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A ridge walk from Shoumaru Peak to Nenogongen

I walked a ridge of the mountains, Shoumaru Pass (正丸峠), Kodaka Mountain(小高山), Izugatake Mountain (伊豆ヶ岳), Komitake Mountain (古御岳), Takahata Mountain (高畑山), Amamezasu Pass (天目指峠) and to Nenogongen(子ノ権現).

The main target of this trek was a long range walk and visiting to Nenogongen. (It is difficult to see a beautiful mountain woods and neighboring mountain view in this summer season.)

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I started to walk ab
Nenogongenout 10:15am from Shoumaru Station of Seibu-Chichibu line, and arrived at about 17:15pm to Agano Station. I used a leaflet map that was published from Seibu Group, Okumusashi Hiking Map "Izugatake (伊豆ヶ岳)".
The map is onl
y in Japanese, but it has a many information and you can get it free.

The trail had a lot of steep up and down but each of them was a short-distance. The steep part was slippy clay and rocky path. It was difficult for me to foot each step at that part, so I had
to take a long tiElevation_of_nenogongen_trekkingme. The leaflet map shows that it takes about 5 hours, but I needed about 7 hours. I took 554 pictures at this trek. I guess it might be over 1 hour for taking pictures. At the steep path, I searched easy steps that minimize my physical energy consumption and shock to my knee in a possible path condition. The path was steep but the strategy was very effective for my knee condition.

The detail impression and comments

At the Shoumaru Station;
Dscf0408s This is the ticket gate of Shoumaru Station of Seibu-Chichibu Line. You can use SUICA card. I walked to Shoumaru Pass, and to Nenogongen. This was the start station of my mountain walk.


The right building is Shomaru Station, the left building is a small restaurant and a shop. There is a stair connected to a mountain path. I found it after walking along a roadway.

Dscf0417sDscf0416sThe mountain path goes through the tunnel under the railways.

Dscf0419s Dscf0423sAfter 10minutes walk from the station, I found a prayers shrine for a safe birth.

A junction to Izugatake Mountain

Dscf0433s Dscf0435s This is the junction to Izugatake Mountain (伊豆ヶ岳). If you wanna go to Izugatake direct, you should take this mountain path. If you select the path to Izugatake, the first key word is "伊豆ヶ岳 (Izugatake)" in Japanese. If you select to Shoumaru Pass, you should walk on a paved road for a while.

Dscf0439s Dscf0440s The mountain path is the left side trail of a house. Let's go on.

As walking along the path, you will see the next scenery.
Dscf0443s Dscf0445s Dscf0452s

Osarukou (お申講)
is the name of the small shrine.
Dscf0454sDscf0453s Dscf0456s

At the intersection to Shoumaru Pass

Dscf0464s Dscf0466s At this intersection, there are two paths to Shoumaru Pass. One goes to the old Shoumaru Pass, the other goes to new Shoumaru Pass. The latter path is a shortcut to Shoumaru Pass. The path seems to be flat. The other path has stairs at the beginning. I chose a latter path. The first key word on the trekking is "正丸峠 (Shoumaru Pass)" in Japanese.

Dscf0468s There was a bridge passed only two logs. The tree was wet with yesterday's rain, it was slippy and very dangerous to walk through.

Dscf0477s Dscf0487s Dscf0489s
Dscf0494s Walking in a shallow stream

Yesterday had a lot of rain. The mountain path was in a small stream. I had to walk in a shallow stream. But, that was enjoyable!

Ridgeway to Odaka Mountain
Dscf0515s Dscf0523s I could see the mountains of the neighborhood from the interval of the grove of miscellaneous trees. A ridgeway was gentle slope and easy to walk.

A summit of Mt.Odaka (H=720m)

Dscf0527s Dscf0528s Dscf0530s

Ridgeway to Itsuwa Mountain

Dscf0537s Dscf0541s Dscf0545s

A ascent of Itsuwa Mountain

Dscf0548s Dscf0557s Dscf0558s

A summit of Mt.Itsuwa (H=796m, by My GPS)

Dscf0559s Dscf0561s Dscf0564s From here, the next destination is Mt. Izugatake. I walk to the direction to Izugatake(伊豆ヶ岳).

To Mt. Izugatake
Otoko-Saka (a steeper path)/ Onna-Saka (a gentle path)
Dscf0567s This path has two route. One is a gentle path and the other is a steep path. But, the steep path was prohibited to pass through because of a collapse risk.
There are very steep hill slope on this mountain path.
When I climb up the mountain, I searched a stable nonslip footing. It was not so difficult. But, when I descend the steep hill, I needed a much longer time than ascend the steep location. My trekking distance at that day were very long, so I wanted to avoid big grounding shock frequency. Because of this strategy, my knee condition was kept up good condition.

Dscf0568s Dscf0570s Dscf0573s Dscf0579s Dscf0584s Dscf0587s

Dscf0594s Dscf0597s Dscf0599s

Dscf0601s Dscf0602s Dscf0606s Dscf0612s


I took a short rest and lunch at the summit of the mountain. Since I heard the sound of thunder, I descended from the mountain summit immediately. From here, the next destination is Mt. Komitake. I walk to the direction to Nenogongen (子ノ権現).

