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Rakkyo, pickles in Vinegar ... How to make it

Preservation container
If it be possible, it should be sterilized with boiling water. After drying completely, it should be used. Since a glass preservation container is impossible to disinfect with boiling water, it should be washed with clean water, and dry completely before using. After that, a glass preservation container should be wiped with alcohol (or white distilled liquor of 35 degrees) for sterilizing. These preparations are the same processes as Umeshu.
Since it will become easy to putrefy if there are moisture and various bacteria, these are processings for preventing it.

Acquisition of Rakkyo
I could not get a raw Rakkyo, so I bought the salted ingredients. The ingredients were already cut, washing and salted. The price was about 6 times costly than raw Rakkyo.
But it was cheaper than a product price.


Shopping List for preparation of Rakkyo

1) Rakkyo1kg
2) Sugar
3) Vinegar
350ml of pure rice vinegar of 4.5% of acidity
4) Preservation container;
2 litter sized bottle
5) Dried red pepper ;
a few


1) Rakkyo (らっきょう) ; 1kg,
I bought it two sack of Rakkyo that was the salted ingredients @500gr.

2) Sugar ; 250gr,
I used a crystal sugar that I bought it for Umeshu.


3) Vinegar ; Please prepare 350ml of pure rice vinegar of 4.5% of acidity.


4) Preservation container ; The 2 Litter sized bottle is required.

Dscf8648s 5)Dried red pepper ; We use a few after deseeded.


Rakkyo that had preserving in salted water that I bought in a market ought to be exposed in running water one whole day and night, and extract salt to the extent that salt remains a little. (You should bite a Rakkyo lightly and confirm a residual salt is in the central part of a Rakkyo a little.) Next, the Rakkyou was moved to a net ball and drain the water.
Dscf8616s Dscf8634s Dscf8640s



Please boil a pan full of hot water, the Rakkyo is put into a pan immediately, and keeps in a boiling water for 10 seconds.

Again, it moved to a net ball, and make water drain, and spread out to cool it. 

After it was dried, it puts into the sterilized container, and vinaigrette sauce is put in until Rakkyo are immersed well.

After dipping in vinaigrette sauce, it is eaten after four to five days, but it becomes delicious around one month.
Please save the container in a cool place or a refrigerator.

Prepared 250gr of crystal sugar is added to 150ml of water, and boil it until the sugar is melted enough.

Dscf8619s Dscf8632s


After cooling it, you add the dried deseeded red pepper and 350ml of vinegar to it. If you add the dried redpepper too much, it will become hot.









a) Why the liquid which dipped a Rakkyo becomes muddy-white?
It is because various bacteria bred in the container.
Let's use the fully sterilized container and lid.

b)Why dips the Rakkyo in boiling water?
They are sterilization of a Rakkyo, and the disposal for improving crispiness. Only by covering boiling water over a Rakkyo, it does not become a uniform temperature at the whole Rakkyo. Sterilization is also impossible. Please dip the whole Rakkyo in boiling water for 10 seconds. Then, please move a Rakkyo to a net ball, and cut and cool hot water.

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How to make vinaigrette sauce

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