-supply. And although the map can be obtained on the Internet, two maps of the Okutama area are not yet uploaded.
When the weather will be fine, I guess that a scene from each summit of the mountain will be good, but when I climbed, it is cloudy and other mountains were not visible from the summit of each mountain. The mountain path was not so wide frequently. The height of the mountain is about 750m, but near the summit of each mountain has a steep slope.

When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.

To Mitake Station
Dscf0067s Dscf0069sI used JR rapid train "Holliday rapid Okutama" which operates on Saturday or a holiday. If you get off at the Mitake Station, I recommend that you should ride on the 2nd train from tail is convenient. The exit from the platform of Mitake Station is only one. And, three or four vehicle from top of the train will be crowded with hikers. The exit is close to the 2nd vehicle from tail, so you can be passed the ticket gate in less crowded state.
Many person are rushing into the ticket gate. If you have a SUICA card, it's very easy to pass it. I recommend you that the ticket should be bought without fee correction at this ticket gate.

At Mitake Station

Dscf0073s Dscf0071s Dscf0077sThere was a small market that sells Onigiri-bentos, soft rice cakes, sweet corns and some vegetables.
There are lavatory and information center in a forward direction. The right building is a information center around Okutama area, Mitake Mountain, etc. The lava
tory is a inner part in a forward direction in this picture.
A lavatory was very crowded by many persons.

To the mountain path entrance

Dscf0081s At first, walk along the street about 60m to the direction of bus stop on this side.
You will find a railway crossing at the left side. Cross the railway crossing. At the front of your visual sight, you will find a small shrine. The mountain path is on the site of the shrine. Go through the gate of the shrine.

Dscf0082s Dscf0083s Dscf0085sDscf0088s

The entrance of a mountain path is in the shrine of Jionji. Go pass on a gate of the shrine, and you will find a map b
oard ahead. The left side of the map board is the entrance of the mountain path.
The left side of the map board is the entrance of the mountain path.

Dscf0097s Dscf0099s Dscf0103s

To Mt. Sougaku and Mt. Iwatakeishi

Dscf0105s Dscf0114s Dscf0132s You should note "惣岳山 (Sougaku Mountain)" or "岩茸石山(Iwatakeishi Mountain)" in Japanese. This is the first keyword to Takamizu Mountain. I'm a slow walker because I look around a mountain path and take many pictures, so I was passed through by three men. This time, I took 430 pictures at the trekking.
Dscf0137s Dscf0138s Dscf0141s Dscf0145s

Dscf0149s Dscf0153s


Small Shrine that has a spring water

Dscf0164s Dscf0167s Dscf0170sDscf0172sThere is a spring water under the Shrine. So, the small tank was equipped under the Shrine. The water surface of the tank was stagnant. The quantity of the spring water was very little.

Bypass of Sogaku Mountain

I chose this bypass of Sogaku Mountain because of steepness, but a lot of small prickle weeds were growing like a barricade on the mountain path. I had to push aside the grasses so as to move forward. So, the herbal prickle caught a yarn of my favorite wear, and had taken out yarn.

A halfway point between Mt.Sogakusan and Mt.Iwatakeishisan
Dscf0193s Dscf0195s A lot of small prickle weeds were growing in this mountain path. The mountain path was less than 30cm wide very narrow, then a right hand side of the path was fall down.
Please watch your step.

Dscf0202s Dscf0204s Dscf0207s Dscf0211s

Dscf0214s Dscf0218s

The summit of Iwatakeishi Mountain (H=793m)

Dscf0220s Dscf0221s The summit was wide open area. If the weather were clear, the mountain view will be fine. I stayed at the summit about 15 minutes and took a short lunch.

To Mt.Takamizu (H=759m)

The next destination is to Mt. Takamizu. You should note "高水山 (Takamizu Mountain)" or "軍畑駅 (Ikusabata Station)" in Japanese.
Dscf0222s Dscf0232s Dscf0233s Dscf0235s

Dscf0239s Dscf0241s

A wire rope was equipped on the steep slope (a shot on the upper bottom right)
The place is near the summit of Takamizu Mountain. It's about 130m far from the summit. The path was a rocky tract. I think that your footing each step will be difficult. You should not act hasty.

