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Ume Power

Although the pickled ume(梅) is famous to a foreign person, the ume liquor called umesh which soaked the fruit of the ume in the white distilled liquor, and extracted the essence is probably not known so much.
The effect of a medicine of ume is known since old times in Japan. Among the people as a popular medicine, it has been used with a umeboshi and umeshu. As for the mediacal effect included in ume flesh, the following is known.

Effect of Ume
Recovery from fatigue
There is work which disassembles and excretes lactic acid which is one of the fatigue substances stored up in the inside of the body in the citratic acid of the ingredient of ume. Moreover, citratic acid makes this lactic acid itself hard to make.

Fungicidal action
It has the antibacterial action and fungicidal action to bacteria etc..

Effect of calming intestinal disorders

Work of the stomach and intestines is helped and constipation and diarrhea are improved.

Stimulating appetite
Secretion of saliva or gastric juice is made prosperous and it is effective in promoting appetite.

A liver function is improved.
It is said that the picric acid contained in an ume improves a liver function.

Aging prevention
The salivary-glands hormone called hormone to rejuvenate is contained in the pickled ume.

The effect of ume liquor
It is thought that the same effect as an ume is in the ume liquor which effect active ingredient of the ume itself efficiently. Ume liquor is alcohol so an active ingredient tends to be absorbed easily by the body from stomach walls. Even when you drink as ume liquor, these effects will be obtained equally.

I want to make a umeshu this year. Maybe two or three weeks after, I'll show you how to make it.

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