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Hoto Mountain in Saitama Pref.

Today, I have walked about the Hoto Mountain (宝登山) (N36.092981, E139.09171) in Chichibu area that is in northern part of Tokyo. It was a walking event of railway company. I wrote down this walking event on my blog at May 21. It was rain today, but at a flower garden, there were a lot of California poppy and poppy, it was full bloom and very beautiful.
When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.

Impression Details
I arrived at the Nagatoro station around 10:00am. I finished a registration for a receptionist and began to walk around 10:10am.

Start of climbing
Dscf7228sIt was an anxious weather it seemed that it starts to rain at any moment.

When I arrived at the ice pond, it began to rain, so I wore the rain gear. Dscf7217 I attached a hood to the rain gear, and I began to walk again to the top of the mountain. The inside of my wear began to sweat.
In spite of such a bad weather, many people had participated. When the weather is bad like today, I felt that it was difficult to keep my own walking pace.
A steep long stairs are located in this side of peak.

Hoto Mountain (N36.092981, E139.09171)
Dscf7240 The height of the mountain is 497m. The peak is a gently-sloping convex. Since rain and fog were severe, a view from the top was not effective.


When I walked down for a while, there was a station of a ropeway.The mountain path was getting wider from this point.The width was about 3m, and it was continuing to the Hoto-san shrine.

Dscf7250 The Hoto-san shrine was located in the place to which I got down from the mountain. From the shrine, I walked to the Nagatoro station. Dscf7252_2

The flower garden (N36.092321, E139.107240)Dscf7266
There was a flower garden about the middle of the way to the station. Rain began to stop. The large flower garden was on an artificial field. But it was full bloom with California poppy, I guess that my tiredness was healed by it.


Course :
(start) Nagatoro station (N36.095167, E139.112341)
-> Hiike(= Ice pond) (N36.09898, E139.102696)
-> Nogami Pass (N36.102318, E139.085916)
-> through a forest path of Narasawa
-> Treasure mountain-climbing rear approach
-> Summit of Treasure mountain (N36.092981, E139.09171)
-> Hoto mountain-climbing front approach
-> Shrine of Hoto mountain (N36.093197, E139.103141)
-> California poppy garden of Nagatoro village (N36.092321, E139.107240)
-> Nagatoro station (N36.095167, E139.112341) (end)

Key Notes    
Location             Nagatoro-City, Saitama pref., northern Tokyo
Destination          Mt. Hoto (N36.092981, E139.09171)
                         California poppy garden (N36.092321, E139.107240)
Date walked         May 31, 2009 (rain)
Walk type            Easy hill walks
Difficulty             Suitable for anyone who enjoys an easy walk
Distance              9km ( about 5.6miles )
Time taken          about 2hr 35min ( without brakes )
Railway stations   Nagatoro (長瀞) (N36.095167, E139.112341)(Chichibu Railway)
Bringing articles
: a bottle of water, rain gear, a household medicine, something to eat (a lunch) and a copy of insurance card, etc.

Key Word : Tokyo, hiking, walking, Chichibu-Railway, day walks, Hoto Mountain, california poppy, family walking, Saitama, 秩父鉄道, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 日帰り, 宝登山, 長瀞


Gradient of walkway from Mt Takao to Mt Jimba

I have been to Mt Takao (高尾山) in April, and that time, I walked till the Mt Jimba (陣馬山) with my GPS. Last night, I calculated the gradient of my trekking route.

I walked as following.
A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> F -> G -> H -> I -> J.

The gradient was calculated as the next formula.
When I walked that area, I felt the first stage A was steep angle and has long distance, so I felt it very hard. The other stage was not felt so steepy, because the distance was not so long.
I guess that this data might be one of the effective information when you walk about Mt Takao area.
I'd like to write the impression of that walking area in near future.


My trekking route


When you wanna go to Jimba-Kogen-Shita from Takao station or go to a station from Jimba-Kogen-Shita (陣馬高原下), you have to use a bus. A bus is operating by Nishi-Tokyo bus (西東京バス).
A Jimba-Kogen-Shita becomes the last bus stop of a bus service route. A bus stop at JR Takao Station is the place which has a number of No. 1 by a purple round mark in the map in the homepage (Check the next URL!).

