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A Ring-path of Oze National Park

Today, I walked around Oze-Numa.
In Oze, there are few flowers in summer end season, so every one says "Out of season".
It rained on the previous night. The weather of the day was cloudy from foggy morning. Therefore, the boardwalk has got wet. It was very easy to slide on it, so I was getting nervous on a little slope walk. From the word "Out of season", I had hardly expected about wild flowers. However, I was able to see the beautiful small flower be in bloom here and there.
Since there were few hikers, I seldom needed to wait a person who is crossed with me on a narrow boardwalk. And I was not hastened my walk from back. I was able to enjoy the nature of Oze in a comfortable walk condition.
I think "The wonderfulness of Oze" that those who have visited Oze say was able to understand in such an unfavorable condition.
I will upload the picture to some part divided along the path.

Dscf2637s Dscf2551s Dscf2773s

My Ring-path route
Ozenuma_trekking A blue line shows my trekking route, a yellow one is a bus route.
When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.

1) Numayama pass Bus stop(沼山峠バス停) --> Ohe-Shitsugen breakaway
Dscf2448s Dscf2450s My first destination was Ozenuma (尾瀬沼).

Dscf2451s Dscf2455sDscf2457s Dscf2459s Dscf2463s Dscf2466s

Dscf2468s Dscf2469s Dscf2475s

Dscf2478s Dscf2480s Dscf2481s

Dscf2487s Dscf2494s Dscf2496s

Dscf2501s Dscf2504s Dscf2506s

Dscf2512s Dscf2518s Dscf2521s

2) Ohe-Shitsugen breakaway(大江湿原分岐)
--> Nushiri(沼尻)
Dscf2525s Dscf2528s
<-- People who are researching the mode of deer's life in Oze.
My first destination was Numajiri (沼尻).



Dscf2562sDscf2565sDscf2566sDscf2571s<-- Lobelia Sessilifolia (沢桔梗). Althought it is a beautiful wild grass, it is known also as a poisonous plant.

Dscf2572sDscf2579s Dscf2583s Dscf2587s Dscf2589s Dscf2593s


Dscf2596s Dscf2598s Dscf2599s

Dscf2600s Dscf2602s Dscf2609s

3) Nushiri (沼尻) --> Oshimizudaira breakaway
Dscf2613s Dscf2614s <-- Right hand side house of the picture is a pay toilet.

Dscf2615s Dscf2617s Dscf2619s Dscf2622s Dscf2625s
<-- This place is Konuma.

Dscf2631s Dscf2637s Dscf2641s

Dscf2651s Dscf2645s Dscf2649s

Dscf2657s Dscf2659s Dscf2661s

Dscf2668s Dscf2669s Dscf2676s

4) Oshimizudaira breakaway (大清水平分岐) --> Sanpei-Shita (三平下)
Dscf2677s Dscf2683s Dscf2685s Dscf2689s Dscf2693s

Dscf2696s Dscf2702s Dscf2703s

Dscf2707s Dscf2711s Dscf2705s

5) Sanpei-Shita (三平下) --> Ozenuma Visitor Center
Dscf2713s Dscf2715s Dscf2722s Dscf2723s Dscf2724s

Dscf2727s Dscf2728s Dscf2729s Dscf2734s

Dscf2738s Dscf2740s Dscf2745s

Ozenuma Visitor Center --> Ohe-Shitsugen breakaway (大江湿原分岐)
Dscf2747s Dscf2749s Dscf2754s Dscf2755s Dscf2757s

Dscf2759s Dscf2762s Dscf2763s Dscf2768s

Dscf2773s Dscf2775s Dscf2782s

Dscf2784s Dscf2787s Dscf2791s Dscf2795s

Dscf2796s Dscf2797s

Ohe-Shitsugen breakaway (大江湿原分岐) --> Numayama pass Bus stop (沼山峠バス停)
Dscf2800s Dscf2804s Dscf2810s Dscf2813s Dscf2820s Dscf2823s

Course :
-> Miike Parking lot (御池駐車場) (N36.98382, E139.30413) 8:02am
I moved by a shuttle bus. It's about 9.3km and 15minutes by bus.
Numayama pass Bus stop (沼山峠バス停) (N36.94816, E139.33431) 8:17am
-> Ohe-Shitsugen breakaway (大江湿原分岐) (N36.92914, E139.31644) 9:14am
-> Nushiri (沼尻) (N36.93513, E139.29359) 10:20am

-> Oshimizudaira breakaway (大清水平分岐) (N36.92387, E139.29863) 11:03am
-> Sanpei-Shita (三平下) (N36.91984, E139.30857) 11:27am
I had a 25minutes recess for lunch at Sanpei-Shita.
-> Ozenuma Visitor Center (N36.92737, E139.31581) 12:13pm
Ohe-Shitsugen breakaway (大江湿原分岐) 12:20pm
-> Numayama pass Bus stop (沼山峠バス停) 13:15pm
-> Miike Parking lot (御池駐車場) 13:45pm
-> (end)

Key Notes    
Location             The plateau of the shape of a basin which is in highlands sharing by four prefectures (Tochigi, Niigata, Fukushima and Gunma).
Oze National Park
Date walked        August 30(Sun.), 2009 (Cloudy after Foggy)
Map                   Garmin GPS + Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 by UUD Co.,Ltd.
Walk type            Mountain walk
Difficulty             a little tough because of a long distance walk 
Time taken          about 5hr15min ( includes a short break for lunch)
Railway stations   


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