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Iriya to Asakusa

Today, I took a day-off and went walk to Iriya (入谷), Kappabashi (合羽橋), Asakusa (浅草) and Ryogoku (両国). I walked about 8.3km (Iriya -> Kappabashi -> Asakusa -> Garden -> Ryogoku). My necessity time was aIriyaasakusabout 2hr45min (with 15min lunch).

To tell the truth, finally, I walked to Akihabara. I walked
11.7km, and needed 3hr30min.

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When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.

(入谷) is a place famous for a morning-glory market. The main places of a market is one bolck between the intersection Dscf8890sthat you got down a subway Tokyo Metro and the other intersection of west. This south sidewalk of 1-block was occupying by this market. An about 5m store was tightly close each other in a line.
It is said that there is about 100 number of the morning-gloDscf8901sry stores on the precincts of a temple and the circumference. A holding period of the market is for three days froDscf8910sm the 6th to the 8th of July. Many shops open from 5:00am to 11:00pm. It is said that about 400,000 persons visit the market. Since the bowl of the Dscf8905smorning glory was arranging tightly on the sidewalk, the width along which a pedestrian can pass was only about 1~1.5m. A morning glory at the early morning of summer carries cool to us. It is one of the Japanese true symbols. Many people bring about two Dscf8913spotted plants of a morning glory home alone. But it is too Dscf8906s heavy, so the many contractor of parcel delivery service is waiting by the side of the store, and they supported the buyer's sending. I just arrived at noon, there was being crowded with many persons. After I saw the markets, I went to the Kaminarimon to take a lunch.
The distance from Iriya to Kappabashi is about 600m.

Kappabashi (合羽橋)is next to the Asakusa about 800m East, it has a lot of shops that sells many specialized tools Dscf8920s for cooking. Food sample (a sample prodDscf8927s uct for restaurants, etc. ) which are considered to be an unique material to Japan are sold at this Kappabashi.
I purchased my own chopsticks here (N35.711443, E139.788175). In addition to the delicate cut which is not obtained on other places, and it was coated by Japanese lacquer thinly. Since it looked nice and was very interestingDscf8932s, I purchased it immediately. I think that the price was very reasonable (1100yen).

Sensoji and Kaminarimon (浅草寺, 雷門)
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Old Yasuda Garden
(旧安田庭園)(N35.698292, E139.793778)
Open 9:00am - 16:30pm ( Closed from Dec.29 to Jan. 1)
It is the garden for Daimyo serviced as a stroll garden. The pond of the water had been connecting to the Sumida River and the water level had been changing with the tides.
Now, the ebb and flow of the water level are reproduced artificially.

Composition of this garden
It has an old tree and a walk path that surrounds the pond of the Chinese character of "心(heart)". A snow-viewing lantern is arranged. A carp and a tortoise are playing in a pond. It is opened wide for nothing.

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My Lunch at Asakusa
Tempra-Soba (天ぷらそば) 380yen; I ordered a "large order (Omori)"(大盛り add 100yen) so the price was 480yen. The location of the restaurant was "N35.71167, E139.797512".

This soba restaurant is a kind of a stall restaurant with a stand-up counter only. But a price is very reasonable.
If you can't read Kanji menu, you can confirm a meal sample that you want to eat on a front of the restaurant.
You have to buy a meal ticket by ticket selling machine before you eat. At this shop, the meal sample had a number, and it was related to the button number of the ticket selling machine.
A service of this kind of stall restaurants is commonly a self service system. If you want to drink water, you have to do by yourself. A cup and water pot are setting on the table. After you finished your meal, you should say "Thank you" and have to return your dishes back to the counter.

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Course :

(start) Iriya Station (11:55am)
-> Morning-glory
Market Window Shopping (about 25min)
-> Kappabashi Window Shopping (12:25pm~12:50pm)

-> Kaminari-mon (13:00pm)
-> Sensoji (浅草寺) (13:12pm)
-> Soba Restaurant (
N35.71167, E139.797512) (13:30pm~13:45pm)
-> Old Yasuda Garden (N35.698292, E139.793778) (14:13pm~14:28pm)
    The distance was about 1.8km from Kaminarimon.
-> Ryogoku Station (14:38pm) (end)

Key Notes
Location         Around the center of Tokyo
Iriya, Kappabashi, Asakusa
Date walked    July 6(Mon.), 2009 (Rain)
Walk type       City walk
Difficulty        easy
Distance        about 8.3km
Time taken     about 2hr45min (with 15min lunch)
                    I walked a lot in Iriya, Kappabashi, Asakusa and Garden.
Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Key Word :

north Eastern part of Tokyo, Tokyo, Ueno, Iriya, Kappabashi, Asakusa, Kaminarimon, Old Yasuda Garden, morning-glory market,
上野, 浅草, 浅草寺, 雷門, 入谷, 合羽橋, 旧安田庭園, 朝顔市

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