The bus stop at the station is near a river, and is located near a FAMILYMART of this map.

Since SUICA and PASMO can be used for a bus, you need not to prepare change..
It takes about 40 minutes from station to the last bus stop.

Bus Time Table
1) Takao Station --> Jimba-Kogen-Shita

The time table from August 1,2009
At the table of the URL, a left hand side displays normal days, a center displays on Saturday's, a right hand side displays Sunday's time table from Takao Station North to Jimba-Kogen-Shita.

2) Jimba-Kogen-Shita -->Takao Station

The time table
At the table of the URL, a left hand side displays normal days, a center displays on Saturday's, a right hand side displays Sunday's time table from Jimba-Kogen-Shita to Takao Station.

Hachioji City has a information about Mt.Jimba

Key Word : near Tokyo, hiking, walking, day walks, GPS, Mt Takao, Mt Jimba, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 高尾山, 陣馬山

Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd. And I used GoogleEarth to display my track data.


Ume Power

Although the pickled ume(梅) is famous to a foreign person, the ume liquor called umesh which soaked the fruit of the ume in the white distilled liquor, and extracted the essence is probably not known so much.
The effect of a medicine of ume is known since old times in Japan. Among the people as a popular medicine, it has been used with a umeboshi and umeshu. As for the mediacal effect included in ume flesh, the following is known.

Effect of Ume
Recovery from fatigue
There is work which disassembles and excretes lactic acid which is one of the fatigue substances stored up in the inside of the body in the citratic acid of the ingredient of ume. Moreover, citratic acid makes this lactic acid itself hard to make.

Fungicidal action
It has the antibacterial action and fungicidal action to bacteria etc..

Effect of calming intestinal disorders

Work of the stomach and intestines is helped and constipation and diarrhea are improved.

Stimulating appetite
Secretion of saliva or gastric juice is made prosperous and it is effective in promoting appetite.

A liver function is improved.
It is said that the picric acid contained in an ume improves a liver function.

Aging prevention
The salivary-glands hormone called hormone to rejuvenate is contained in the pickled ume.

The effect of ume liquor
It is thought that the same effect as an ume is in the ume liquor which effect active ingredient of the ume itself efficiently. Ume liquor is alcohol so an active ingredient tends to be absorbed easily by the body from stomach walls. Even when you drink as ume liquor, these effects will be obtained equally.

I want to make a umeshu this year. Maybe two or three weeks after, I'll show you how to make it.

Key Word : ume, umeshu, ume liquor, Japanese taste, refleshment beverage, 青梅, 梅酒


A harvest of plum will come soon

I walked around my hometown about 1 hour yesterday. The walking course had a plum orchard nearby. I found a plum fruit was growth about a half inches size now. It will be a harvest season soon. I will get the plum fruit on the market soon.


I'd like to make a plum liquor (=Umeshu) this year. We drink it usually dilute with cold water. I think this is one of the Japanese taste that gives us a refleshment beverage in a hot summer day.

Key Word : near Tokyo, hiking, walking, ume, umeshu, Japanese taste, refleshment beverage, 青梅, 梅酒


My Mac problem was solved by self-help efforts.

My problem and a solution are as following.
The Windows XP started when I clicked the URL of the e-mail attachment received by Mac was caused by the default application of VMware Fusion.

I changed the default application of VMware Fusion as following.
VMware Fusion -- > configuration -- > all feature --> default application.
Caution) The command word will not be the same as the English version, I guessed the command word because my Mac is a Japanese version.

Select the default application of a Web page (http, https), in my case, it was a "Internet Explorer-Windows XP Professional".  I changed the application part Internet Explorer to "Safari", and restored it to a default setting.
That's all.

Key Word : Windows XP Professional, VMware Fusion, Mac, Safari, Internet


The way to link the Google Earth and your trekking data.

If you have a Garmin GPS and MapSource, you can see your trekking data in Google Earth. The MapSource has this function menu in toolbar.