Dscf0245s Dscf0248s

Dscf0251s Dscf0253s A small two shrines that made of stone was located near the summit of Mt. Takamizu.

At the summit of Mt. Takamizu

Dscf0259s Dscf0261s The next destination is Ikusabata Station (軍畑駅).

To Ikusabata Station

Dscf0264s Dscf0275s Dscf0277s Dscf0278s

Dscf0282s Dscf0283s Dscf0286sDscf0287s



Dscf0308s Dscf0311s

Small waterfall.
Dscf0326s Dscf0338sYou can easily approach to it. When you walked down a mountain path, you might not find this waterfall.

 This waterfall was located on the back of your way to Ikusabata Station. If you noticed a sound of waterfall on the right hand side, you will find this waterfall.

The next destination is to
JR Ikusabata Station. You should note "軍畑駅 (Ikusabata Station)" in Japanese.
If you noticed a sound of waterfall on the left hand side, you will find this waterfall easily.
Dscf0344s Dscf0345s Dscf0346s Dscf0348s

Dscf0349s Dscf0356s

A left hand picture is a shot of a lavatory.
If the red lamp are lighting on then it can't use.

Y-junction to Ikusabata Station

Dscf0368s Dscf0369s The key point is that a wrong Y-junction has one branch road, a correct Y-junction has three branch roads (ahead 2, this side 1). In addition, it has no road sign. When you walk down the roadway to Ikusabata Station (軍畑駅), I guess that it is very difficult to find this Y-junction. This picture is a shot of a branch that looked back. It has a direction board to Ikusabata Station but difficult to find it. The key point is that a wrong Y-junction has one branch road, a correct Y-junction has three branch roads(ahead 2, this side 1).
The key point is that a wrong Y-junction has one branch road, a correct Y-junction has three branch roads (ahead 2, this side 1). In addition, it has a Stop road sign.
At a Y-junction, you have to select a path on the right hand side.
It goes to Ikusabata Station. Dscf0372s When you walk up the path, you will find a railroad crossing that only a person can pass. After you passed the railroad crossing, you will find Ikusabata Station.

Ikusabata Station
of JR Ome line
Dscf0373s Dscf0380s This station is an unmanned railroad station. It is equipping a SUICA ticket gate. If you have a SUICA, you have to check a ticket prior to ride on a train. A lavatory is equipping on the back of the station. A small store is at the front of Ikusabata Station.

JR Mitake Station (御嶽駅) (N35.801396, E139.183014住所:) (start)
-> Mt. Sogakusan (惣岳山) (N35.819076, E139.177867)
Mt. Iwatakeishi (岩茸石山) (N35.830702, E139.178843)
-> Mt. Takamizu
(高水山) (N35.828638, E139.189008)全画面表示
-> JR Ikusabata Station(軍畑駅)(N35.807602, E139.207744) (end)

Key Notes    
Location            Okutama, Tokyo
Destination         Takamizu Mountain(高水山)
(N35.828638, E139.189008)全画面表示
           Iwatakeishi Mountain(岩茸石山)(N35.830702, E139.178843)
Date walked        August 1(Sat.), 2009 (Cloudy)
Map                  Leaflet Hiking Map from Seibu Group
                        ( You can get it free, and it has many information but is written in Japanese. I guess that you might be got in JR Mitake Station.)
                        The maps that you can get from internet. The URL is
                        At Okutama area, it is not available from internet now. It will be uploaded soon.
Walk type           Mountain Walk
Difficulty             Easy, except
short rocks path around Iwatakeishi Mountain
Distance             about 10.6km
Time taken          about 4.5hrs (includes a short break for lunch)
Railway stations   JR Mitake Station(御嶽駅) and Ikusabata Station(軍畑駅)
           Note) Ikusabata Station is an unmanned station, but you can use SUICA card.
Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Key Word
: Okutama of Tokyo, day walks, mountain walk, Mt.Takamizu, Mt.Iwatakeishi, JR Ome Line, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 青梅線, 御嶽駅, 軍畑駅

Okutama Visitor Center (N35.808420, E139.097616)
Dsc_4114s You can get a Okutama Nature Information Map in English when you pay more than \300 funds at this Center.

Dsc_4258s Dsc_4257s
<- The available map
(in- and out-side print of the map)
Map size is about 720mmx515mm.

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