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Kawanori Mountain in Okutama Tokyo

Yesterday, I went up Kawanori Mountain(川苔山) in Okutama. Mt.Kawanori is a noted mountain ranging over Okutama area in western part of Tokyou. I started to walk froKawanori_mountainm the Okutam Station of JR Ome Line. It is the last stop of Ome Line. Generally, many person uses a bus line from Okutama Station to the entrance of Kawanori Mountain. The distance from Okutama Station to the start of a trail up the mountain is about 4km. I took a walk for taking the view of Okutama area.

A course of a descent from the mountain was aimed to the Peak of Hinatazawanoura, to the Nagaomaru Mountain, to the Bounomine Mountain and finally went to the Naguri Lake in Saitama Prefecture.
When getting down from a mountain and trying to go to the destination Hinatazawanoura, I had missed the way several times. I walked a mountain path that has not been useing now. It was covered by a lot of dry vegetation and broken trees. In this trial, I felt very anxious in this area. My selected route was too long for a day walk. When you go down from a Kawanori Mountain, you should set the destination on the JR station Okutama or Hatonosu.

When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.

Impression Details Okutama Station
Dscf7900s The Okutama Station building is wooden and I felt a nostalgic mountain lodge from the appearance. Dscf7892s I walked from JR Okutama Station to the trial start of a mountain.
This day was weekday, so the mountaineer was very few.


The start of a trail to the Hyakuhiro Falls
Dscf7950s I walked to the left (south) from Okutama Station, and walked about 100m to the traffic signal, and I turned to the right and crossed a bridge. At the first signal after crossing the bridge, I turned to the right (north), then I walked on the Hibara-Kaido (日原街道) to the north to the gate of Kawanori Mountain.I arrived at the gate at 9:48am.
The distance was 3.6km (2.3mile) from Okutama Station and it
Dscf7916s was taken about 40min. I could see and enjoy the mountains and ravine of Okutama as a prelude to Kawanori Mountain. You have to walk along the edge of the roadway because it has many traffics. You should pay attention to the vehicles. The route from the trial start was pretty good for walks. It was on the roadway but a car was no admittance now. You can walk on the center of the roadway. About 3.4km from Okutama Station, there is a big junction. You should select the way to right hand side that bus is running.

The Hijiri-taki (聖滝) and Hyakuhirono-taki(百尋ノ滝)
When you walked to about 800m from that junction, you will find a railway bridge over the road. After 200m walk, you will find the gate to Kawanori Mountain. I arrived at near the falls of Hijiri-taki. But I could not find it from a Kawanori forest path.   

Hijiri-taki (Hijiri Falls; 聖滝)
 The Hijiri-Fall is about the 1.9km far from the gate of this route. (N35.83906, E139.08811) Dscf7973sBut I could not find it from a Kawa nori forest path. I saw a cenotaph in the middle of a path to a Hyakuhironotaki. The Hijiri-Falls is just under the cenotaph near the stream of valley.
I heard that there is a fine way to the falls in this side of the path.

Dscf7995s Dscf7997s Dscf8000s Dscf8008s

Dscf8019s Dscf8023s Dscf8027sDscf8045sDscf8031s

Dscf8050s Dscf8054s

o-taki (Hyakuhiro Falls; 百尋ノ滝)
Dscf8057s IDscf8055s_2 arrived at the fallsDscf8096s at 11:17am. (N35.85433, E139.09414) Dscf8013

The distance was about 5km from the gate of trail st art. The required walk time took about 1 hour and 30 minutes. 


From Hyakuhironotaki to Kawanori Mountain
Dscf8054s_2 Dscf8012s Dscf8118s It took about 1hour and 55 minutes. This place is about 3km away from the Hyakuhironotaki.

At the peak of Kawanori Mountain

Dscf8123sDscf8126s_2Dscf8131s_2Dscf8133sAn area around the mountain has an open space. (N35.85076, E139.10691)
It was cloudy. The view from the peak was not clear.
When I got there, there were two persons there. I took a rest there. I talked with a person who was on a peak just before my arrival. I enjoyed talking with an elder about 15 minute. The black shade of an ellipse form is in the top center of a photograph. Many insects were around the peak, I guess that it is the marks stopped on the lens. 

Descend the Kawanori Mountain

The descent from Kawanori Mountain was a little steep and slippy.
Dscf8137s Dscf8139s Dscf8143s
My next destination was HinatazawanoUra. But, I lost the way to the HinatazawanoUra. I have to walk a path that has not been useing now. It was covering by a lot of dry vegetation and broken trees. Since I got down 100m by altitude and have noticed the route mistake, in order to take it back, I have taken 870m in distance for 24 minutes.
In this trial, I felt very anxious in this area.

