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Dscf9777s This museum was made a renewal, and opened at 22nd on this month. Dscf9779s
An adult fee is 200 yen, and a child's is 100 yen.
The 11 real historical trains are exhibiting in this area. Train simulation can be operated by using the same real equipped controller. The place is under the platform of Higashi-Mukojimia station in Tobu Isesaki Line. Monday is a closure day every week. Admission time is from 10:00 to 16:00.
When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.

A URL of Tobu Museum is the next.

SL Model B1type, No.5
This is the first steam locomotive that TOBU RAILWAY introduced. This steam locomotive is one of the train that imported 12 steam locomotives from Beyer Peacock in 1898. 

Dscf9794s Dscf9798s Dscf9808s


Dscf9781s Dscf9782s Dscf9790s

Model デハ1type, No.5


This is the first electrified train in Tobu railway on October 1, 1924. It appeared between Asakusa (present, Narihirabashi) and Nishiarai. Dscf9811s Dscf9813s


Model 5700 type, No.5701
Dscf9826s Dscf9843s Dscf9839s

The train used from 1951 as a special express train of Nikko Line in Tobu Railway. A nickname of this train is a cat's whiskers.

Dscf9829s The first electrical locomotive as Tobu Railway that imported from English Electric in 1928. A color of the body was repainted at the same color that was commissioned in 1930.
Dscf9830s Dscf9832s Dscf9833s

Train Simulator
that you can operate


These Train Simulator can operate even a child.

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