The way to confirm this function is as following.
Open the Mapsource
-> Select "View" in toolbar and click it
-> You will find the menu "View in GoogleEarth ..." and check it
-> If you are not installed "Google Earth" in your computer yet, the system will introduce the installation of the software.
-> After you have installed the Google Earth, I recommend that you should check some suitable layers.
-> The layers-table is in the left hand side lower part of Google Earth window. My recommendation about the layers you should check are Roads, Borders and Labels, Traffic, Geographic Features in the Places of Interest, Transportation.

The way to link the Google Earth and your trekking data.
My way is as following,
Connect the PC and Garmin GPS(Ex. eTrex Vista HCx) with USB cable.
-> Click a "Receive from device" icon of MapSource, and power on your GPS.
-> The small window of "Receive From Device" will find your device easily.
-> Click a "Receive" button. Data transfer will be started.
-> After finishing the data transfer, click a "OK" button.On this procedure, the necessary data is a track data. Click a Tracks tab, and find a necessity ACTIVE LOG number from the table. Next, to keep the necessity data and delete the un-necessary ACTIVE LOG from this table.
-> From MapSource, please select "View" in toolbar and click it -> You will find the menu "View in GoogleEarth ..." and check it
-> The trekking data will be transferred to Google Earth.
-> Finally, you can see your trekking data from Google Earth.

Note) Garmin Updates & Downloads for eTrex Vista HCx

Key Word : GPS, trekking data, MapSource, Google Earth, Google map, walking


Mt Hiwada in Saitama Pref.

I walked near Koma hilly area on last Sunday(May 10). These mountain's height level are about 300~370m. My walking route (by GPS) was .....
When you want to see a large picture, set a mouse on a target picture, and you just click a left-button of your mouse.

(start) Higashi-moro station (東毛呂駅)(N35.94689, E139.315352) h=103m 9:05am
-> Moro station (毛呂駅)(N35.940596, E139.309398) h=100m 9:16am
-> Kamakita lake (鎌北湖)(N35.917541, E139.291234) h=184m 10:19am
-> Kitamuki Jizo (北向地蔵)(N35.908295, E139.282544) h=374m 11:06am
-> Mt Monomi (物見山)(N35.903696, E139.294463) h=376m 11:34am~12:00pm (Lunch!)
-> Mt Hiwada (日和田山)(N35.893556, E139.304988) h=289m 12:38pm
-> Komagawa station (高麗川駅)(N35.893691, E139.304935) h=97m 13:57pm (end).


A walking road was keeping in good conditions. It was a good route and had a beautiful landscape. I was very satisfied the sight from Mt Hiwada (N35.893691, E139.304935). I carried a GPS (Garmin etrex Vista HCx) on this walking. From information of my GPS, I walked 17.3km. It took about 5hours ( I started walk at 9:00am from Higashi-moro station and arrived at JR-Komagawa station 14:00pm). My average walking speed was 4km/h. I took a lunch time about 20minute at Mt Monomi. I was not a good condition in my lower back, so I walked cautiously. It was a easy walking route. There is few shop to buy something to eat or drink. So, you should prepare meals or drinks before arriving at this area.

I attached few pictures around Mt Hiwada (日和田山) and the landscape of Koma City (高麗市). The wide picture was made as panoramic from a few pictures that I took. When you click on the picture, you can see on big scale.

Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd. And I used GoogleMap to display my track data.

Key Word : near Tokyo, hiking, walking, Tobu railway, day walks, GPS, Saitama, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 東武東上線, 日和田山, 鎌北湖, 物見山

<> <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <> 
Key Notes 
LocationHidaka-City, Saitama pref., northern Tokyo
DestinationMt Hiwada (N35.893556, E139.304988),
Mt Monomi (N35.903696, E139.294463),
Kamakita lake  (N35.917541, E139.291234)
Date walkedMay 2009
Walk typeEasy hill walks
DifficultySuitable for anyone who enjoys an easy walk
Distance17.5 km (11miles)
Time taken4 hrs
Railway   stationsHigashi-Moro   (Tobu Ogose Line)
Komagawa (JR Hachiko Line)



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