My selected route was too long for a day walk.

Dscf8145s Dscf8149s Dscf8154s Dscf8156s Dscf8157s Dscf8158s

Dscf8166s Dscf8170s Dscf8175s

From HinatazawanoUra(日向沢ノ峰) to Bounoore Mountain(棒ノ折山)

Dscf8179s Dscf8185s Dscf8186s At the path in this route, the slope was very a steep gradient. Sometimes a path was disappeared. The path was easy to slide, and there was also a place in which the rope is installed. The level difference of a step was large, and on the log part of a ground stop, I slid on the log frequently. I thought that the picture at the place should have taken, but when I had noticed, I was in the center of the difficult situation, so I was not able to take a picture.
Dscf8187s Dscf8191s Dscf8198s

From Bounoore Mountain(棒ノ折山) to Naguri Lake(名栗湖)

Dscf8201s Dscf8205s Dscf8207s Dscf8219s

Compared with the gully of a Kawanori Mountain, the gully (Shiroyazawa) in Naguri may be a small scale. Dscf8228s_2However, I thought that even a beginner have a great time trekking along the gully at Shiroyazawa. The trekking course had several places that you must be crossed while stepping on the rock in the flow of a river. Moreover, there were also rock climbing place where the metal chain rope was set. I was tired very much then, it was growing dark and I needed a flashlight to confirm a foot condition. If it were brighter, and when I had energy, I thought that I could enjoy more in a gully trekking.
Can't you see a line which shines at a lower left from a upper right at a central part of the 2nd picture? It is a handrail of metal chains for getting down (in my case) from rocks.
The path was a lot of thrilling place, I guess that it must be fun for kids.

The Last Destination, Naguri Lake(名栗湖)
Dscf8231 I arrived at the Shiroyazawa trekking start point of Naguri Lake. The time had been a little past 7:00pm. Surroundings were somewhat gloomy. I saw the light of the hot-spring resort from top of a dam. I thought that I would take a hot-spring bath (Sawarabi Hot Bath) and relieve the tiredness of a trekking. I take out energy, and started to walk again.
However, when I came to the place in which a building appears clearly, electricity had disappeared. When I investigated later, the opening time of the hot-spring resort was till 6:00 pm.
I gave it up, and went to the bus stop (Kawamata Naguri Lake entrance) directly.
At the bus stop, the one high school boy sat on the stairs of the bus stop entrance by the roadway, and was waiting for the bus at 7:29pm. Although a bus stop had a roof, there was no lighting, and nobody was in it. Since there was a chair, I was able to change the coat which was wet with sweat there.

The trekking time of the Day
It takes 10hr 45min.
  I walked 27.9km (17.4miles)

(start) Okutama Station (N35.809228, E139.09672) (8:45am)
The gate of trail start (N35.83180, E139.07624) (9:48am)
-> Hijiri Falls (I missed to see it.) (10:11am)
-> HyakuhironoTaki (N35.85433, E139.09414) (11:17am)
-> I took a lunch. It took a rest about 15min.
-> Kawanori Mountain (1364m) (N35.85076, E139.10691) (Arrived 13:11pm)
-> HinatazawanoUra (1358m) (14:56pm)
-> Nagaomaru Mountain (959m)
-> Bounoore Mountain (969m) (Arrived 17:26pm, Started 17:39pm)
-> The top of Shirayasawa (18:12pm)
-> Naguri Lake (19:02pm)
-> Bus Stop (2.2km; from Shirayasawa-climb-start-point in Naguri Lake)
I was very lucky got a bus at 19:31pm.

Key Notes    
Location             Okutama Area, western part of Tokyo
Destination          Kawanori Mountain (1364m) (N35.85076, E139.10691)
                         HyakuhironoTaki (N35.85433, E139.09414)
Date walked         June 19(Fri.), 2009 (Clear/Cloudy)
Walk type            Mountain climbing
Difficulty             for good walkers 
Distance             about 28km ( 17.4miles )
Time taken          about 10hr 45min ( includes a short break for lunch, and a little lost a way )
Railway stations   Okutama Station (JR Ome Line)

Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Key Word
 : western part of Tokyo, Okutama, hiking, walking, day walks, Mt.Kawanori, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 青梅線, 奥多摩駅, 名栗湖, 百尋ノ滝, 聖滝, 川苔山

Okutama Visitor Center (N35.808420, E139.097616)
Dsc_4114s You can get a Okutama Nature Information Map in English when you pay more than \300 funds at this Center.

Dsc_4258s Dsc_4257s
<- The available map
(in- and out-side print of the map)
Map size is about 720mmx515mm.

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