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Hoto Mountain in Saitama Pref.

Today, I have walked about the Hoto Mountain (宝登山) (N36.092981, E139.09171) in Chichibu area that is in northern part of Tokyo. It was a walking event of railway company. I wrote down this walking event on my blog at May 21. It was rain today, but at a flower garden, there were a lot of California poppy and poppy, it was full bloom and very beautiful.
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Impression Details
I arrived at the Nagatoro station around 10:00am. I finished a registration for a receptionist and began to walk around 10:10am.

Start of climbing
Dscf7228sIt was an anxious weather it seemed that it starts to rain at any moment.

When I arrived at the ice pond, it began to rain, so I wore the rain gear. Dscf7217 I attached a hood to the rain gear, and I began to walk again to the top of the mountain. The inside of my wear began to sweat.
In spite of such a bad weather, many people had participated. When the weather is bad like today, I felt that it was difficult to keep my own walking pace.
A steep long stairs are located in this side of peak.

Hoto Mountain (N36.092981, E139.09171)
Dscf7240 The height of the mountain is 497m. The peak is a gently-sloping convex. Since rain and fog were severe, a view from the top was not effective.


When I walked down for a while, there was a station of a ropeway.The mountain path was getting wider from this point.The width was about 3m, and it was continuing to the Hoto-san shrine.

Dscf7250 The Hoto-san shrine was located in the place to which I got down from the mountain. From the shrine, I walked to the Nagatoro station. Dscf7252_2

The flower garden (N36.092321, E139.107240)Dscf7266
There was a flower garden about the middle of the way to the station. Rain began to stop. The large flower garden was on an artificial field. But it was full bloom with California poppy, I guess that my tiredness was healed by it.


Course :
(start) Nagatoro station (N36.095167, E139.112341)
-> Hiike(= Ice pond) (N36.09898, E139.102696)
-> Nogami Pass (N36.102318, E139.085916)
-> through a forest path of Narasawa
-> Treasure mountain-climbing rear approach
-> Summit of Treasure mountain (N36.092981, E139.09171)
-> Hoto mountain-climbing front approach
-> Shrine of Hoto mountain (N36.093197, E139.103141)
-> California poppy garden of Nagatoro village (N36.092321, E139.107240)
-> Nagatoro station (N36.095167, E139.112341) (end)

Key Notes    
Location             Nagatoro-City, Saitama pref., northern Tokyo
Destination          Mt. Hoto (N36.092981, E139.09171)
                         California poppy garden (N36.092321, E139.107240)
Date walked         May 31, 2009 (rain)
Walk type            Easy hill walks
Difficulty             Suitable for anyone who enjoys an easy walk
Distance              9km ( about 5.6miles )
Time taken          about 2hr 35min ( without brakes )
Railway stations   Nagatoro (長瀞) (N36.095167, E139.112341)(Chichibu Railway)
Bringing articles
: a bottle of water, rain gear, a household medicine, something to eat (a lunch) and a copy of insurance card, etc.

Key Word : Tokyo, hiking, walking, Chichibu-Railway, day walks, Hoto Mountain, california poppy, family walking, Saitama, 秩父鉄道, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 宝登山, 長瀞

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