A descent from Mt. Izugatake

Dscf0622s Dscf0624s Dscf0625s Dscf0630s Dscf0631s Dscf0632s

To Mt. Komitake(H=836m, by My GPS)


To Mt. Takahata (H=695m)

From here, the next destination is Mt. Takahata. I walk to the direction to Amamezasu Pass (天目指峠).
Dscf0639s Dscf0644s Dscf0649s Dscf0655s Dscf0661s Dscf0671s



To Amamezasu Pas

From here, the next destination is Nakano-sawano-Kashira Mountain (H=622m). I walk to the direction to Amamezasu Pass (天目指峠) and Agano Station (吾野駅). I walked to the forward direction in the next left picture.
Dscf0674s Dscf0677s Dscf0678s Dscf0684s Dscf0696s

Dscf0698sDscf0701sFrom here, the next destination is Amamezasu Pass
 The origin of the mountain name "Amamezasu". "Amame" means the bean persimmon in local dialect. The bean persimmon is a kind of persimmon and it is found in this mountain. When ripen, the color changes to purple. A "sasu" is a cleared sound of "zasu". The "sasu" means an archaic slash-and-burn agriculture.

Dscf0704s Dscf0711s Dscf0717s Dscf0719s Dscf0720s Dscf0724s

Dscf0726sYou got the Amamezasu Pass! After cross the paved road, please go up steep stair. The stair was constructed by log and end dam. But, because of rain and a drained soil from stairs, some of the stairs were falling. I walked up stairs with extreme caution.

To Nenogongen

From here, the next destination is Nenogongen. I walk to the direction to Nenogongen (子ノ権現) and Agano Station (吾野駅).
Dscf0735s Dscf0736s Dscf0745s Dscf0746s Dscf0752s Dscf0755s

Dscf0758s Dscf0760s Dscf0762s
Dscf0765s Dscf0767s Dscf0769s


When you descended a mountain path, you will find a house.
You have to walk around the house.

Dscf0777s This is the shrine office. And, I bought a lucky charm for souvenir. It had a small shape of straw sandals and had a small bell. Walk up the slope, then you will find a main temple at right side.

Dscf0778s Dscf0779s Dscf0781s Nenogonge
n is a holy place to pray for a good walker. A huge straw sandal was dedicated in a temple's ground. I prayed for my good walker.

Dscf0791s That day was very humid and high temperature. The path from Nenogongen to Agano Station is a downhill slope. My T-shirt was soaked in sweat, so I changed it into a dried new one.
I walked to Agano Station through a shrine gate.

Dscf0797sDscf0799s It was a beautiful landscape from a parking lot of Nenogongen. The next destination is JR Agano Station (吾野駅). Walking for a while, you will find a direction board to Agano station.

Dscf0802s Dscf0803s Dscf0806s Dscf0812s Dscf0814s Dscf0817s


When you find a roadway on your forward, turn right before you cross the bridge over Koma River.

Dscf0832s Dscf0833s The walk road will get narrow gradually, but continue to walk. Climb up stairs, you will find a direction indicator board to Agano Station (吾野駅). Check the direction and continue to walk.

Dscf0837s Dscf0839s Walk along factory yard, and turn right at the roadway. In a short walking, you will find a railway crossing, and cross the railway crossing and turn left.

Dscf0842s Dscf0843s When you walk a minutes, you will find a direction board to Agano Station, the path has Y-junction, the board indicates left, go to straight to the end of the path. Turn left and go through a tunnel under the Seibu-Chichibu Line. It has no light. Please take care.

Dscf0844s Dscf0847s After pass the tunnel, turn left and walk a minutes, you will find a long step to Agano Station at the right. Go up the stairs, you will find Agano Station.

Seibu-Chichibu Line Shoumaru Station (正丸駅) (start)
-> Shoumaru Pass (正丸峠)
Mt.Odaka (小高山)
-> Mt.Izugatake
(伊豆ヶ岳) (N35.926818, E139.160663)
-> Mt.Komitake (古御岳)
-> Mt.Takahata (高畑山)
(N35.910101, E139.168345)
-> Nakanosawanokashira (中ノ沢ノ頭)
-> Amamezasu Pass (天目指峠)
-> Nenogongen (子ノ権現) (N35.907363, E139.188896
-> Seibu-Chichibu Line Agano Station(吾野駅)

Key Notes    
Location            Okumusashi, Saitama
Destination         Shoumaru Pass(正丸峠)

                        Mt. Izugatake (伊豆ヶ岳) (N35.926818, E139.160663)
           Nenogongen (子ノ権現) (N35.907363, E139.188896)
Date walked        August 3 (Mon.), 2009 (Cloudy)
Map                  Leaflet Hiking Map from Seibu Group
         "伊豆ヶ岳 (Mt. Izugatake)/正丸峠 (Shoumaru Pass)"
         The maps that you can get from internet.
The URL is         http://www.hikingmap.jp/area.html
Walk type           Mountain Walk
Difficulty             Little tough

Distance             about 16km
Time taken          about 7hrs (includes a short break for lunch)
Railway stations   Seibu-Chichibu Line
                         Shoumaru Station(正丸駅) and Agano Station(吾野駅)

Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Key Word
: Oku-musashi, Saitama, day walks, mountain walk, Mt. Izugatake, Mt. Odaka, Seibu-Chichibu Line, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 西武秩父線, 正丸駅, 吾野駅, 子ノ権現, 伊豆ヶ岳


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