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Kawagoe where an atmosphere of the Edo period remains

Today, I went to Kawagoe (川越). This town is famous as a town which has left the atmosphere of the Edo period.
Kawagoe_map Kawagoe is sited about 30minutes by train from the center of Tokyo, and is called the town of small Edo (小江戸). Many temples and characteristic shopping centers are in a town.

When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.

Probably, sightseeing highlights are "Kitain (
喜多院)" and "the surrounding buildings of the time bell (時の鐘)."
Dscf8717s Dscf8812s The stone statue of Buddha's five hundred disciples is in the precincts of a templ
Dscf8737s e of Kitain. I guess that the stone statue which carried out expression which is full of humanity is worth seeing. In order to see this in detail, it is necessary to purchase a visit ticket (400 yen) in Kitain. If there is not sufficient time for you, you can see inside from the iron-lattice gate that is in the southern part of the area.

The sh
Dscf8792sopping center in Kawagoe constitutes a store of a soil warehouse, and it has been the feature as a town house form of Edo.Dscf8816s A warehouse is skillful fire-resistant construction for preventing the spreading fire in case of a fire. These rows of houses cannot be seen in present Tokyo. Kawagoe have stopped the image of Edo period.
This area was selected about ten years ago as the preservation area of an important traditional building group of a domestic country. Dscf8830s The rows of houses which are standing around the traditional building also have a mom-and-pop candy store which leaves the time atmosphere of about 80 years ago. Many people take a break at the front of a store, eating sweets.

The Other Pictures

Dscf8708s Dscf8705s Dscf8725s

Dscf8739s Dscf8743s Dscf8745s


Dscf8817s Dscf8820s Dscf8836s

Dscf8821s Dscf8824s Dscf8842s

Dscf8849s Dscf8850s Dscf8871s

Information about Kawagoe

I think that the next URL is the best information about Kawagoe. It has the explanations that you want to know about Kawagoe. For example, these are English map, how to access, events information, sightseeing spot, accommodation, shopping, food, etc..

Key Notes
Location         North of Tokyo
Destination      Kawagoe City

Date walked    July 5 (Mon.), 2009
Walk type       City walk
Difficulty        easy
Distance        about 8km

Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Key Word :

North of Tokyo, Kawagoe City, Kitain, Saitama, 川越
, 川越市, 本川越, 小江戸, 五百羅漢, 喜多院, 時の鐘

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