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Hyakumantou festival in Kawagoe

Today, at the center of Kawagoe City, there was a festival. The main title of the festival was Hyakumantou festival. I took some pictures at main event of daytime.
This festival is called as 1 million lights' festival(百万灯祭り) in Kawagoe. So many lantern was hanging over at a front of a house. The festival has been telling that it is to remember a daimyo of Kawagoe domain who has died in 1850.

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Today's main events were martial art performances of the matchlock rifle(火縄銃) corps of the Kawagoe domain(川越藩). They had been dressing up as a soldier at the Edo period.
The parade was started from the road in front of the Honkawagoe Station of Seibu Railway.

Key Notes    
Location            Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
Destination         Hon-Kawagoe Station, Seibu-Shinjyuku Line(本川越駅)
 Date walked        July 26(Sun), 2009 (Clear)
Walk type           City Walking
Difficulty             Easy

Distance             At the front of Hon-Kawagoe Station
Railway stations   Hon-Kawagoe Station(本川越駅)(Seibu-Shinjyuku Line)

Key Word
: Kawagoe, Saitama, city walks, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 西武新宿線, 本川越駅

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