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Mt Hiwada in Saitama Pref.

I walked near Koma hilly area on last Sunday(May 10). These mountain's height level are about 300~370m. My walking route (by GPS) was .....
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(start) Higashi-moro station (東毛呂駅)(N35.94689, E139.315352) h=103m 9:05am
-> Moro station (毛呂駅)(N35.940596, E139.309398) h=100m 9:16am
-> Kamakita lake (鎌北湖)(N35.917541, E139.291234) h=184m 10:19am
-> Kitamuki Jizo (北向地蔵)(N35.908295, E139.282544) h=374m 11:06am
-> Mt Monomi (物見山)(N35.903696, E139.294463) h=376m 11:34am~12:00pm (Lunch!)
-> Mt Hiwada (日和田山)(N35.893556, E139.304988) h=289m 12:38pm
-> Komagawa station (高麗川駅)(N35.893691, E139.304935) h=97m 13:57pm (end).


A walking road was keeping in good conditions. It was a good route and had a beautiful landscape. I was very satisfied the sight from Mt Hiwada (N35.893691, E139.304935). I carried a GPS (Garmin etrex Vista HCx) on this walking. From information of my GPS, I walked 17.3km. It took about 5hours ( I started walk at 9:00am from Higashi-moro station and arrived at JR-Komagawa station 14:00pm). My average walking speed was 4km/h. I took a lunch time about 20minute at Mt Monomi. I was not a good condition in my lower back, so I walked cautiously. It was a easy walking route. There is few shop to buy something to eat or drink. So, you should prepare meals or drinks before arriving at this area.

I attached few pictures around Mt Hiwada (日和田山) and the landscape of Koma City (高麗市). The wide picture was made as panoramic from a few pictures that I took. When you click on the picture, you can see on big scale.

Map; I used the Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2 produced by UUD Co.,Ltd. And I used GoogleMap to display my track data.

Key Word : near Tokyo, hiking, walking, Tobu railway, day walks, GPS, Saitama, ハイキング, ウォーキング, 東武東上線, 日和田山, 鎌北湖, 物見山

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Key Notes 
LocationHidaka-City, Saitama pref., northern Tokyo
DestinationMt Hiwada (N35.893556, E139.304988),
Mt Monomi (N35.903696, E139.294463),
Kamakita lake  (N35.917541, E139.291234)
Date walkedMay 2009
Walk typeEasy hill walks
DifficultySuitable for anyone who enjoys an easy walk
Distance17.5 km (11miles)
Time taken4 hrs
Railway   stationsHigashi-Moro   (Tobu Ogose Line)
Komagawa (JR Hachiko Line)



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