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Mt.Ohgiri, Mt.Kengamine, Mt.Dodaira, Mt.Kasayama in Saitama Pref.

Today(June 7th), I had walked on the Hiki Hilly Area20090531_ohgiri_mt_kogenbokujou. I walked the next cource.

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Dscf7347s_2 Impression Details
Today is a fine day.Last week, the walker was only me on the bus. There were many person in the bus. I got off at Hashiba (橋場). Many person on the bus did not get down. I guess other many person in the bus went to the last stop Shiroishi Garage. From Shiroishi Garage, there are three routes that connect to Sadamine Pass (定峰峠), Shiroishi Pass (白石峠) and Kasayama Pass (笠山峠).

Dscf7375s I thought that I'd like to see the panoramic view from Ohgiri Mountain that was not seen the last week. So I started to walk from Hashiba (橋場), and aimed for Kayunita Pass (粥新田峠). My final destination of today is the Kasayama Mountain (笠山). To get there, I walk through the Ohgiri Mountain (大霧山) and Douhira Mountain (堂平山). It was a first long way for me at this hilly area.

Dscf7383s This is the road way close to Kayunita Pass.
A few person had a bicycle training on the road.

Dscf7386s I walked through the Kayunita Pass, I didn't take a rest at Kayunita Pass this time, I walked aimed to Ohgiri Mountain.


When I climbed the Ohgiri Mountain, I met around 70years old women who was climbing the mountain with her family. The place was close to the peak, so the slope was steep.
Her step was very slow and her family were frequently stopping, but she was enjoying to climbing the mountain without expressing the distress.


There was a lot of beautiful field hydrangea along the mountain path.



This is the top of Ohgiri Mountain, it was a beautiful panoramic sight.

It was about 11:00am, I took a short rest and began to walk to the next destination Sadamine Pass (定峰峠).



Dscf7481s This Place is Sadamine Pass. I took a lunch and a rest at this place.

This picture is Mt. Kasayama from Sadamine Pass.
The Mt. Kasayama is a noted mountain in Hiki. The beautiful figure similar to the form of the bamboo hat is an existence which draws eyes particularly in the hilly country in Hiki. The figure is shown as it was separated from the mountain range at the end of the Hiki hilly area. The mountain of the name called a Kasa Mountain (笠山) or Kasa Pass (笠山峠) has number of 13 in Japan. However, this Kasa mountain in Hiki has an unique alias. Kasayama Mountain is called Chikubiyama mountain from old days that means a nipple in Japanese. It is because the form of the peak part of Kasayama is alike of it. 


An astronomical observatory (N36.00608, E139.190378) is located in a Doudaira Mountain. Having been built is 1962. It was established as a Doudaira Observatory of Tokyo-University Tokyo astronomical observatory.
Dscf7557s After that, it became the National Astronomical Observatory. But it had closed in March, 2000, and until that it has played an active part in the astronomical observatory front line. The closed reason was that the night sky became bright too much and effectiDscf7561s ve observation became impossible.

This astronomical observatory was a place of yearning for the space enthusiast. It was renewed and opened to the public from April, 2005 as an astronomical observatory for citizens. In the site, Paos, a log house and the self-cooking eDscf7570s quipments for an outdoor camp are available.

There is a Paraglider school (N36.006217, E139.190088) at Dodaira Mountain. Many person who lives in around Kanto area is collecting to this spot to enjoy paraglider.

Dscf7608s This is a view from Kasayama mountain.

(start) Hashiba bus stop (N36.051081, E139.17798) (9:38am)
-> Kayunita Pass (N36.042746, E139.154822)

-> Ohgiri Mountain (N36.033927, E139.156437)
-> Old Sadamine Pass
-> ShiShiiwa (N36.017492, E139.15858)
-> Sadamine Pass (N36.011361, E139.163684) (I took a lunch.)
-> Shiraishi Pass (N35.997852, E139.179558)
-> Kengamine Pass (N35.998971, E139.186099)
-> Dodaira Mountain (N36.00593, E139.190426)
-> Kasayama Mountain (N36.018295, E139.189997)
-> Kaiya bus stop (皆谷) (N36.039945, E139.177575)(16:22pm) (end)

Key Notes    
Location             Hiki Hilly Area, Saitama pref., northern Tokyo
Destination          Mt.Ohgiri (N36.033927, E139.156437)
                         Mt.Dodaira (N36.00593, E139.190426)
                         Mt.Kasayama (N36.018295, E139.189997)
Date walked         June 7(Sunday), 2009 (fine)
Walk type            Hill walks
Difficulty             Since you need to walk a long distance, a tenacity is required.
Distance             about 18.4km ( 11.5miles )
Time taken          about 6hr 45min ( includes a short break )
Railway stations   Ogawamachi Station (N36.058859, E139.260828)(Tobu Tojo Line)

Access to Hashiba bus stop (It takes about 30min from Ogawamachi station.)
Eagle Bus Time Table on Saturday and Sunday
     Ogawamachi station --> Shiroishi Garage (N36.016624, E139.173616)
         7:09(first bus), 9:10, 9:40(to Minaya), 10:48, 11:45, ...
     Shiroishi Garage --> Ogawamachi Station (It takes about 40min.)
         ..., 13:00, 13:36, 14:36, 15:15, 16:31, 19:23(last bus)

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Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

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