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Mitou Waterfall-Mt. Mitou-Mt. Nukazasu-floating bridge on Okutama Lake

I walked Mt. Mitou (三頭山), Mt. Nukazasu (ヌカザス山), Mt. Iyo (イヨ山) and floating bridge (浮橋) on Okutama Lake (奥多摩湖). First, I went to "Tokyoite's forest" in Okutama area so as to climb up to Mt. Mitou (三頭山).
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Mitousan_trekking The main target of this trek was to see Mitou Waterfall (三頭大滝) and walk up Mt. Mitou and walk on a floating bridge on Okutama Lake.

A blue line shows my trekking route, a yellow one is a bus route. I walked about 11.1km for 5hr07min.
I guessed that if the weather will be fine, Mt. Fuji will be seen from the summit of the mountain. The Mitou waterfall had been covering with white thin moisture vapor. So, a view from the summit of Mitou Mountain was also hopeless. Moreover, the temperature was lower, and it had no wind.

Dscf0988s Walking down from the summit of the mountain to Okutama Lake takes about 1000m vertical distance. At the beginning of walking from the summit, I thought it is not so steep. After few minutes, the inclination of the mountain path became steep suddenly. By the rain by yesterday, the mountain path was slippy, I made my stride short, and I had to walk carefully. I thought that a shock of downhill walking will be given knee fatigue and injure. So, I walked softly to prevent a knee impact.

After you get down from a mountain, you have to walk on a paved road. The road does not have a pedestrian road. And, in a holiday, it will be a dangerous road because motor-cyclists will be driven as if it were a racing road.
Walk along the road to seeing a lake on your left. A water place will be found after few minutes walking. I wiped my body with cool spring water at that place and changed into a dry new shirt. Walk along the road about one minute, you will find a path to a floating bridge (浮橋). The direction board to a floating bridge is on a cut line of the guard rail.

Dscf1143s Dscf1153s If you were walking on the bridge, you will be felt to become a ninja who walks on the water surface. When you finish crossing a floating bridge, the bus stop to JR Okutama Station (奥多摩駅) going is located about 30m left from a tunnel mouth. The bus access to the station is difficult to use. Please check the time table prior to use.
The bus fee can use a SUICA card.

At a bus stop in front of Musashi Itsukaichi Station (武蔵五日市駅)
Dscf0858s Dscf0860s Dscf0862s Dscf0863s

Tominno-Mori(都民の森) --> Mitou Waterfall (三頭大滝)

Dscf0870s Dscf0873s Dscf0874s Dscf0878s Dscf0879s Dscf0881s

Dscf0883s Dscf0887sDscf0888s

Mitou Waterfalls
Dscf0891s Dscf0892s Dscf0896s

Mitou Waterfalls (三頭大滝) -->
Mt. Mitou (三頭山)
Dscf0901s Dscf0903s

JR Musashi Itsukaichi Station (武蔵五日市駅) (start) 8:25am
-> Tominno-Mori  (都民の森) 9:25am
-> Mitou Waterfall (三頭大滝) 9:54am
Mt. Mitou (三頭山) 10:59am
-> Mt. Nukazasu
(ヌカザス山) 12:20pm
-> Mt. Iyo (イヨ山) 13:09pm
-> Okutama Lake (奥多摩湖)
-> Okutama Station(奥多摩駅) 14:09pm (end)

Key Notes  
Location            Okumusashi, Okutama, Tokyo
Destination         Tominno-Mori(都民の森)

                        Mt. Mitou (三頭山)
           The floating bridge on Okutama Lake (奥多摩湖、浮橋)
Date walked        August 8(Sat.), 2009 (Cloudy)
Map                   Leaflet Hiking Map from Seibu Group
Walk type           Mountain Walk
Difficulty             A little tough

Distance             about 11.1km
Time taken          about 5hr07min (includes a short break for lunch)
Railway stations   JR Line
                         Musashi Itsukaichi Station(武蔵五日市駅) and Okutama Station(奥多摩駅)
Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Key Word
: Okumusashi, Okutama, Tokyo, day walks, mountain walk, Mt. Mitou, Mt. Nukazasu, Okutama Lake, floating bridge, 都民の森, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 武蔵五日市駅, 奥多摩駅, 浮橋


Tokyoite's forest is the natural park for Tokyoite. The height of the place is about 1000m but easy to access. We can go by bus from JR Musashi Itsukaichi (武蔵五日市) Station. There are many enjoyable spot. Mt. Mitou (三頭山), Mitou Waterfall (三頭大滝) and the other activities are in the park.

The next URL is the official site of  "都民の森 (Tokyoite's forest)."


A bus timetable from/to JR Musashi Itsukaichi (武蔵五日市) .
The under half of the page is for Saturday and Sunday. And you use it, you should select express (急行).
Go to  "都民の森 (Tokyoite's forest)" is on the upper half.
From "都民の森 (Tokyoite's forest)" is on the lower half.

For the Family
I think that 大滝の路コース(A course to visit a waterfall) is good for all the family.
It takes about one hour walk.

The course is that

森林館 (forest house)-->大滝の路 (path to waterfall)-->三頭大滝 (Mitou waterfall)-->大滝の路 (return path from waterfall)-->森林館 (forest house)

The path is paving by wood chips that soften a shock of our steps.

If your child could walk a mountain path a little more, my 2nd recommendation is 三頭沢と野鳥の森コース (A course of mountain stream and wild bird).
It takes about 3 hours walk.
The course is that
森林館 (forest house)-->大滝の路 (path to waterfall)-->三頭大滝 (Mitou waterfall)-->野鳥観察小屋 (a house to observe wild birds)-->かおりの路-->森林館 (forest house)
If your child could climb on a low mountain, the 3rd recommendation is 生活の森コース(A course of a living in forest).
You and your child have to climb up to Shouguchi Peak (鞘口峠, H=1142m), the height difference that need to climb is about 140m.
It takes about 3 hours walk.
The course is that
森林館 (forest house)-->里山休憩小屋 (mountain shack)-->山菜の路 (path along a mountain vegetable field)-->里山の路 (paths around mountain village)-->鞘口峠(Shouguchi Peak)-->森林館 (forest house)

Okutama Visitor Center (N35.808420, E139.097616)
Dsc_4114s You can get a Okutama Nature Information Map in English when you pay more than \300 funds at this Center.

Dsc_4258s Dsc_4257s
<- The available map
(in- and out-side print of the map)
Map size is about 720mmx515mm.


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