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Chichibu-Ontakesan Mountain in Saitama Pref.

Yesterday, I went up Chichibu-Ontake Mountain (秩父御岳山) at Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture. Dscf8400s Mt.Chichibu-Ontakesan is religious mountain from old times. Chichibu_ontakesan

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Climb up Chichibu Ontake Mountain

Dscf8258s I started to walk from the Mitsumineguchi Terminal Station of Chichibu Railway. Many person uses a bus line from Mitsumineguchi Station to the entrance of mountain path.Dscf8262s
Mountain path has three entrance route. My selection was the route from Kowaishi.

Dscf8309s The distance from Mitsumineguchi Station to the start of a trail up the mountain is about 2km. I took a walk to see a Chichibu ravine area.Dscf8269s

In the middle of the mountain path to the summit, the god had been seated in front of a trail. I prayed a safety of this trekking.
Dscf8312s_2 Dscf8319s_2 Dscf8321s_2 Dscf8327s Dscf8332s_2 Dscf8341s_2

Dscf8348s Dscf8349s Dscf8364s

It has a very sharp narrow ridge, a lot of rock zone and very steep ascent around the summit. Although there is a rope and chain, you have to concentrate your attention to your steps. If you let your legs slide, it will be serious injuries.
Dscf8376s Dscf8382s Dscf8392s

The summit of the mountain

Dscf8398s Dscf8400s_3 The summit has a small shrine. The descending way near the summit from a mountain to Ochiai (落合) is a steep downslope. Although there is a rope and chain, you have to concentrate your attention not to slide.
Dscf8403s_4 Dscf8414s_4


Descent from the mountain

In a course of a descent from the mountain, I walked on the mountain path along the mountain stream.
Dscf8422s Dscf8457s Dscf8436s Dscf8426s Dscf8467s Dscf8469s

Dscf8483s Dscf8485s Dscf8495s

Dscf8499s Dscf8502sDscf8514s_3

I could see a lot of small falls, it was beautiful.Dscf8522s
In a descent, the first destination was to Ochiai, and next main destination was to Otaki Onsen (大滝温泉) that would be given a rest and a hot spring.

In this mountain path, I slipped on a steep rock and have hit my back head slightly. A stiffness of my boots sole are very stiff, it have been giving me a slip risk. I thought that I ought to change my boots.

Dscf8566s Dscf8576s Dscf8586s

Dscf8588s I found a drinking water from the mountain near the Mitsumineguchi Station. It is about 1km from the station. The place has a parking area. The water flow was guided by a small pipe from a small waterfall that could be seen. The water was flowing continuously and rhythmically. The plate says it as "drinkable water". (N35.95218, E138.96481)

Course :
(start) Mitsumineguchi Station (三峰口駅) (N35.959968, E138.978571)(10:18am)
-> Kowaishi (強石) (The gate of trail start) (N35.952417, E138.963161)(10:58am)
-> Sugino Pass (杉ノ峠)(N35.95028, E138.95080)(11:54am)
    The God of the mountain had been seated in front of a trail.

-> I took a rest and had a lunch. (N35.96651, E138.94325)(13:10pm~13:15pm)
-> Chichibu-Ontakesan Mountain (秩父御岳山)(N35.96655, E138.94265)(13:18pm)
-> Kiyome-Taki (waterfall)(N35.95654, E138.94014)(14:33pm)
-> Ochiai (落合) (Another gate of trail start)(N35.95338, E138.93744)(14:46pm)
-> Ohtaki-Onsen (hot spa)(N35.95029, E138.93813)
-> I took a rest and took a hot spa bath. (14:52pm~16:20pm)
-> Natural Drink Water (N35.95218, E138.96481)(17:48pm)
-> Mitsumineguchi Station (18:12pm) (end)

Key Notes
Location        Chichibu Area, western part of Saitama
Destination    Chichibu-Ontakesan Mountain (1080.5m)
                   Ohtaki Onsen
Date walked   June 26(Sat.), 2009 (Clear/Rainy season)
Walk type      Mountain walk plus a little climbing
Difficulty       for normal walkers
Distance        about 19.8km (without bus access)
                    If you use public bus, the distance you need to walk will be half.
Time taken     about 6hrs (without intermission)
                    I took a rest at Ohtaki Onsen about one hour.

Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd.

Key Word :

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