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Bukou Mountain in Saitama Pref.

Today, I went up Bukou Mountain. Mt.Buko is a noted mountain ranging over Chichibu and Yokoze-cho of the western Saitama area. There is a legend to which a Prince Yamatotakeru dedicated the warrior's helmet, and it is told that it was n20090613_bukou_mountain_hiking_routamed from that.
Mt.Buko is the quality of a limestone.
I started to walk from the Chichibu Station of Chichibu Railway, and went up Bukou Mountain via Yokoze station of Seibu Chichibu Line, Ubukawa and the Osugi open space.
A course of a descent from mountain was aimed to the Hashidate Temple and finally went to the Urayamaguchi Station.

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Impression Details  
Chichibu Station
I walked from Chichi
Dscf7671s_2 bu Station to Yokose Station. The distance was about 2.5km(1.56mile) and it was taken about 30min. You have to walk along the edge of the roadway. You should pay attention to the vehicles.

Yokoze Station of Saibu Chichibu Railway

Dscf7679s The route from Yokose Station to Bukou Mountain via Ubukawa is called a front approach to Mt.Bukou. They do not have a Bus facilities from Yokoze station to Ubukawa that is the start of a mountain trail. So, if you want to get there, you have to go on foot, a taxi or a private car. When you take a walk to Ubukawa, you should pay an attention to a traffic situation, becDscf7685s ause a heavy duty truck for mineral transportation is passing frequently.
You have to walk still along a roadway after you left the Yokoze station. After walking across under the railway, Bukou Mountain comes right down to your face front, its altitude is about 1300m. Around the summit in Bukou Mountain, you can see the distinctive mount shape that shaved for lime extraction.

The first Torii of Ontake Shrine
I arrived at the first torii of Ontake temple as the base of a mountain. After starting the Chichibu station, the distance was about 8.6km. The required walk time took about 1 hour aDscf7710s nd 45 minutes. 
About 100m ahead, there was a small honey yard. Two person was working for collecting the honey at the yard.

Fudou Fall

Dscf7733s I thought that it's a small fall. But this is the famous fall in this mountain, and it is a sanctuary. (N35.94418, E139.10491)

Log BridgeDscf7738s
Walking a few steps ahead, there was a log bridge. That has rough surface and it was slippy. The length was about 5m. It was easy to slide, it was not easy for me to cross over the bridge.

A big Japanese cedar
Dscf7754s An area around the cedar has an open space. I took a lunch, having perched on the log. This place is about 2.3km away from the First Trii. It takes about one hours. This place is about 1.2km away to the peak of the mountain and takes about 40minutes.  (N35.94781, E139.10522)

At the peak of Mt.Bukou

At the peak, it was Dscf7774s cloudy. The view from the peak was not clear. Since some big lime stones are exposed in order to go there, you should be underfoot careful. A space of the peak was about 30 square meters width. When I got there, there about ten persons were resting then and enjoying the view. About 5 minutes, I took rest and enjoyed the view.

Descend a mountain
The descent slope was very steep and slippy. I slipped on the mountain pa

The slope was steepy , but it had a lot of beautiful vieDscf7799s w along the mountain path.

A fresh spring issuing from among rocks

Dscf7827s After the mountain path ended, there was a somewhat large place and several cars of those who were probably climbing a mountain were parking. When I went down the way for a while, I found a fresh spring issuing from among rocks of a mountain. (N35.95069, E139.07496)

Falls around Mt.Bukou #1

Dscf7851s I found a beautiful fall near the path. It was not so big, but I felt so beautiful. I took a rest at the front of falls. I dipped a hand towel in the stream, it felt cool and comfortableness. (N35.95327, E139.07003)

Falls around Mt.Bukou #2
Dscf7855s The size of the falls was about the same. But I think that it was not so cool. (N35.95412, E139.06723)

A fresh spring issuing from among rocks
The place which can drink spring water freely was near Urayamaguchi station. The one woman brought many bottles and was packing water. I asked the woman about the water. Since she recommended me to taste, I drank a cup of water. It was little bit sweet and delicious.

Urayamaguchi Station
This was the end of walking. I finally arrived at the UraDscf7877s yamaguchi Station.

The time was 14:30pm.
 The train was coming timely at 14:37pm.

Notes : 
A SUICA card cannot be used in Chichibu Railway. When you use Tobu Tojo Line and arrived at the Yorii station, I recommend you to get out from a ticket gate and to purchase the ticket to the destination in Chichibu Railway. Although you can go to the train arrival-and-departure platform of Chichibu Railway in directly, you need to touch once at the touch place of SUICA that is set on a bridge in the station yard.
Since there is no adjustment equipment by SUICA in the destination of Chichibu Railway, you need to pay the railroad charge from the Yorii station at the destination in cash. A charge adjustment at the destination is crowded in many cases, I recommend you to buy a ticket at the Yorii station and to take a train. In order to get out of the ticket gate of the Yorii station, you need to touch SUICA in both the touch place of SUICA which is set on a bridge in a station yard, and the ticket gate of a station. When using Chichibu Railway for a holiday, they set some special treatment for a tourist. You should check before you buy the ticket.

Chichibu Station (N35.998599, E139.08567) (9:48am)
-> Yokoze Station (N35.985309, E139.097954)(9:18am)
-> Ontake Shrine Torii (10:30am)
-> Fudou Fall (N35.94418, E139.10491) (11:00am)
-> A open space with big Japanese cedar (N35.94781, E139.10522) (11:25am; I took a lunch.)
-> The peak of Bukou Mountain (12:25pm)
-> Beautiful falls
(N35.95327, E139.07003) (14:35pm)
-> Urayamaguchi Station (N35.964002, E139.058455)(14:30pm)


Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Key Notes
Location             Chichibu Area, Saitama pref., northern Tokyo
Destination          Mt.Bukou (1304m)
Date walked         June 13(Sat.), 2009 (Cloudy)
Walk type            Mountain climbing
Difficulty             A long uphill/downhill distance, it needs physical strength
Distance             about 18.5km ( 11.6miles )
Time taken          about 4hr 50min ( includes a short break )
Railway stations   Chichibu Station (N35.998599, E139.08567) (Chichibu Railway)
            Yokoze Station (N35.985309, E139.097954) (Chichibu Railway)

Key Word : near Tokyo, hiking, walking, day walks, Mt.Bukou, Saitama, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 武甲山, 秩父駅, 横瀬駅, 浦山口駅

Link to Live-camera

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