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Impression of new trousers and a backpack for trekkings

About the backpack that purchased the other day and this trousers, I would write that first impression.
When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.
The trousers for trekkings which I was using until now were the 65% cotton and 35% Polyester. The textile fabrics of new trousers are 100% Polyester. Dscf8656s It uses the quick-drying fabrics, and a skin feeling touch and a design were very good, and pleasing.
However, since I am a person who sweats in large quantities at a long trekking, the waist belt portion had been a problem about sweats. In particular, when the quantity of sweat was extensive, the color was changing as if I had wet.
An alpinist Kentaro who is a friend of mine gave me a advice that the problem usually comes from a use of cotton's underware. He said that you should use your underware by 100% Polyester or Nylon, and if possible all the ware should be changed to chemical fiber, he added.
I changed the underware by the advice. Moreover, since the contact part of a backpack touched widely to my back, the amount of perspiration of the sweat from a back portion increased, and there was also the sweat accumulated to the waist belt portion of my back. Then, I changed to my underwear based on a quick-drying nylon and had a trekking last Friday, but the situation had not improved.
Backpack and Trousers
From the last Friday's trekking, I began to use the backpack made by deuter "FUTURA 26" that purchased newly. This product has a special structure on the contact portion in my back, so if there are a little winds, a wind passed through that space. Last Friday, I wore the above-mentioned trousers (65% cotten), the sweat stain of the waist belt part of my trousers had not improved with combination with a backpack.
Trousers, again
Then, I investigated various trousers for trekkings at the sport shop the other day. As a investigated result, the description of item of CASTANET of Kuraray Trading had a comment of the problem solving which I made the issue. It was the following two comments in Japanese.
1) There is a feature which sucks up a sweat.
2) The sweat to the surface would be suppressed.
Dscf8666s I bought a "Treck Easy Pants" made by TARAS BOULBA. When I buy it, I had chosen the trousers as a graphite color so as to not find a color change easily by my great sweats.

The effect of new trousers and backpack

Yesterday, I walked along the mountain path and the flat path about 10km respectively with wearing that trousers. The temperature was also high and humid and I sweated in large quantities yesterday. In spite of having got wet with the sweat, including the waist belt part, trousers were the smooth and dry touch overall, and I felt the sweat had not oozed out.
A fiber of trousers had some stretch feature that could be moved easy to my legs.
As for the backpack, I used it twice, so I got familiar about the backpack. In the case of me, when this backpack was used, the start timing of perspiration became late and I guess that the amount of perspiration was depressed.
The others
I am not familiar with other backpacks enough, so it is difficult to confirm it quantitatively, but I guess that my backpack has less containing quantity
Dscf8654sbecause of a structure which passes air flow on the back. With this backpack, the cover for rainy weather is equipped standardly and it is put into it on the bottom of the backpack. It is a good idea. However, I think that if it had not a fastener at the bottom portion, it would be more better since a backpack would be put on the dirty ground.

Added impression after I used it (July 11th, 2009):
The effect of a space for cool is effective for me. I used this backpack for three times in the hot and humid weather. It helped my sweat dry when I sweated a lot. So, my trekking was comfortable.

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