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A fresh spring issuing "Yamatomizu"

Today, I walked to Nihongi Pass (二本木峠), Misuzu Mountain (皇鈴山), Toya Mountain (登谷山), Kamabushi Pass (釜伏峠).
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Yamatomizu_no_tabi A blue line shows my trekking route, a yellow one is a bus route. I walked about 19km for 6 hours.

Today's main event was to find the place and to taste "Yamatomizu (日本水)" that was chosen in one of the 100 fresh spring issuing in Japan. The destination path through Kamayama's inner shrine had a steep up and down rocks. There had many chains, and was very dangerous route.

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Let's find Yamatomizu (fresh spring issuing from among rocks)
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The notice sign "Keep Out", because the collapse might happen.

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Easy_way_to_nihonsuiI met three young ladies at the entrance of the shrine. They trekked by the same route, we could have a pleasant talk about this tough route. I felt a good feeling to them because they are very active and cheerful spirits.
After we got there, we found that we could go there at an easy way that not to climb a rocky path. Back to Kamabushi Pass after the satisfaction of Yamatomizu, we selected an easy path ( see the left picture ). It takes 30minutes (about 1.7km) from a parking of Kamabushi Pass.
But the way that I got the place had a difficulty. Because of the difficulty, I had felt a good-tasting of the fresh water "Yamatomizu" still more.
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To Yorii Station (寄居駅)

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Walked Course
(start) (9:10am)
Ogawamachi Station (小川町駅) (N36.058174, E139.261116)
-> By Eagel Bus
Uchide Bus Stop (内手)(N36.061353, E139.180056) (9:31am)
-> Nihongi Pass (二本木峠)(N36.064376, E139.158507)
-> Misuzu Mountain (皇鈴山)
-> Toya Mountain(登谷山)(N36.082339, E139.155634) (11:30am)
-> Kamabushi Pass with parking lot (釜伏峠) (11:49am)
Kamabushi Mountain (釜伏山) (12:07pm)
-> Yamatomizu(日本水)(N36.09380, E139.14362) (12:24pm)
    I took a rest and lunch about 24minutes.
Kamabushi Pass with parking lot (釜伏峠) (13:18pm)
-> Hachigata Castle(鉢形城址)(15:00pm)
-> Yorii Station(寄居駅)
(15:27pm) (end)

Key Notes    
Location            Saitama Prefecture, North western part of Tokyo
Destination         Toya Mountain(登谷山)

           Yamatomizu(日本水) (N36.09380, E139.14362)
                        Kamayama Shrine (釜山神社)
Date walked        July 18(Sat.), 2009 (Cloudy)
Walk type           Walking, except rocks path around Kamabushi Pass
Difficulty             Easy, except
rocks path around Kamabushi Pass
Distance             about 19km
Time taken          about 6hrs ( includes a short break for lunch )
Railway stations   Ogawamachi(小川町) and Yorii(寄居) Station (Tobu-Tojyo Line)
Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Key Word
: North western part of Tokyo, hiking, walking, day walks, Mt.Toya, Kamabushi Pass, Yamatomizu, fresh spring issuing, Saitama, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 東武東上線, 小川町駅, 寄居駅, 登谷山, 日本水, 釜伏峠, 釜山神社,

Eagle Bus Time Table on Saturday and Sunday
     Ogawamachi station --> Shiroishi Garage (N36.016624, E139.173616)
         7:09 (first bus), 9:10, 9:40 (to Minaya), 10:48, 11:45, ...
     Shiroishi Garage (白石車庫) --> Ogawamachi Station (It takes about 40min.)
         ..., 13:00, 13:36, 14:36, 15:15, 16:31, 19:23 (last bus)

If you have a interest to my walk plan. Please look at the next URL. It will show you the route. I uploaded the route plan to ALPSLAB route.

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