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Trek from Okutama Station to Mt.Odake, Mt.Mitake and Mt.Hinode

I walked 26km on last Saturday. It was a tough-trekking.
Please look at the recent mountain walk of this area, too.

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To the start point of mountain path

Dscf9120s Dscf9122sI will explain the route from Okutama Station to the start point of this mountain path. First, a location of a public lavatory is out of the Okutama Station and to the leftside. Come out of the station and turn to the left, and walk about 100m to Tama River. It was 9:20am. There is an intersection with a signal. At an intersection, you have to walk straight and cross a bridge on Tama River. Dscf9127s

Dscf9129s After you crossed a river, you will find a small open space near the bridge on the right-hand side. Moreover, there is a direction board with map there. This place is an entrance of the mountain trail. When you walked for a while, you will reach to a long stairs. Dscf9143s When you climbed up the stairs and walked some minutes, you will find a five-story tower at right hand. Dscf9148s Pass this open area of this shrine. A real mountain path begins from here.


To Nokogiri Mountain and Odake Mountain

A path width on this mountain path is very narrow and steep. And, this mountain path has a rocky path. At a ridgeway, the path width is narrow or the right/left lateral side is dropped. Please walk carefully, checking safety so as not to tumble on your miss steps.
Moreover, there are many places which the tree root of a grove has expressed. Let's walk carefully so that you may not slide by the wet tree root or not hook a shoe by a expressed tree root.
There is a flat place on a mountain path.

Dscf9166s Dscf9173sDscf9175sAt such a place, the small long-horn beetle or many insects might have been perching on a flower. If you have a room, let's have a caution to a flower. A flat path is a little, but almost all the way to Odake Mountain continues uphill.

Dscf9196s Walking for a while, the tengu's stone relief is put on the opened place. This is a Tensho Shrine(天聖神社). The two tengu's monuments were placed each other and a shrine was placed on the left hand side. It was 10:23am. Let's rest for a while. But before the body gets cold, let's begin to walk. A steep slope continues.

Dscf9202s Dscf9201sDscf9207s
There is a few iron ladder on the way. Let's step carefully so that you may not slide your shoe.

Dscf9223s Dscf9247sI arrived at the summit of Nokogiri-yama(鋸山) by about 2.5hours (4.2km) from Okutama Station. It was 11:50am. The summit was surrounded by the groves, there was no view. I don't have a break at the place and walked to Odake Mountain(大岳山) through the Nakaiwa Mountain(中岩山) from here.

Dscf9245s Dscf9252sDscf9249sThere has a steep slope near the summit of Odake Mountain.
When we climbed up to the steep slope, we will have a good scenery from the summit. It was 13:07pm. I took a short rest and had a lunch.
You will find Mt. Fuji and other mountains in Okutama from the summit of the mountain. (if it has cleared up)

To a bower near a path branch to Rock Garden

Dscf9258s Dscf9267sWhen getting down from Odake Mountain, you need to walk so that you may not make a mistake by guidance in Mt. Ontake. When you got down from Odake Mountain, you will find the Odake Shrine before long.
After passing through a torii, you should be cautious of a road sign. If you find the road sign, you should go to the left to Mitake Mountain (御岳山).
Dscf9266s Dscf9277sIf you go to the right, you will have a direction to Matougari Mountain(馬頭刈山). When you need a public lavatory, you should go on straight. When you go down the steep rock hill, you will find an informatory sign of path branch to the penetralia(奥の院)/Kaiba-Pass(芥場峠). Go to Kaiba-Pass.

When you walk down to the direction of Mitake Mountain, you will find a bridge over a brook. Few minutes later, you will find a road branch to a Rock-Garden (ロックガーデン)/Mitake-San (御岳山) that has a guidance map near the brook. If you select the way along the map signboard, you can go down to a waterfall. If you go to the way which separated to the signboard, you can go to the cable car of Mt. Mitake.

Dscf9285s The natural water is flowing out near the path, it is located about 50m to Mitake Mountain side from the branch point of a bower. From the guidance that I got, you should be better boiled before drinking. Since my throat was very thirsty, I drank a raw water a little.

Around the Mitake Shrine

Dscf9290sWhen you could be heard the loud voice from a ravine, it might be the ascetic training of disciplinant. Their ascetic training must be performing cold water ablutions by a waterfall. I kept on hearing the voice of disciplinant for a while, and walked to Mitake Mountain. I arrived to Mitake Mountain.
Along the mountain path, since it is maintained well, there is no rocky path and width is wide, it was very comfortable to me who had walked a rocky path.

Tenguno Koshikake Sugi

 Dscf9288sDscf9294sDscf9297sTenguno is a phrase of "for a long-nosed goblin" in Japanese. Koshikake means a seat in Japanese. Sugi means a Japanese cedar in Japanese. There is a big Japan cedar with a bough, we guess, which is suitable form to sit for a tengu. As for the tengu of Mt. Mitake, the chair of this natural tree seems to be a favorite. From a sightseeing brochure, this high tree can be looked from Chuo Expressway. The distance from this tree to the Chuo Expressway is about 18km. It's unbelievable. (天狗の腰掛け杉)

To Nanayono-Taki from Mt. Mitake

Dscf9304s When you want to go to Nanayono-Taki from Mt. Mitake, there are some different routes to get it. The detailed route that you wanna walk should be checked by the maps.
My recommendation route to Nanayono-Taki from Mitake Mountai is to go down at the path branch near Tenguno-Koshikake Sugi. The route has some steep ladders but the other part of the path is walkable. This route will save your energy spent. When you get down by using a ladder, you should walk down the stairs by one step at a time looking at a mountain surface.

