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Preparation of Umeshu

Preparation of Ume fruit
The calyx of an ume should be removed by a sharp pointed bamboo skewer. Dscf7339 A calyx is not a part which wants to extract essence. Since a calyx may separate and fall from an ume during maturing, it is good to remove before preparation. The point which removes a calyx. Insert a point of a bamboo skewer between a calyx and a fruit, and power the edge of a calyx so as to raise. Take care not to damage the ume fruit at this time.
A big calyx can be easily removed from a fruit, but in case Photo_3of small calyx, it is difficult to remove. Some guidance says that please remove calyx after washing the fruit. But I think that the edge of a calyx becomes soft including moisture after washing, and that softening makes a calyx difficult to remove. I recommend you to remove a calyx, before washing an ume. 
Please wash one by one carefully not toPhoto_4 damage a ume. Then, wipe it with a dry cloth.

Preparation of bottle
for Umeshu

Since most bottles are not heat-resistant specification, you have to wash an inside cleanly with Photo_5tepid hot water. After washing, the bottle should be dried fully so as not to leave the moisture. Please take out a glass of white distilled liquor, and dip a small piece of cloth there. And the inside of the bottle should be wiped with the cloth, it will be sterilization and disinfection. This preparation keep the inside of the bottle clean from growth of mold.

Preparation of Umeshu
Crystal sugar purchased a 1kg retail article. The quantity of crystal sugar for preparation is 300gr (depends of your taste; maximum quantity 600gr~800gr). Therefore, a necessary quantity should be measured and prepared beforehand.
First, an ume is arranged in the bottom by one layer. Next, put the crystal sugar on the ume layer. Moreover, put the ume on the crystal sugar layer. Please do over again, again, .....
After all the ume and crystal sugar are entered, you pour a white distilled liquor softly into a bottle.
Please shut the lid of a bottle.
You should set the bottle to the place where light does not hit and temperature is low.

The period of maturity

Sometimes, you should turn the bottle softly so as to melt the sugar. You should turn the bottle softly at regular intervals until crystal sugar melts completely. If the bottle is put in the refrigerator, the essence of an ume will become difficult toPhoto_7 come out during a maturing period. Two or three months later, a beautiful amber-colored Umeshu will be made.
The period of maturity is late as for an Umeshu. If you want more delicious one, it needs one or more year to mature. The fruit of an ume should be taken out from a bottle by five to twelve months. After taking out the ume, you may keep the bottle in a refrigerator.

About one month had passed (June 28), it is getting colored.Dscf8636s

About the taken-out ume from the bottle

You may eat then. Or it is also good to make jam etc.

Shopping List for preparation of Umeshu
1) Ume ; 1kg
2) Crystal sugar ;  300~800gr 
Umeshu_sugar_and_sweetness_2Mostly, the sugar should be added about 600^800g as standard taste.


3) White distilled liquor of 35 degrees (white distilled liquor) ; 1.8 Litter
Note) If you can get a brandy based white distilled liquor of 35 degrees, it will be more tasty one.
4) Preservation container; 4 litter sized bottle

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