Dscf9323s Dscf9315s Dscf9331s
The eight step's waterfall, a height is about 50m, are raising water splash from the highest rung. But we can see only the 4th waterfall from the bottom. It is coolly comfortable and the surroundings of a waterfall are the best place as lunch spot.

To Hinode Mountain

Dscf9359s Dscf9386sThe route from Mitake Mountain to Hinode Mountain is a good walkable wide path.
I think that it takes about 45 minutes to Hinode Mountain. It is said that a view from the Hinode mountain can be desired not only to the mountains in Okutama but to Nikkou mountains. I think that it is good to extend your trek so far from Mitake Mountain if the weather is good.
Dscf9387s Dscf9391s Dscf9400s Dscf9402s Dscf9404s Dscf9405s

Dscf9408s Dscf9414s Dscf9397s
The route from Hinode Mountain to Futamatao station (or Atago-jinja 愛宕神社) would be a trek to Takamine, Umenoki peak, Mimuro Mountain and Atago Shrine.

A descent from Hinode Mountain
Dscf9416s Dscf9417Dscf9432sThe mountain path from the summit of Hinode Mountain at the east side is steep at first, but walk down for a while, it will be a gentle slope. We have to walk on long mountain path that has a root of a tree exposed. And the path is embowered.
If the twilight time is close, and when you are tired, you should not walk down on this route. When you walk down to Atago-jinja (愛宕神社), I guess that it takes more than twice time compared with my recommended route. And, I guess that you would be exhausted of your body energy when you are walking from Okutama Station.

Dscf9419s Dscf9425s Dscf9426s Dscf9437s Dscf9447sDscf9440s

Dscf9438s Dscf9442s

I recommend that you should get back to Mitake Mountain and get down by cable car.
If you decide to back to Mitake Mountain, it gets about 1 hours done.

Dscf9457sDscf9458sWhen you descend long stairs of the shrine, you will find a light of convenience store.
A convenience store is across the road. After you crossed the road, turn left at the convenience store. Then walk to the first intersection signal, and turn right and walk a few minutes. You will find a bridge over Tamagawa, then you cross the bridge and walk along the street till the end of intersection.

Dscf9462sYou will find Futamatao Station (二俣尾駅) on your left.

The trekking time of the Day

It takes 10hrs.
  I walked 26km

(start) (9:15am)
Okutama Station (奥多摩駅) (N35.809228, E139.09672)
Tensho Shrine(天聖神社)(N35.79567, E139.09896) 10:23am
-> Nokogiri Mountain(鋸山)(N35.77946, E139.105885) 11:50am
-> Odake Mountain (大岳山) (N35.765371, E139.130612) 13:06pm
-> RockGarden Branch(ロックガーデン分岐)(N35.77486, E139.14348) 14:40pm
-> Mitake Mountain(御岳山)(N35.782887, E139.149944) 16:17pm
-> Hinode Mountain(日の出山
(N35.781216, E139.167450) 17:00pm
-> Futamatao Station(二俣尾駅)(N35.804324, E139.215485)

Key Notes    
Location            Okutama Area, western part of Tokyo
Destination         Nokogiri Mountain(鋸山)
(N35.77946, E139.105885)
           Odake Mountain(大岳山) (N35.765371, E139.130612)
                        Mitake Mountain(御岳山)(N35.782887, E139.149944)
                        Hinode Mountain(日の出山) (N35.781216, E139.167450)
Date walked        July 11(Sat.), 2009 (Clear/Cloudy)
Walk type           Mountain climbing
Difficulty             I recommend for good walkers 
Distance             about 26km
Time taken          about 10hrs ( includes a short break for lunch, and a little lost a way )
Railway stations   Okutama(奥多摩) and Futamatao(二俣尾) Station (JR Ome Line)
Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Key Word
: western part of Tokyo, Okutama, Futamatao, hiking, walking, day walks, Mt.Odake, Mt.Mitake, Mt.Hinode, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 青梅線, 奥多摩駅, 大岳山, 御岳山, 日の出山

Okutama Visitor Center (N35.808420, E139.097616)
Dsc_4114s Dsc_4258sDsc_4257sYou can get a Okutama Nature Information Map in English when you pay more than \300 funds at this Center.

 <- The available map
(in- and out-side print of the map)
Map size is about 720mmx515mm.

If you have a interest to my walk plan. Please look at the next URL. It will show you the route. I uploaded the route plan to ALPSLAB route. Regarding Hino route, I transcribed the location from my GPS trekking data. The GPS accuracy was in very bad condition because of valley walk. So, the accuracy of the route will be not worth believing.

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